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5986 Donaldson, Telkwa, BC V0J 2X0 Get directions. We specialize in the slaughter of animals. We also specialize in cut and wraps. Slaughterhouses, Farm & Ranch Services. Open until 5:00 pm. Phone Number. 250-846-5520. Directions. Search nearby 8. CANADIAN PREMIUM MEATS INC. 3401 53 Ave, Lacombe, AB, T4L 0C6 Phone: (403) 782-9366 Fax: (403) 782-7163 Contact: Mike Beretta Email: mberetta@berettafarms.com cpmeats.com. Canadian Food Inspection Agency Registration #65

Search the list of federally registered meat establishments and their licensed operators. Download the entire listing. No entry in any field will return the entire list. ** If a is entered in this field, only items beginning with a will be shown on the list - link on the right. If the entry is empty, all names will be shown Provincially Licensed Meat Plants. Current as of: 12 January 2021. Abattoirs by Animal Class. Click on a desired animal class to see the location of plants that specialize in the slaughter of these animals across the province of Ontario Location (Province)** ( List of Provinces) The licensed operator of a registered establishment has a HACCP system (prerequisite programs and HACCP plans) in place that meets FSEP requirements as required by section 29 of the Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990. Facility Type. Slaughter : All Cattle Calves Sheep, lambs and goats Swine Horses. The slaughterhouse will be removed from the list immediately If the approval date has been expired, with a given deadline for the slaughterhouse to apply electronically for renewal within 30 days only All the slaughterhouses that are approved by the concerned Canadian

List of Canadian Meat Establishments Exporting to China; No. Approval No. Name Of Plant Address Of Plant Activities Products For Approval Remarks; 1: 001A: Maple Leaf Foods Inc. 4141-1 st Ave.S., Lethbridge, AB, Canada, T1J 4P8: Slaughterhouse, Cutting Plant, Cold Store: Frozen Pork: 2 **4** Sofina Foods Inc. 821 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON. This is a list of events in Canada and its predecessors that are commonly characterized as massacres. Massacre is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as the indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people or (less commonly) animals; carnage, butchery, slaughter in numbers; it also states that the term is used in the names of certain massacres of history Patrick Burns, Alberta's most famous cattle king, founded his cattle and meat-packing empire by supplying beef to railway gangs and the mining and lumber camps of Western Canada's resource periphery in the 1880s and 1890s. In 1890, he established his first substantial slaughterhouse, in Calgary As the video below unveils, in a Canadian horse slaughter plant, horses are incorrectly shot. The horses are supposed to receive one shot to the head rendering them dead. Yet as you watch on, the horses are shot multiple times due to the lack of precision by the care taker. With this lack of accuracy the horses go on to suffer with immense fear. Many of the Canadian Food inspection Agency officers are also desensitized to this violence and allow it go unchecked,so a kind of silent government permission permeates this violence! Slaughter house business owners often turn a blind eye,as they figure the government is taking care of the killing being done within the guidelines

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  1. The evidence demonstrates that both the facilities in Alberta and Quebec fail to meet humane slaughter standards used by the CFIA to audit Canadian slaughterhouses
  2. The largest poultry companies in Canada are Maple Leaf, Maple Lodge, Olymel, Lilydale, and Exceldor. Together they corner approximately 60% of Canada's broiler market. Canadian companies slaughter roughly twelve million chickens per week. The average slaughter plant produces roughly 450,000 chickens per week
  3. The provincial government oversees the issuance of Class A and Class B licenses under the Meat Inspection Regulation (MIR) of the BC Food Safety Act. Provincially licensed Class A or B slaughter establishments are found throughout the province. Class A slaughter establishments are permitted to slaughter and cut and wrap meat products

Press Exclusive, a Thoroughbred, was nearly trampled to death on her way to a Canadian slaughterhouse but saved because of her injuries. Horse Slaughter We, at Equine Advocates, strongly believe that horse slaughter promotes the inhumane treatment of horses, horse theft and other illegal activities and the violation of cruelty laws. Recent Omnibu The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition is a collective of people, and national groups, who have joined forces in order to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption in Canada. As well, the CHDC is lobbying to ban the inhumane transport and export of live horses to other countries for the same purpose Products: Red Meat Slaughter, Custom Cut, Wrap & Sausage Making, Wild Game & Retail [Print this Listing] Ben's Quality Meats Ltd. Picture Butte, AB: Phone: 403-732-5122 : Box 129, 100 Factory Dr. Picture Butte, AB T0K 1V Horses destined for slaughter must be kept in a feedlot for six months and strictly controlled. Horses from the United States were often purchased and shipped overnight to the Canadian slaughterhouse for processing the next day, ignoring the possibility of highly toxic medications and dangerous health conditions of the animal The declaration must list: port of entry, name and address of importer, name and address of the broker, origin of the ratites, number and type of birds, purpose of the import, and location of slaughter establishment. 2.3 Health certificates: i. Should be issued by a Canadian practicing veterinarian and endorsed by th

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The push for a law to permanently ban horse slaughter in the U.S. and to forbid the export of horses continues, with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and three other senators sponsoring the Safeguard. Target: Dr. Siddika Mithani, Canadian Food Inspection Agency President Goal: Demand that the government upholds their commitment and ensures the humane treatment of farm animals at slaughter facilities. Farm animals are brutally abused at slaughter facilities, despite regulations mandating humane handling. They are forced to end their lives in fear and pain because the rules and regulations. Eyewitness Report: Unimaginable Misery in Mexican Slaughterhouses. Over the course of two years, an eyewitness from Tras los Muros visited 58 slaughterhouses throughout Mexico, which is one of the world's leading producers of cow, chicken, and pig meat. The U.S. is a main destination of meat from Mexico. Rampant animal suffering was.

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Canadian companies slaughter roughly twelve million chickens per week. The average slaughter plant produces roughly 450,000 chickens per week. Some of these larger poultry companies with bigger plants (such as the ones listed above) can slaughter up to 800,000 Canadian Processed Egg Regulations, updated July 1, 1997, (previously distributed). This list of authorized plants is maintained at Canadian Import Service Centers to assist Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) officials in processing import documents. Source of Shell Eggs Use The slaughterhouse will be removed from the list immediately If the approval date has been expired, with a given deadline for the slaughterhouse to apply electronically for renewal within 30 days only. All the slaughterhouses that are approved by the concerned Canadian

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Canadian Food Inspection Agency list of 18 federally-registered turkey slaughter establishments, including 3 that use controlled atmosphere stunning/slaughte Canada is the only country shipping live horses for slaughter and the export of these live horses to Japan has become increasingly frequent. The horses are shipped in semi-trucks to Calgary International Airport. The Canadian Horse Defense Coalition has been documenting and trying to expose this for years Canadian Premium Meats Inc. (CPM) is an EU approved slaughter and meat processing plant in Lacombe, Alberta. The owners are Swiss expatriates. The plant slaughters cattle, bison, deer and horses. They do not operate a feedlot for horses. Animals' Angels investigators arrived at the CPM slaughterhouse at 12:00am, trailing a truck from kill. Here is a list of known Kill Buyers of horses in both the U.S. and Canada,. Kill Buyer List as of Jan 30/12 By Thomas Lee, Sherri Lynn and 5 others in The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition Supporters (Files) · Edit Doc This is as up to date only as the information I have recieved

About the Canadian seal hunt. Canada's annual commercial seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet. Facing harsh criticism the world over because of the hunt's cruelty and unsustainability, the Canadian government and fishing industry have spread much misinformation. Here are the basic facts about the hunt The horses suffer terribly in slaughterhouses. A video clip of a recent undercover investigation in St-André-Avellin, Qc last July received by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition ( ), reveals the intense cruelty horses undergo in Canadian slaughterhouses day after day. The investigations of the past years offer all the evidence necessary to. Jeffrey Northrup, a Toronto police officer with 31 years on the job, has been killed after being deliberately struck by a vehicle during an incident at City Hall's underground garage early Friday and a 31-year-old Muslim suspect, Umar Zameer, has been charged with first-degree murder. Trudeau probably didn't want to upset his Muslim buddies by making a big deal out a Muslim killing a co

Between 2015 and 2019 a total of 355,821 equines were exported from the US to Mexico for slaughter, per USDA Market News data. October 2018 data obtained from AgriFood and Agriculture Canada/StatCan show that 92,992 equines were imported to Canada from the U.S. for slaughter between 2015 and 2018. Below is a chart detailing these numbers further The US has about 2,700 slaughter plants, 800 of which are federally inspected. In March, the country saw meat, beef and pork production reach record highs, according to the US Agriculture. Canada and the First Nations: A history of broken promises. An exploration of the broken treaties and betrayals responsible for a traumatic past and troubled present. This is the second in a five. An Overview of the Canadian Swine-Pork Sector. Markets Post-production Processing. author. by 5m Editor. 3 May 2011, at 12:00am. An overview of the structure of the pork producing and processing industries in the various regions of Canada by Al Mussell, Anatoliy Oginskyy and Kevin Grier (George Morris Centre), Michel Morin and Marie-Pier.

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  1. Diana Melnick was a young Canadian woman who disappeared in 1995 and is the earliest victim that police connected to Pickton, though authorities didn't have enough evidence to ever bring the pig farmer killer to trial for her murder. She was 158 centimeters tall (5'2″) and 45 kilograms (100 lb), a drug user, a partier like Pickton, and.
  2. warning: this a disturbing account of animal suffering and slaughter By Raincoast January 10, 2015 November 28, 2017 Raincoast scientists Dr. Paul Paquet and Dr. Chris Darimont, along with colleagues at the University of Saskatchewan, have published the paper Maintaining Ethical Standards during Conservation Crises in the journal Canadian.
  3. Facts about Horse Slaughter The former US-based, foreign owned horse slaughter companies and a handful of trade associations that support horse slaughter have contributed to the continued export of tens of thousands of America's horses for slaughter in Mexico and Canada either by physically shipping horses to slaughter or by actively opposing legislation banning horse slaugh
  4. g: Misery for Animals. In the U.S. today, 99% of animals used for food live on massive industrial factory farms, where they're crammed by the thousands into wire cages, metal crates, or other extremely restrictive enclosures inside filthy, windowless sheds. These animals will never raise their families, root around in the.
  5. ban.horse.slaughter. Dedicated to ending the slaughter of horses, including for human consumption, in Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea & beyond. Please SIGN petition. For the last twenty three years, Dale Paulette Sto. #canadaday2021 & #july4th #independenceday are bot
  6. Canada's National Strategy for Critical Infrastructure defines critical infrastructure as the processes, systems, facilities, technologies, networks, assets, and services essential to the health, safety, security or economic well-being of Canadians and the effective functioning of government. The Strategy classifies critical infrastructure in.
  7. June 23, 2021. THE CANADIAN PRESS. 139 Views. BRIDGEWATER, N.S. — The town of Bridgewater in southwestern Nova Scotia has joined the growing list of communities that have dropped the name Cornwallis from its street signs, saying the name of the former colonial governor is too closely associated with the slaughter of Indigenous people

The members and supporters of Friends of Animals demand that the Canadian government end the seal slaughter immediately. Opportunities within respectful eco-tourism and green technologies should be encouraged, and coastal residents should be enabled to pursue careers in these fields. If the Canadian government wishes to offer genuine support to. A Potent Strategy to End the Annual Seal Hunt in Canada is the Canadian seafood boycott The boycott of Namibian seafood is also a potent weapon in the fight to end the slaughter of Cape fur seals in Namibia. Since late 2004, Harpseals.org has been promoting the boycott of Canadian seafood in order to pressure the Canadian fishing industry to stop supporting the massacre of seals Canadian Premium Meats, Inc. located in Lacombe, Alberta. In Mexico, there are other four horse slaughtering plants in operation, all of them also approved for export by the European Union (in fact, they are the only establishments in the whole country approved to do so): Horse Slaughter Plants in Mexic

Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada (IFANCC) was registered in 2007, as a not-for-profit, tax exempt, Islamic organization dedicated to scientific research in the fields related to food, nutrition and health. IFANCC serves Canadian food industry and the Halal consumers Dukes TW, Bundza A, Corner AH. Bovine neoplasms encountered in Canadian slaughterhouses: a summary. Can Vet J. 1982 Jan; 23 (1):28-30. [PMC free article] Weiss SW, Langloss JM, Enzinger FM. Value of S-100 protein in the diagnosis of soft tissue tumors with particular reference to benign and malignant Schwann cell tumors. Lab Invest Saving Horses, Inc. is a 501C3 non-profit organization that actively rescues horses from slaughter, abuse, neglect, and abandonment. SHI has rescued horses off slaughter bound feedlots, at auction, and from neglectful or other life-threatening situations. Saving Horses, Inc., was founded in 2007 by Audrey Reynolds Information provided on this report is supplied by various auction markets throughout Alberta. In reference to the following prices, producers are reminded to check with individual markets on current prices and trends. Prices quoted include top quality cattle only. Steer. Heifer. 900+. 175.00-182.00. 155.00-167.00 Meat processing - Meat processing - Livestock slaughter procedures: The slaughter of livestock involves three distinct stages: preslaughter handling, stunning, and slaughtering. In the United States the humane treatment of animals during each of these stages is required by the Humane Slaughter Act. Preslaughter handling is a major concern to the livestock industry, especially the pork industry

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Any slaughter facility receiving live ruminants from Canada for slaughter must implement procedures to ensure that each animal is eligible for slaughter IPP are to verify that each slaughter facility receiving live ruminants for slaughter has a written program in place to verify each individual animal identification (ID) against the Canadian. Full text. Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (505K), or click on a page image below to browse page by page The coloniality of Canadian Islamophobia - and anti-Islamophobia. In the wake of the latest fatal targeted assault on Muslims in Canada - the third in four years - anti-Islamophobia is.

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  1. Chambers of Carnage. Feb 28, 2010. In late February 2010, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) received hidden camera footage of horse slaughter practices at Viande Richelieu in Quebec and Bouvry Exports in Alberta - the latter known as the largest exporter of horsemeat in North America. The CHDC has compelling proof that puts into.
  2. Food Software Enhances Your Processing, MRP, Inventory, Traceability, Warehousing and Distribution Systems. production. By doing this we can show you exactly how much of what you spend is. turned into profit, and what's not being used. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our small to medium size slaughterhouse customers have experienced.
  3. For each process related to slaughter, a description on how it is technically and practically carried out is provided. In addition, the relevant welfare consequences and ABMs are identified (ToR-2). A list of the main hazards associated with the relevant welfare consequences is provided (ToR-1)
  4. Answering Questions about Animal Welfare during Horse Slaughter. Management must care about having high standards of animal welfare. Percentage of horses rendered insensible with one shot from either a captive bolt or a firearm. Minimum score 95%, excellent score 99 to 100%. 100% rendered insensible before hoisting

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The Canadian Rangers stand sentinel in the farthest reaches of our country. For more than six decades, this dedicated group of citizen-soldiers has quietly served as Canada's eyes, ears, and voice in isolated coastal and northern communities Canadian actress Kate Drummond is also an outspoken advocate for banning horse slaughter, she's using her celebrity voice and social media accounts to educate Canadians and Americans. Recently Canadian television personality, Melissa Grelo of CTV's The Social, has joined the fight against horse slaughter in Canada and beyond JBS's Canadian assets also include case-ready meat processing plants at Calgary and at Belleville, Ont. The United States Cattlemen's Association, a beef industry group, said on Twitter that it had reports of JBS redirecting livestock haulers who arrived at plants with animals ready for slaughter Nova Scotia town to change street name, citing slaughter of Indigenous people. BRIDGEWATER, N.S. — The town of Bridgewater in southwestern Nova Scotia has joined the growing list of communities.

More than 100,000 American horses are exported to Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses each year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Those horses are butchered and then transported. Press Release 05 March 2012. Namibia is responsible for the largest slaughter of wildlife on earth, surpassing even the Canadian hunt in animals killed. Each year, 85 000 Cape Fur seal pups, a threatened species listed on Appendix II of CITES, are savagely beaten to death. Their pelts are sold for a mere $7 Cargill Inc will begin to temporarily close its Guelph, Ontario beef processing plant on Thursday because of an outbreak of COVID-19 infections among workers, the company and a public health. BROILER SLAUGHTER PLANTS FOR EXPORT TO SPECIFIC COUNTRIES REQUIRING U.S. H5/H7 AVIAN INFLUENZA MONITORED Pilgrim Pride, Inc. P-413 Chicken 64-1005 Gold Kist Street Boaz, AL 35957 Pilgrim's Pride Corp. P-6638 Chicken 64-1010 Enterprise Prepared 4693 County Road 63 Enterprise, AL 36330 Pilgrim Pride, Inc. P-192 Chicken 64-100

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There are only four federally registered establishments that perform horse slaughter in Canada- two in Quebec and two in Alberta. Over 85% of Canada's horse meat is exported. There are an estimated 500 people employed across Canada in Canada's horse meat processing sector. What are the export markets for Canadian horsemeat Canadian Cheese Directory. Welcome to the Canadian Cheese Directory, a comprehensive database dedicated solely to Canadian cheeses made from cow, goat, sheep, or buffalo milk. Canada produces more than 1050 cheeses that are listed in the Canadian Cheese Directory. The several varieties of cheese have been established according to guidelines. Comprehensive list of Canadian government departments and officials to contact regarding your boycott due to seal slaughter I have compiled a list of Canadian government departments and officials to contact to deliver your message that you will boycott all things Canadian until the seal slaughter is banned entirely (Resource News International) — Canada's livestock and meat industries continue to wait for details on how the $50 million promised for Canadian slaughterhouses in the federal budget will be distributed. In the meantime, however, groups are engaging in a bit of wishful thinking as to how they would like to see it used

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In the small city of Great Falls, residents push back against a Big Ag plant that would consume 3.5 million gallons of water—and produce 102,995 pounds of waste—per day This is a current listing of organizations and individuals opposed to the slaughter of American horses for human consumption. They support all local, state and federal legislative efforts to ban the practice in the U.S. including the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act and American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act Ten Canadian-listed engineering and construction companies. Brian Donovan. Special to The Globe and Mail. Published January 11, 2021. Updated January 11, 2021. For Subscribers. This content is.

Slaughterhouse cleaning and sanitation. A well-planned, well-executed and controlled cleaning and sanitation programme for rooms, machines and equipment is very important to achieve a hygienic standard. Cleaning and sanitation alone, however, will not assure a hygienic standard in production where process hygiene as well as personal hygiene are. A third death has been linked to the COVID-19 outbreak at a Cargill meat-processing plant near High River in southern Alberta, which is the largest tied to a single location in Canada Undercover Investigations Behind closed doors, animals are suffering at factory farms. Mercy For Animals' brave undercover investigators work to expose and end the abuse. EXPOSING THE TRUTH At industrial farms and slaughterhouses, farmed animals endure shocking abuse, out of sight and out of mind. But a team of Mercy For Animals undercover investigators, wired with [

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Stop the Brutal Slaughter of Wolves in Alberta and B.C. by Chris Genovali, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Huffington Post blog, Jan 18, 2015. An inhumane slaughter of wolves is occurring at the hands of the Alberta government. This unscientific and unethical wolf cull is a consequence of oil and gas development, and industrial logging. A quick list of certification programs for humane beef in Canada. A decision by the Earls restaurant chain to switch to Certified Humane beef from the U.S. and then backtrack after facing a social media storm has drawn attention to competing certification programs for humane or organic beef. Here's a look at some of the. Rosselkhoznadzor's new list of temporary restrictions effective April 17 shuts the gate on any exports from major Canadian packers such as Cargill's beef slaughter plants at High River, Alta. and Guelph, Ont., JBS' beef slaughter plant at Brooks, Alta. and Maple Leaf Foods' hog slaughter plant at Brandon, Man

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) holds that, when farmed animals are killed for food, the methods employed must minimize fear, anxiety, pain, distress and suffering, and they must result in immediate and confirmed death or rapid loss of consciousness that persists until the time of death. Though slaughter-without-stunning is. List of compliant vessels, according to Decision 2007/330/EC (Annex I, B, 1, 2nd paragraph), allowing the movement of some animal products on the island of Cyprus and setting its conditions under Regulation EC 866/2004. List of fishing vessels; Technical specifications for EU approved and certain other food establishment Which is exactly why the Canadian baby-seal slaughter is, it must be said, the perfect press op for PETA et al. Next to grotesque Japanese whaling, baby-seal slaughter is the ideal gruesome PR.

The National Provisioner's Top 100 is an annual ranking of the top 100 meat and poultry processors in the United States, based on net sales.This ranking is based on information submitted to NP, unless otherwise noted A December 2020 report on food pricing led by Dalhousie University's Agri-Food Analytics Lab predicts Canadian meat prices will rise by between 4.5 and 6.5 per cent in 2021, in part because of COVID-19-related factors such as shutdowns, a large temporary backlog of animals to be slaughtered, and reduced capacity at processing plants due. Canfax estimates the U.S. weekly slaughter at 654,000 head, which is 11,000 head larger than last year. Canadian weekly slaughter in Western Canada is about 49,500 head If a model for a slaughter operation is required, select the model for the appropriate species. If a model for a processed product or products is required, make a list of all products produced in the plant. Examine the list and group all like products according to common processing steps and equipment used A Broad Overview of Criminal Law. Federal, state and local governments enact statutes to criminalize the conduct of particular concern to them. For example, a city may determine that it is a misdemeanor to panhandle, while the federal government decides that it is a federal crime to lie on an immigrant visa application. Some criminal charges have been around for centuries, such as robbery and.

Livestock Slaughter ISSN: 0499-0544 Released January 25, 2018, by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Record High Pork Production for Decembe The slowing of slaughter is the result of sanitary measures and the absence of some workers affected by the coronavirus, as well as a substantial drop in demand for large game meat caused by the. Several Canadian organizations have compiled a list of COVID-19 resources helpful to producers. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Guidance to Meat Slaughter and Processing Establishments on Prevention and Response to Suspect and Confirmed COVID-19 Plant Employees. Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Counci

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This resource is part of the Canadian Swine Training Development Project. Funding for this project has been provided through the AgriAssurance Program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Canadian Small-Scale Pig Farming Manual is designed for people who are interested in raising pig Bison slaughter in Canada has been sliding downward since the late 2000s, when federally inspected plants processed about 18,000 per year. In 2020, Canadian bison harvesting was the lowest in.

Last month marked the 90th anniversary of the Rosewood Massacre in Florida and calls a similar Texas slaughter to mind. The 1923 Rosewood Massacre saw six blacks and two whites killed. The 1910 Slocum Massacre in East Texas saw 8-22 blacks killed and no whites. The Rosewood Massacre is remembered as a national tragedy, even [ During their few seconds in the ring, the frightened horses were pushed around so buyers could see them from all angles. Two buyers-who regularly supply Canadian slaughterhouses, according to investigations by Animals' Angels- were purchasing most of the horses, at prices ranging from $35 to as high as about $300 Canada's main cattle-producing province, Alberta, said on Wednesday it would allow the slaughter of animals on farms for meat sales to consumers, loosening regulations after the coronavirus. Animal agriculture is the practice of breeding animals for the production of animal products and for recreational purposes. While Canada still has many mixed farms on which animals are but one component in overall farm production and income, a large proportion of Canada's main food animals (dairy cows, beef cattle, pigs, poultry and sheep) are now raised in specialized, single-species farms.

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The slaughter of horses for human consumption is a barbaric practice that must end, said Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., co-chairman of the Animal Protection Caucus, a bipartisan group of more. Each and every year, the Canadian government gives hunters the green light to bludgeon to death hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals. During the slaughter, baby seals are shot or repeatedly clubbed. Sealers bludgeon the animals with clubs and hakapiks (metal-hook-tipped clubs) and drag the seals—who are often still conscious—across the ice floes with boat hooks Horse slaughter is the shame of the entire horse industry. There is no excuse for approximately one-percent of the U.S. horse population to be killed for human consumption overseas each year. America's horses are not raised as a food animal; they consume products and medications during their lives which contain banned substances for food animals Since legal horse slaughter ended in the U.S. in 2007, thousands of horses are annually moved across the Mexican and Canadian borders for slaughter to meet the world demand for horsemeat, mostly.

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