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This is the story of how I wrote a Twitter bot to automatically enter contests and ended up winning on average 4 contests per day, every day, for about 9 months straight. - Hunter Scott Recently Hunter Scott, an American programmer and Electrical Engineer at Motorola Solutions, wrote a post o Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn EmailWe've never been shy about criticising Twitter prize draws. Hunter Scott has arguably taken our doubts about Twitter sweepstakes to an ultimate conclusion by building a Twitter contest bot - a Python script that automatically follows and/or retweets [ Hunter Scott. This is the story of how I wrote a Twitter bot to automatically enter contests and ended up winning an average of four contests per day, every day, for about nine months straight. If. Published August 11, 2015Last updated on August 12, 2015This article is more than 2 years old. This is the story of how I wrote a Twitter bot to automatically enter contests and ended up winning. ht) This is the story of how I wrote a Twitter bot to automatically enter contests and ended up winning on average 4 contests per day, every day, for about 9 months straight. If you've ever used Twitter, you've probably seen a tweet that looks something like this

In nine months of operation, the Scott's Twitter bot entered itself in 165,000 contests. The massive amount of entries yielded about 1,000 victories—a win ratio of under 0.6 percent Un bot Twitter multicompte pour participer aux concours. (Twitter Contest Bot) - j4rj4r/BotTwitte Tweetdraw is a free tool to draw a random RT (retweet) for a Twitter contest or sweepstake. How to use Tweetdraw: To draw a random RT: Input the tweet ID (the long number) or the whole URL of the tweet and the draw will be made automatically

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  1. Whenever you want to select a winner for your twitter giveaway, simply to retweetpicker.com and enter your Tweet URL and select a winner. However, because of the Twitter API rate limit, we'll be only able to select a winner from your most recent 100 retweets. This method is good if you have 1-100 retweets
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  3. This bot will retweet/favorite any tweet it finds with the keywords you tell it to look for. I entered in all types of contest words, so hopefully I win some cool stuff! Today I build the bot at around 5:30 and have let it run all day. I have been updating the keyword list all day, so the results will probably vary from today to the rest
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  1. twitter contest bot Will poll for Retweet Contests and retweet them. Inspired by A more acceptable use of this kind of app may involve using to search for philanthropic causes requesting retweets,
  2. Retweet Pick is a free tool to draw a random RT (retweet) for a Twitter contest. This is a hassle free way to select a random winner for your Twitter giveaway or Twitter retweet contest
  3. One particularly powerful type of Twitter giveaway you can run is a hashtag contest. This type of contest involves getting users to enter by tweeting with a designated hashtag. You can use this type of contest to get users to answer questions, respond to prompts or tweet about your brand or giveaway
  4. Twitter Bot that retweets contests.,twitter-scraper. twitter-scraper. Why? This Def Con talk was my motivation behind creating this project. I built a more general version of the bot discussed in the talk
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  6. Coder wins a thousand Twitter contests using a bot. You've probably seen retweet to win contests on Twitter, and maybe even won a t-shirt, concert tickets or marshmallows. But computer engineer.
  7. This type of Twitter contest is great for increasing brand awareness, growing your following and gaining more impressions. But the low barrier for entry is also its biggest flaw, as it makes this type of contest easy to game. A few years back, Hunter Scott, a computer engineer, even built a bot to automatically enter him in Twitter contests

Twitter Bot Wins 1,000 Contests in 9 Months. Motorola Solutions electrical engineer Hunter Scott has a collection of swag as big as Santa's workshop Hunter Scott claims to have won nearly 1,000 contests on Twitter in a span of 9 months by building a robot to enter contests for him. the stuff Hunter Scott says he won by building a Twitter bot The best bot for searching twitter contests and automatically retweet them. Navigation. Project description Release history Download files Project links. Homepage Statistics. GitHub statistics: Stars: Forks: Open issues/PRs: View statistics for this project via Libraries. Mostly all contest organizers are smart enough to monitor the results and ban such cunning participants. So the risks of cheating and being caught are high. Automatic online voting bot: helping hand you need. If you want to noticeably increase your chances even more - use special services and software. Automatic online voting bot is one of.

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  1. A bot is a scripted program which runs on a network (in this case, Twitter) and it interacts with others as if it were human. Bots have increased in daily online usage over the past few years thanks to Facebook Messenger
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  3. The contest's winner, a business school graduate bot with a strong interest in post-modern art theory, racked up 14 followers and 15 re-tweets or replies from humans. The followers were worth.
  4. 2. Building a Twitter bot using their API is one of the fundamental applications of the Twitter API. To build a Twitter bot with Nodejs, you'll need to take these steps below before proceeding: 0 reactions. Create a new account for the bot. Apply for API access at developer.twitter.com. Ensure you have NodeJS and NPM installed on your machine

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Hunter Scott, a computer engineer from S chaumburg, Illinois, decided to build a Twitter bot that would enter every contest it could find. And over nine months, Scott claims to have won a four. Goto Twitter DM & start talking to your bot Enter The Decentralized Internet Writing Contest. Related Stories. Subject Matter. How to Write a Simple NPM Package by @ juliancwirko #npm. A Look at End-to-end Testing in Nightwatch v2.0 by @ pineview.io #end-to-end-testing-javascript. 5 Common Use Cases of a WhatsApp Chatbot by @ WotNo

The bot could not differentiate between the real & fake contests and it also retweeted contests which were mimicked from others. Scott also said that the most difficult part of this experiment was preventing the bot from getting banned by Twitter which could have jeopardized the whole project The bot logged into Twitter, followed accounts and retweeted tweets to enter all the contests it could find. Scott revealed in a post on Quartz that the main problem with the bot was bypassing. This bot automatically entered Twitter giveaways, won four times a day. John Struan 4:30 am Tue Oct 8, 2019. Hunter Scott decided to design a bot to enter Twitter giveaways that asked for follow. Engineer and researcher Hunter Scott fancied seeing how many Twitter contests he could win, so he did what any good developer would do - he wrote some code to it for him.. His Twitter bot.

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Smith's Twitter Bot Over the course of nine months, Smith's Twitter bot entered him into 165,000 contests on Twitter, but he only won about 1,000 of those. According to Smith's blog, the Python script would log into Twitter and begin to search for tweets that mentioned anything about retweeting to win and retweet them Pro tip: most contests have no limit on entries and can be entered using any plain 3 x 4 index cards with hand written name and address. over the years i have seen my father fill out what most be close to a million index cards like that. To be fair he's only won 2 cars (1 was paccar in daytona), trips to the pro bowl, Italy and a couple cruises. A Twitter bot post. Twitter The good news, say the authors in their paper, is that these methods can also be used to find human-run propaganda and misinformation campaigns Twitter Bot Wins 1,000 Contests in 9 Months. By Stephanie Mlot 11 Aug 2015, 1:50 a.m. Some people have all the luck. Others build Twitter bots to automatically enter online contests SCHAUMBURG, Ill., Aug. 11 (Ben Hooper) — An Illinois engineer said he won nearly 1,000 Twitter contests in nine months with a bot programmed to retweet giveaway offers. Hunter Scott, an.

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  1. It turns out, either a lot of free time or one very helpful Twitter bot. Over the past nine months, American coder Hunter Scott entered 165,000 Twitter contests, winning nearly 1,000 of them, with.
  2. The Californian computer coder entered some 165,000 contests online, winning about a thousand of them — and he managed to get a Twitter bot to do all of it for him. A Twitter bot is just a.
  3. Contact: tweetitforme@gmail.comThe Script favorites the re-tweets that needed to be Favorited in the contest, it also can be changedLink For the article: ht..
  4. Tl;dr: Tweet @PiPyPie with hashtag #PiDayGiveaway to enter for a chance to win a free Raspberry Pi Zero W. Be sure to read the rules of the giveaway.. Welcome to the 23rd Raspberry Pi video! This is a demo like a few of my other ones because we just want to celebrate Pi Day with a simple Twitter Bot named PiPyPie.My goal was to make it as simple as possible but let it handle complex operations

This is the story of how I wrote a Twitter bot to automatically enter competitions and ended up winning on average 4 competitions per day, every day, for about 9 months straight Used a tip bot to host my first nano Twitter contest!! $10 prize!!! Close. Vote. Posted by 6 minutes ago. Used a tip bot to host my first nano Twitter contest!! $10 prize!!! 4 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. View discussions in 1 other community Support this bot by voting for it here. What's New December 2020 [BETA] CodeChef is here! Added contest support for CodeChef; TopCoder is here! Added contest support for TopCode In reality, Titus is the winner of a contest by the Web Ecology Project to create the most realistic Twitter bot in history. Titus managed to fool hundreds of people into following him back on. Twitter. Image by PiXXart/Shutterstock. SCHAUMBURG, Ill., Aug. 11 (UPI) -- An Illinois engineer said he won nearly 1,000 Twitter contests in nine months with a bot programmed to retweet giveaway.

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These are the top voted bots this month! The most complete & easy-to-use Discord bot! Advanced auto-moderation, leveling, Twitch and Youtube alerts & much more! The most all-in-one bot made to engage and moderate your server! Levels, games, music, multi-language, and more with an intuitive dashboard! Database of 60,000 anime/game characters to. A bot is a scripted program which runs on a network (in this case, Twitter) and it interacts with others as if it were human. Bots have increased in daily online usage over the past few years thanks to Facebook Messenger. But on Twitter it is nothing new and have been around for many more years Retweet to win: He created a Twitter 'bot' to enter contests and now he wins four every da 5 best ways to use Twitter Bot for excellent result Twitter is among the top growing social media platforms right now and most businesses, both small and big have shifted to this platform. Be it an influencer, an expert with some insightful thoughts or a business or brand looking for ways to showcase their products or services, then Twitter can.

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PepeBot is a Bot with many Features, for example: Captcha System, Antilink System, Blacklist System and a lot of other Stuff! View Add Bot Upvote. PP Bot! 0. Roleplay Add this bot if you are cool. It responds to you pinging the bot, saying: Hi Sup Hello. View Add Bot Upvote. Featured Bots. 3PG. 0 US coder wins 1,000 competitions using Twitter bot This article is more than 5 years old Prizes range from trip to New York Fashion Week with $4,000 in spending money to virtual logos and Destiny.

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Story. I wrote a bot which Tweets quotes by Uncle Iroh for you to find calmness amidst the chaos of Twitter. This project uses Twitter's Python API (Tweepy) and a few lines of Python code to achieve this. The complete code for the bot is in the repository linked in this writeup, and the writeup aims to give a brief overview of how it was written Update (8th of January 2020): There will be another Snapchat bot contest starting in February 2020. So please make sure to visit this thread daily to get access. Update (24th of August 2019): The August contest has been closed now for the application of new contestants after one week, so no new contestants can be accepted

Rules Refer friends to join ZKCHAOS Telegram Chat, ZKCHAOS Announcements channel and Twitter to be eligible for our referral contest Referral contest running from 6 May to 15 May. Winners a. Top 20 referrals b. Top 10 lucky draws from the referral list c. Top 10 active users in telegram chat. Step by step how to get your code This year BotCon is holding a Twitter contest, allowing one lucky winner to score a couple of free items. First let's take a look at the rules: - Follow BotCon on Twitter. - Send out at least ONE tweet BotCon related between June 24th and June 27th. It can be about anything. The new toys revealed at the show, the coverage of the show at BotCon.com or how much you enjoyed meeting the guests (May 2, 2019 / JNS) Hundreds of fake and bot accounts have been promoting a Twitter campaign calling on artists and others to boycott this month's Eurovision song contest in Israel, according to a report by the country's Ministry of Strategic Affairs.. The report revealed data indicating the use of a number of fraudulent methods, including bots and fake accounts using Coordinated.

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Only active referrals are counted in this contest. A referral is considered active if he/she view at least 5 advertisements (PTC & Surf). Not allowed: Fake accounts / Multiple accounts / Bots /Forcing people to signup. Attempts to cheat the system or bot invites will get your account permanently banned. There are a total of 10 prizes for first. With this bot you can use IFTTT to link your Telegram groups/channels to more than 360 other services such as Twitter and Instagram, or connected devices like Hue lights and Nest. - Import text, pictures, music, or videos from other services to your Telegram channels/groups. - Trigger an events outside of Telegram by sending messages to this bot Amazon is in a pitched battle with its rivals to bring truly conversational AI into our homes. So the company is staging a contest—a mad dash toward an outlandish goal: Cook up a bot capable of.

Learn more about Twitter features and settings Having trouble with notifications, timelines, DMs, Topics, or anything else? Give us feedback, or get the latest tips Twitter Cards help you richly represent your content on Twitter. Now use analytics to measure their effectiveness. Learn more. Become an advertiser. Compliment your ad campaigns with more information about your Tweets, followers, and Twitter Cards.. There has been a lot of talk over the years about bots on Twitter. Since we invented instant transactions from a single social media action, with Chirpify itself being a bot on Twitter since 2011, I thought I'd share some thoughts on Twitter bots and brand campaigns.Today there are a LOT of bots on Twitter, and as this recent Adage article points out, brands are worried about it, and.

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A Twitter campaign meant to highlight the NFL team's one millionth follower backfired spectacularly late Thursday when an account featuring a racial slur was named one of the unfortunate winners. 14168 posts. Twitter and it's bot problem Posted. by Ag Zwin. on 7/7/21 at 10:17 pm. 1 8. To anyone who refuses to just go all in on a tribe or even a cause, it's pretty clear that bots and agitators/poseurs absolutely dominate the traffic on Twitter. I go there for news (like I do this hell hole). I have a very deliberate follow list. Humorous views on interesting, bizarre and amusing articles, submitted by a community of millions of news junkies, with regular Photoshop contests. Finally, a Twitter bot that converts the president's tweets into what they are: official statement

Inside Donald Trump's Twitter-Bot Fan Club. By K. Thor Jensen. Photo: SelectAll. Given how small the company actually is, it's kind of ridiculous how much power Twitter has come to wield over. Contest Introduction. A teacher recently asked for some assistance on writing a Python script for the cyber:bot to make it navigate by compass. The use of the Micro:bit's built-in compass is not currently documented in our tutorials, but it should be a useful robotics sensor for navigating from one side of the room to the other, solving mazes, and finding your way back to where you started Twitter confirmed it suspended a small network of accounts in response to the Israeli complaint. Supporters of the BDS movement, a Palestinian-led campaign advocating boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, have been calling on artists to pull out of this year's contest because of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians A Twitter blog post this week from Yoel Roth, the head of site integrity, and Nick Pickles, the global public policy strategy and development director, calls the word bot a loaded and.

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Hunter Scott wins a lot of contests. More accurately, the Twitter bot that Hunter Scott created wins a lot of contests. How many, you ask? On average, it won about 4 contests per day, every day, for 9 months straight.Picture above: the various things that the bot actually won He coded a bot that entered every Twitter contest it could find - a total of 165,000. When all was said and done, Hunter claims he won a total of 4 contests each day, for a total of over a hundred prizes. Not bad, for a little bot. Hunter says that the most difficult part of this project was preventing the bot from getting banned by. Man makes Twitter competition bot and wins 1,000 prizes in nine months The Python script entered Scott in about 165,000 contests over a period of nine months, and he won a thousand of them..

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FollowLiker - The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Software. Instagram Bot, Automated Twitter Marketing Software, Pinterest Bot, Tumblr Bot, Followliker Instagram Marketing Software, Twitter Marketing Tool, Twitter Following Software 3. Mention + Hashtag: Ask people to enter your Twitter giveaway by mentioning and using a branded hashtag. This method is a great way of growing your brand's hashtag popularity. 4. Use a Landing Page/Website: Require persons to click a link to a landing page or website to enter your giveaway 9. Wishpond. If you want more than a social contest tool, Wishpond can handle all the marketing needs for your business. While Wishpond is a powerful marketing automation tool, it also allows you to create landing pages for your social media contests and promotions, helping you acquire more leads and engagement LI Vaccine Notification Bot now live! Twitter - @longislandvax. My vaccine bot has just gone live! Win the Sock Design Contest at John's Crazy Socks. Thank (1) Reply (2) Share The software developer we spoke to said the Twitter bot he designed is the same as having a person sit and hit refresh again and again on maimmunizations.org.. Dan Cahoon is a software developer.

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The Twitter bot won an average of four contests per day, every day, for nine months. Prizes included tickets to events, virtual currency for online games and a cowboy hat autographed by the stars. Cosplay Contest at Japan Expo 2019 (EU) Ogre Pumpkin Carve Off Contest: The REDUX (NA) My new Viera and Hrothgar Twitter Screenshot Contest (NA/EU) Sea Breeze Celebration Screenshot Contest (NA) An Egg-Squisite Season Screenshot Contest (EU/PAL) The Eorzean Interior Design Contest (NA) Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Twitter bot likes, on the other hand, are easier to buy in higher numbers so that they can provide more popularity on Twitter. They come from real-looking users, and no one can distinguish them from real users; they use real people's photos and information on their profiles. Also, Twitter bot likes are much more affordable


DM is a Twitter term that stands for Direct Message. It's a way of sending a private message to another Twitter user. In order to send a DM to someone else, that Twitter user must be one of your followers. You can send a DM by starting a tweet with DM and then @mentioning the user you want to message Get Online Votes is a supportive and active community for people in contests requiring online voting. Fill out the form below to post your contest/competition links, Vote for others on this site and leave comments on their post to let them know you voted with your vote number where applicable StreamElements Chat bot for Twitch and YouTube Live streaming increases engagement and moderates your chat. Run commands, timers and keep your chat clean with spam filters The DARPA Twitter Bot Challenge Abstract: From politicians and nation states to terrorist groups, numerous organizations reportedly conduct explicit campaigns to influence opinions on social media, posing a risk to freedom of expression. Thus, there is a need to identify and eliminate influence bots - realistic, automated identities that. How to break: Find that URL and go ham on the refresh button. Hide the cookies and IP address if they are tracking. Post that link anywhere you can and every click will equal a vote. Honestly, no reputable contest will be built this way because it isn't 2006, but hey, you never know