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Oakum Strip 24 Horse Hoof Packing Material. $3.00. 1 Review. Quick view Add to Cart. Compare Hoof Packing Tip #1: Don't Neglect Regular Care. Hoof packing can help address a variety of concerns when it comes to hoof condition, but it is never a replacement for routine care. Every horse should be seen by a competent hoof care professional for regular trimming every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on that horse's individual needs. This is vital.

The SoundHorse 2-part silicone packing is specifically designed for the rigors of hoof packing application and is gas permeable. This unique property allows treatment materials mixed with the silicone (copper sulfate) to slowly pass thru the cured silicone as a treatment. Two-part silicone, 1:1 mix ratio with a quick set time Equilox EHS Cushion Support 3lb Set-Pink. Price: $79.99. Equilox Hoof Support Impression Material is formulated to provide long lasting and resilient sole and frog support, and aids in treating laminitis or dropped foot. Use Pink for most applications and Blue for size 4 or larger hoofs needing firmer support Sole Pack Hoof Packing is extremely effective in maintaining the natural pliability of the hoof. Sole Pack Hoof Packing is fast-acting, quick-penetrating and formulated with soothing natural ingredients. Sole Pack Hoof Packing is available as a convenient, easy-to-use individual Paddie and the more economical 4 lb. and 8 lb. bulk quantity Hoof packing isn't a new product for farriers. Home remedies and combinations like pine tar and oakum have been around for generations. And while the hoof packings used years ago are still effective and hold their own, manufacturers continue to introduce new ideas in this product line, trying to better address the specific problems

R.A.T.E Hoof Packing is the cleanest and easiest to use packing on the market. This record breaking cold winter I found it pliable and when it came time for a reset the material was where I left it. The sole and frog were pliable and thrush free. I will never go back to the packing Hoof packing is great for both protection and to relie soreness. For a pad that is providing protection, I want something that is going to fill the entire area and every little crack, he explains. The last think you want for any pad is to have debris, dirt, fungus—you name it—find a way in. If it can be anti-fungal, even better -Heating up Shufill hoof packing before use speeds up setting time significantly-2-Part Silicone Putty Material - Mix Equal Parts and it sets to an A25 (Soft) hardness in 4 - 6 minutes * Does not adhere to the foot, so should be used under a pad *Temperature & Humidity might have an effect on the performance of this product The SoundHorse 2-part silicone packing is specifically designed for the rigors of hoof packing application and is gas permeable. This unique property allows treatment materials mixed with the silicone (copper sulfate) to slowly pass thru the cured silicone as a treatment Hoof packing material toughens the sole during the transition period from being shod (wearing horseshoes) to going barefoot. It helps draw moisture out of horses' feet if they are too wet. When your horses work too hard or ride on rocky ground, it can bruise or damage the hoof

Educational Materials Farrier Gifts Feed Supplements Fly Spray Forges & Welding Hoof Care Products Hoof Glue & Packing Hoof Stands Horseshoes Aluminum Horseshoes Glue On Horseshoes Steel Horseshoe Additions Invoicing Supplies Knives & Sharpening Nails & Accessories Pads & Boots Rasps & Supplies Safety Supplies Tools Tool Boxe Hoof Impression Material Hoof MD offers long lasting hoof packing for a variety of equine needs. This hoof impression material is formulated to provide effective relief from the soreness due to training, laminitis, white line disease, abscesses, bruising, corns, canker and any concussive trauma to the hoof tissues Equi-Pak 210cc is packaged in an industry standard cartridge and holds 30% more material than prior models, giving you more material for your money. Your Go To product for comfort, protection and therapeutic support. For use as Pad/Packing Material. Bonds directly onto the sole and frog, Equi-Pak™ is a liquid urethane that sets in 30.

Hoof Packing Material. Linecard View. Hoof Moisture Meter for hoof repair & glueing. Price each: $ 33.00 for 1+ In stock More Info. Pack and Seal gun. Price each: $ 42.28 for 1+ In stock More Info. Farriers Choice tip. Price each: $ 0.76 for 1 ‑9 $ 0.72 for 10+ In stock More Info. Vettec Equi-Pak CS 210cc can be used with or without a hoof pad. The Equi Pak CS is a soft pad material with copper sulphate for treating thrush. This hoof packing material is durable. It requires the use of a Vettec XL gun because it is a two-part epoxy acrylic. It is a flexible and supportive pad material, yet does not tear the frog upon removal Oakum is used primarily to help hold hoof packing material that does not set-up inside the sole cavity of the hoof. Strands of Oakum are separated and feathered out to form a pad like covering and then put on top of material such as Magic Cushion or Sole Pack, and then a pad is placed over that Forshner's Hoof Packing features the same great formula horse owners and horseshoers have depended on for over 25 years. Aids in the prevention of hardened frogs, contracted heels and hoof dryness. Contains vital oils to help retain moisture. Excellent for use under pads before shoeing or after hard workouts. Available in 4 lb. and 14 lb. sizes Hoof packing relieves sole bruising, abscesses, and other common equine ailments in horses. They help with recovery after a long ride. Poultice provides anti-inflammatory benefits for muscle relief

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Silicone Hoof Packing a.k.a. dental impression material, a term that is an artifact of development work done more than 20 years ago. The SoundHorse 2-part silicone packing is specifically designed for the rigors of hoof packing application and is gas permeable Order online for pick up at Retail Store. Call to place order for Local Delivery, 1-800-928-7777. *Over-sized or heavy items will require additional freight costs to ship, contact us for a quote.*. Murphy Hoof Packing is used to counteract inflammation, heat, soreness and bruises. Maintains moisture in the frog and hoof

High quality farrier supplies at reasonable prices. Wide selection of farrier tools including forges and horseshoes. Free Shipping on select products Sole Pack® Hoof Packing. Item # 0040974. HWFM. $2.99 to $28.99. Sole Pack Horse Hoof Packing contains 1.82% iodine, ichthammol and pine tar. Relieves hard, dry, sore feet. Maintains and restores hoof pliability. Combats bacterial and fungal infections. Read More

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The go to product for comfort, protection, and therapeutic support. Use as pad/packing material. Bonds directly onto the sole and frog. Can be used with or without a pad. Provides support and protection for thin-soled, flat-footed horses and absorbs shock and concussion. Can be filled to ground level for added support in less than 1 minute A revolutionary, soft, instant pad material dispensed onto the frog and sole to protect, support, and provide comfort to horses with sore feet. Gels in 30 seconds, sticks directly to the sole, and stays in place for six weeks. Requires dispensing gun and mixing tips. Requires a dispensing gun (46608) and mixing tips (46609), sold separately Hoof Impression Material. Continue long lasting hoof care with the correct hoof packing material; formulated to perform under strenuous use. Quarter Crack Repair. Hoof MD's new adhesive has been designed as a highly flexible resin that is perfect for any quarter crack repair The Natural Step in Hoof Care. R.A.T.E. Hoof Packing's Pure-Fit formula soothes the hoof with natural medicines to maintain a strong, pliable, and overall healthy hoof. This leather-based hoof pack is easy to use for farriers and delivers maximum comfort and performance for horses. R.A.T.E Hoof Packing treats abscesses and sole bruising along. Ocala's largest selection of farrier supplies, horseshoes, farrier tools, delta mustad farrier supplies, hoof care supplies, and horse boots. Low Flat Rate Shipping

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  1. Welcome To Hood Packaging. Visit any of our 23 North American plants and you'll discover why Hood Packaging Corporation is a world class packaging supplier. With a wide variety of paper, plastic and poly-woven packaging products, we are your one-stop shopping advantage with multiple supplier delivery points
  2. Get simple, step-by-step instructions on the best way to pack a horse's hoof from SmartPak's Hoof Health Consultant, Danvers Child, CJF. This helpful tutorial will show you how to apply hoof packing (like Magic Cushion), how to duct tape your horse's hoof, what products to use, and how to get your wrap to stay on. YouTube. SmartPak
  3. Packing must come in direct contact with the sole to be effective. Use an amount of hoof packing that is sufficient to cover the sole of the frog 1/2 inch in depth. Apply hoof packing evenly over the entire sole. After application, wrap with a material that will keep the hoof packing in place. We recommend using Equifit Pack-N-Stick Hoof Tape.
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Vettec™ has been manufacturing and distributing the highest level of horse hoof care products worldwide for over 15 years. Vettec's extensive line of hoof related materials allow your hoof care professional to complete hoof repairs and glue on shoes with Adhere, urethane adhesive, as well as create instant horse shoes and foal extensions with Super Fast, equi-thane adhesive Artimud can be smoothed, rolled, squashed, spread and moulded. Push the putty into the crack and smooth off. Talc or tissue can be applied to prevent sticking. Artimud is also ideal for packing on the foot and either side of the frog prior to application of impression material, pads and stick-on shoes Easypack™ is one of Finish Line®'s newest products developed as a hoof packing for stinging feet, stone bruising, heat, and other minor hoof problems. Easypack™ promotes healthy hooves in horses. Ingredients include Aluminum Silicate, Lemon Balm Oil and Teatree, Clove, and Myrrh Oils. Easypack™ was formulated in a sticky base that. Impression Material. Hoof Support Impression Material, also known as Dental Impression Material. Made by Equilox and SoundHorse. Magic Cushion Extreme Hoof Packing. From £35.75 Excl. VAT. More Details. Magic Cushion Hoof Packing. From £29.99 Excl. VAT. More Details

Slather a glob of ichthammol or other common poultice on the packing material and place it directly over the draining abscess. 4. Use a stretchy bandage like Vetrap around the entire hoof to keep the gauze or diaper in place. Be careful not to tighten it above the hoof hairline where it could restrict circulation. 5 Emerson Horseshoe Supply is the Manufacturer and home of Emerson Anvils since 1983. Located in Bossier City, LA. Retailer of farrier supplies, tools, horseshoes, rasps, nails, race, plates, and blacksmith supplies GLUSHU is an aluminum core horseshoe with a vulcanized rubber cuff. with endless configurations and applications. Inside base bonds the hoof to the shoe. Rubbers forms a cushion effect for sore hooves. Stud holes to give extra grip when needed for certain terrains. Outer ridge on the base provides extra lateral grip

Home | Hoof Packing | Impression Material. Impression Material. EDSS Impression Material 6lbs Soft Pink. $189.50. EquiFlex-Pak Soft 3lbs. $88.90. EquiFlex-Pak Soft 18lbs. $507.95. EquiFlex-Pak Xtra Soft 18lbs. $520.65. EquiFlex-Pak Xtra Soft 3lbs. $92.10. Sign up for our Newsletter. 8 Oak Hill Rd Barrington, NH 03825 603-664-9064 This video shows a Graco SaniForce 12:1 Drum Unloader emptying Finish Line Hoof Packing Material from a drum. The material is 1.6 million centipoise, it does.. Forshner's Hoof Pack an original ready-to-use emollient for the prevention of drying of the hoof tissues and helps maintain the most effective moisture balance in cases of contracted heels and hardening frog. This trusted formula will never dry out in the container and will always stay pliable A hoof abscess is a pocket of purulent material (much like a pimple, purulent material is dead white cells that were cleaning up the infection—also known as pus). Since the hoof wall is relatively inflexible, the pocket of pus creates pressure within the hoof causing mild to severe foot pain I believe in the benefits of hoof-packing material and have horses that have been packed and shod year-round for nearly 12 years now, and have not had a case of thrush in these horses. So, while thrush is something to watch for, and to treat seriously, the fear of thrush is not a reason to avoid certain hoof-care methods, which can be of great.

EDSS Impression Material The EDSS Impression Material (REGULAR OR SOFT) is a 2-part silicon based putty. When 2 equal parts of the base and catalyst are blended together, the mixture will cure to a consistency similar to that of the frog. The blended Impression Material is then placed in the bottom of the foot with a shoe & pad nailed over the top of it, or an Impression Pad is taped ov Equi-Pak is an Instant Shock Absorbent Hoof Packing. Equi-Pak is used to prevent sore feet and to comfort a sore-footed horse. CLEAR- REF 46121. * Dispensed directly onto the sole and frog, Equi-Pak is a liquid urethane that sets in 25 seconds. * Can be used with or without a pad You will find a wide variety of horseshoeing supplies available on our website ready to be shipped to you today. We also offer many pre-owned items for sale and welcome your consignment items. Whether you're looking for farrier supplies, used items, how to videos, product reviews, and the best service offered in the industry, you've come to. Magic Cushion® Hoof Packing. List: $65.95. Dover's Price: $54.95. Page 1 of 3. Show All. Ensuring your horse's hooves are strong and in top-quality condition is essential. Make sure you have the right hoof care supplies you'll need, including dressings, like hoof oil and polish, fungus and thrush treatments, hoof hardener, hoof packing.

China Hoof Block manufacturers - Select 2021 high quality Hoof Block products in best price from certified Chinese Wire Block, Terminal Block Connector suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China.co EponaShoe is the premier composite horseshoe for the health and longevity of your horse. Our horseshoes are designed to benefit any horse by using high tech polyurethane materials to create a horseshoe which can flex with the hoof. It has a built-in softer pad on the sole side to offer healthful natural support while avoiding any pressure. Regular turnout and exercise. This helps the hoof to self-clean. Clean your horse's feet out regularly. Frequent use of a hoof pick helps keep organic material from packing into his feet and creating fertile ground for thrush. And when horses come in from the pasture, pick their feet before the go into the stall, Fraley said Hawthorne's Sole Packs are just the fix for those tough-to-maintain hooves. Hawthorne's Sole Pack offers pain relief and fast healing of bruises, maintaining proper moisture levels and combating thrush. Hawthorne's Sole Packs are in extremely convenient single-use paddies you'll want these in your tack trunk at every show A negative palmar (front), or negative plantar (hind), angle in the hoof refers to the orientation of the coffin bone in the hoof. In a negative angled hoof, the wings of the coffin bone (called the palmar processes) are lower than the front of the coffin bone. A healthy hoof alignment within the capsule is considered to be a couple to several.

Sole Pack Hoof Packing is a paste form of the Sole Pack Dressing, and sometimes it is great to just pack the hooves with this. It is made of a fiber like a tiny macaroni noodle and each time the horse puts weight on the hoof it secretes the dressing and basically keeps the hoof painted continuously. This is great for sore hooves, fevered hooves. Cattle Hoof Trimming and Cleaning Supplies. Santa Cruz Animal Health knows how important proper hoof care is to your cattle and cattle's mobility. That is why you will find a wide variety of hoof trimming and cleaning supplies that are not only the safest, but also most effective hoof care products on the market Magic Cushion® hoof packing helps support hooves in several ways, including relieving sole bruising and post-trimming soreness, treating abscesses, and fighting bacterial and fungal infections in the hoof. It can be used as needed, or packed under a shoe and pad and left in place through the shoeing cycle. Features The FootPro™ CS PLUS® Hoof Treatment is a clay based hoof treatment with copper sulfate, iodine, venice turpentine and tea tree oil. The product is used to treat hoof separations or surface pockets in the sole and frog where bacteria may be present. Packed in a convenient 10 oz. jar, the material is easily spread and leaves no stain on the farrier's fingers Yoder Cricket Tool Box w/Adjustable Handle. Light, compact, and portable toolboxes offering two vinyl covered shelves designed to hold tools wit.. $450.79. Send Enquiry. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product

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International 740.335.5121 Toll Free 877.335.5121 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST, Mon. - Fri Packing the sulci with appropri-ate putty material reduces the likelihood of radio-graphic artifact due to gas in the sulci. Liberal use of the packing material should be used to fill the depths of the sulci; however, overpacking will cause packing artifact along the margins of the packing. Traditional packing in horses that have deep cente Farnam Forshner's Hoof Packing Horse Paste, 4-lb tub $38.95 $49.78 FREE 1-3 day shipping over $4 Professional Farrier Supply Inc. is Canada's leading supplier of horseshoes, farrier tools and hoof care products with over 30 years experience helping farriers. We pride ourselves on our extensive in-stock inventory as well as our ability to obtain most any product you may require

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Perk-A-Hoof by Cox Vet Labs is a topical hoof dressing for horses that is specially formulated with maximum moisturizers to target the areas of the hoof that will benefit the most from additional moisture. Also available in a 32oz Hoof care in the winter gives horse owners many horse shoe options, including ice calks, snow rim pads, drive-in calks, borium, bubble pads, or even going barefoot. A horse hoof wall does adapt to cold, short days through metabolism changes that slow growth

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Hoof packing in three easy steps . I prepare my diaper by scooping the hoof packing material from the jar, using the diaper. This is the easiest way, and doesn't require a glove, and keeps frustrations low. When your horse steps on the pile of hoof goop in the diaper, his weight will smear things around for full coverage. Pick your goop Hoof Repair & Packing. Equi-Thane Equi-Pak Soft. Item#: SHT0409. $30.00 View Details. Equi-Thane Equi-Pak Extra Soft. Item#: SHT0431. $30.00 View Details. Equi-Thane Equi-Pak CS. Item#: SHT0438. Shipshewana Harness & Supplies 815 N. Van Buren, Shipshewana, Indiana 46565 - Phone: 260-768-725 NC TOOL COMPANY 6133 Hunt Road Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 800-446-6498 nctool@nctoolco.co Hoof Packing; EDSS Impression Material Soft [Blue] 3 lb. Cart Total. $0.00. Weight. 0 LBS. PLACE YOUR ORDER. Product: Quantity: 5165 EDSS Impression Material Soft [Blue] 3 lb. $ 89.50 for 1+ Cart Total. $0.00. Weight. 0 LBS. 5% Off $700.00 or more 10% Off $1,000.00 or more 20% Off $1,600.00 or more 5% Off $200.00 or more on nails Packing must come in direct contact with sole to be effective. Use an amount of hoof packing that is sufficient to cover the sole and sulci of the frog 1/2 inch in depth. Apply hoof packing evenly over the entire sole. After application, wrap with a material that will keep the hoof packing in place

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Hoof packing can help by keeping the tissues supple and drawing out the infection. Clay poultices are a good place to start, and Bowie Clay is a particularly good choice because it consistently adheres well to feet. For added drawing power, you can include Epsom salts (about half a cup per pound of clay), or use the Epsom Salt Poultice product Modern liquid pad materials come in different levels of firmness so they will match the needs of the individual horse. The pad materials can be poured to ground level. Even on hard ground, the sole frog and hoof wall bear equal weight. The pads can be customized so that if you do not want to cover an area that may be sensitive, it can be. The Homemade Hoof Conditioner Experiment. Recipe #1: Coconut oil. That's all, just coconut oil. Coconut oil is a solid at approximately 76 degrees Fahrenheit and below, but melts to a liquid at temperatures above that. While it is most commonly known as a cooking oil it is also also popular for topical use and as an ingredient in a wide variety. Sugardine. How to make sugarcane for your horses feet. Horsemen's folklore credits farriers with the 'secret recipe' behind sugardine, used to treat hoof abscesses, thrush, sole bruising or damage, and skin problems ranging from rain rot to burns. Sugardine is a paste made from sugar and iodine with the consistency of peanut butter At Northwest Pack Goats & Supplies, we know pack goats because we own pack goats. And we have decades of experience in owning, caring, working with, and, of course, packing with these amazing animals. As a result, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge, that we would like to share with you. Furthermore, we have developed some amazing products.

Hoof Care Prevention and treatment for problems of the equine foot; Without proper packing materials, trapped dirt and debris can encourage anaerobic (not requiring oxygen to survive) microbes. Therazure is the most versatile hoof product I have ever used on my horses! I keep some in the refrigerator to use as a cold hoof packing after cross country and gallop sets. It solves any bacterial issue that might occur, including white line disease and kills thrush in one shot. Through some type of magic potion it stays in the hoof

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Don't Use Materials that Block Oxygen. We briefly mentioned that caustic chemicals will denature proteins of the hoof and reduce the hoof's ability to breathe. Oxygen can also be blocked to the hoof from packed debris or from the application of grease and oils to the sole and frog hoof packing. home / horse/stable supplies / hoof care / hoof packing. min: c$ 0. max: c$ 150. hooflex magic cushion hoof packing c$84.95 finish line easypack hoof packing - 5lb c$41.95 life data hoof clay c$23.95. Place the tape collection beneath the foot before enclosing the remainder of the tape around the upper hoof. Cut excess material off the upper portion of tape to prevent it from touching the skin or coming undone. Do not leave packing in for more than 24 hours The hoof packing trusted by farriers. Veterinary formulated to work like magic on sore feet, Magic Cushion hoof packing starts working to reduce hoof heat within one hour, and then for up to 24 hours. Key Benefits: provides fast, soothing relief; helps relieve symptoms of hoof concussion & trauma; calms inflammation and sorenes

For packing overnight, pack the hoof sole with Magic Cushion® to a depth of 1/2 inch. For optimal results, especially for barefoot horses, cover sole with paper or plastic, then cover entire hoof and sole with a self-adhering wrap or hoof boot. Reapply every 24-48 hours until condition improves Welcome to Montague Blacksmith Supply. We stock a complete inventory of farrier tools, horseshoes and supplies for the farrier. We offer delivery service in our area, which includes NJ, PA, NY, and same-day shipping is a major part of our business Causes of hoof cracks. Hooves generally crack under pressure from some sort of trauma. The forces contributing to the crack can originate within the hoof—if there are balance problems from poor or neglected farriery work, for example, or conformation issues that place unusual strains on the hoof wall The Hoof Packing Trusted by Top Farriers. This sticky paste is packed onto the hoof sole where the natural ingredients cool hoof heat, while providing a protective barrier. Magic Cushion® cools and cushions, helping to maintain a healthy hoof condition. Cools hooves after exertion. - Cushions for comfort - Starts working to cool hoof within. Packing your horses hoof with Sole Pack Hoof Packing a few days prior to trimming will bring the hoof to a pliable state that will ease the trimming process. DIRECTIONS: Packing Feet Overnight 1. Clean foot 2. Pack hoof with Sole Pack Hoof Packing 3. Cover with paper, bandage, hoof boot or duct tape Treating an abscess 1. Carefully cut out the.

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DuMOR Hoof Care Advanced Hoof Supplement, 11 lb., 24728. SKU: 506520999. Product Rating is 4.8. 4.8 (53) See price at checkout. Was Save. Free In Store Pickup. Standard Delivery Eligible Artimud Antimicrobial Hoof Clay / Putty by Red Horse Products. Available in a handy 190ml and 500ml tub. Artimud is a clay based anticirobial hoof putty that packs hoof cracks and crevices. It is a fantastic maleable clay that replicates the mud that will stick in your horse / ponies hooves to aid healing. It can be smoothed, rolled, squashed.

Horse Grooming & Show Supplies / Horse Hoof Care / Horse Hoof & Thrush Treatments 34 products in Horse Hoof & Thrush Treatments To change the number of items per page, press the tab or shift tab arrows on your keyboard. Absorbine Hooflex Magic Cushion Hoof Packing, 4 lb., 11200034. SKU: 113323399 Product Rating is 4.9 4.9 (7) See price at. 1-800-634-2811. Monday thru Thursday 8am to 5pm CST. & Friday 8am to 4pm CST. Contact Us. 4802 Dogwood Road. Ardmore, OK 73401. sales@americanfarrierssupply.com

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R.A.T.E Hoof Packing Plus - Tacky Hoof Pack p Made from the same all-natural ingredients as our Original R.A.T.E Hoof Pack, by adding natural rubber proteins we've achieved a tacky, dense, and self-sealing packing material. R.A.T.E Hoof Pack Plus supports the horse with a superior cushioning agent and is ideal for those who want to find the material where they set it A pour-in polyurethane sole packing material helps reduce sole trauma Not too big, not too small, just right. Tennessee Farrier Supply isn't the largest farrier supply company in the country, but we are the biggest in the state. That's a space we happily occupy, because it means that we have the resources to provide you with what you need, while maintaining strong personal relationships with our customers Proud to be one of the oldest Animal Health Product Distributors in the US, we are here for you. Contact us at 800-578-9234 or email@rjmatthews.com

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They might be the cause of laminitis as they can result in poor, thus weaker, horn production. These are major causes of lameness and have no direct relationship to sand bedding. 3. Slippery floors. Due to the sand, I cannot believe that the floors are slippery. However, slippery floors can result in a higher occurrence of hoof problems A complete line of pack goat products. These are products we use and love. Our goats are important to us. So, we make sure they receive the best care. These are items we use all the time to insure we are keeping our pack goats happy and healthy Horseshoe Pads. Farrier Supply Shop providing the best prices for top quality Horseshoe Pads. Showing 1-9 of 30 results

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Stands and Vises. 22 tall, works well for sizes 0 and larger. 31 tall. The height of the MFC stall jack combo is 18 1/2. The anvil (head) measures 3/4 x 3 x 8. Only one trip to the anvil Magic Cushion hoof packing is proven to provide fast, soothing relief for overworked, overheated hooves. It helps supports hoof health in several ways, and starts working to reduce hoof heat within one hour. Magic Cushion is trusted by top farriers, and uses natural ingredients. It can be used as needed, or packed under a shoe and pad and left. Jackson Farrier Supplies is a family owned and operated farrier supply store based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Our hours are Monday - Friday, 8 - 5 EST. If you need any help please give us a call at 317-375-1735 or email us at jackson-farrier@sbcglobal.net. Find us on Facebook and be sure to go like our page

An abscess in the hoof is a localized infection in the sensitive structures of the hoof, within the hoof wall, which, as part of the body's response to the infection, results in a build-up of wast matter and white blood cells (pus). Normally such material is expelled from the body, but in the case of a hoof abscess, the hardness of the hoof. • Object or material inserted between the pad and the hoof. The HPA regulations prohibit the insertion of any object or material between the pad and the hoof other than acceptable hoof packing, which includes pine tar, oakum, live . An Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer Add to Cart. $35.70. GRAND CIRCUIT KIDS APRON 17 (101120122GC71677565-17) The Kid's Apron is 17 in length and is made of the same cordura material as adult aprons. This size has leg straps, leather patches and fits children approximately 6-10 years old. Available in Navy Blue, Black, or Gray. View