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  1. Nestled on the side of a cliff on Victoria Beach, rests a 60-foot tower, known to many locals as the Pirate Tower. History of the Tower Built in 1926 for the family of William E. Brown, a state senator representing California's 37th District, the rocket like structure served as a gateway to and from Brown's home on top of the cliff
  2. g of pirates. It's easy to imagine an 18th century scalawag guzzling tankards of rum on the sand after burying a chest brim
  3. Discover Victoria Beach's Pirate Tower in Laguna Beach, California: This strange seaside tower got its name from a wealthy eccentric who would hide coins among its stones
  4. The Laguna Beach Pirate Tower is on my list of Free Things to Do in Laguna Beach, and for good reasonit is one of the most popular sights in Laguna Beach!. Laguna Beach was the first beach city I fell in love with when I moved to California. The vibe, the art scene, the people, the sceneryit's amazing
  5. The Laguna Beach Pirate Tower is located at the north end of Victoria Beach. The address on Google maps is 2713 Victoria Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. However, it is easiest if you navigate to the corner of Victoria Drive & Sunset Terrace

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  1. i castle was built for William E. Brown, a state senator who most notably represented California's 37th district. The spiraling staircase tower served as a popular extension.
  2. The Laguna Beach Pirate Tower is in a hidden corner of Victoria Beach, a wonderful sandy cove along the Pacific Coast Highway. Victoria Beach is within the area of Laguna Beach and it between Laguna itself and Dana Point, immediately to its South. Finding the beach is rather easy
  3. La Tour - The Mysterious Tower of Laguna Beach. One of the most unique and mysterious landmarks of Southern California is the tower that stands at the base of a cliff in Laguna Beach. Here is the story behind it. The structure, known as La Tour (french for tower), is a 60-foot castle-inspired tower. It was built at the same time as the.
  4. This singular stone turret, affectionately coined by locals in Laguna Beach, California, as the Pirate Tower and La Tour (French for tower) stands on Victoria Beach. William E. Brown, a senator from Los Angeles, built the 60-foot-tall tower in 1926 as an enclosed staircase to the beach from his house
  5. 37 reviews of Victoria Pirate Tower Laguna beach has been a favorite place of ours for several years now, and this spot is so fun! There is access to the beach through the neighborhood above, but best to park on the pch and walk down. Permits are required to park in the neighborhood. Once you make it to the beach, the old cement pool and pirate tower are on the north side of the cove
  6. The pirate tower makes its appearance at low tide. Hidden around a rocky corner at Laguna's Victoria Beach, the sepia-toned stone structure stands tall and narrow against the surrounding cliff, as if pretending to be a natural part of the landscape

Explore Laguna Beach's Pirate Tower. Rated 4.455 /5 based on 11 customer reviews Save Review Directions. Details. Added by Aubree Plodinec. La Tour is the name of the hidden tower in Laguna Beach and it looks like it's straight out of a fairy tale! Great spot to watch the sunset, play in the natural pool, or have a photoshoot A unique artifact - took me 15 years of visiting Laguna to find it! The Pirate Tower is a 1930s spiral staircase, no longer in use; it is accompanied by a semicircular pool. To find it, go to Victoria Beach at low tide and head north around the point. Surf is extremely rough at high tide - step carefully

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Sneak Away To Laguna Beach Pirate Tower In Southern California With Your Loved One. On Victoria Beach, the Pirate Tower built into a rocky cliff stands tall. Dreamy blue waves splash against the cluster of beach rocks bordering its base. Overhead, bright colors sail the beach sky The pirate tower in Laguna Beach is a dream come true. A real-life piece of fantasy has been sitting in Orange County and I had no idea until this past weekend. The name does not disappoint; the old pirate tower juts out of the rocks of Victoria Beach and stands tall as it takes endless hits from the crashing waves

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  1. In this episode we arrive in California, check into a hotel in Laguna Beach where the cliff side views are absolutely breath taking, find the infamous Pirate..
  2. The Pirate Tower of Laguna Beach is a. must see for all visitors of Laguna Beach. It is a short walk down a steep ramp or a set of stairs. Then across rocks that are usually wet and or slippery. The Pirate Tower can only be accessed during low tide
  3. Victoria Beach and Pirate Tower . Located in Laguna, Victoria Beach is home to the historic Pirate Tower and the circular, man-made stone pool that is a site to see during high tide. The beach is ideal because it is more secluded than Laguna's more frequented beaches and features tide pools to explore, a volleyball court, and more
  4. Mysteries of Laguna: The Pirate Tower of Victoria Beach. This week's mystery found our intrepid reporter ankle deep in the pristine sands of Victoria Beach. One of Orange County's more secluded.
  5. This is Pirate Tower, located at Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, CA. We visited at sunset for our engagement photo shoot! (Photo cred: @apartment3photography) I'm officially an LA local and my first #LAHometownEdition post is dedicated to the mysterious tower at Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, CA
  6. The Pirate Tower is an abandoned 60-foot tower located on Victoria Beach in Laguna, California. How To Find It? Getting to the Pirate Tower is one of the hardest things. The actual GPS address is 2713 Victoria Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 - but parking can be kind of complicated. If you check out this map I always park on the roads I marked in.
  7. Laguna Beach, California. : Pirate Tower. Norman-style 1926 concrete tower erected along cliff for spiral staircase down to beach. Closed to public; 60-ft. tall tower is picturesque along the shore. Address: Victoria Dr., Laguna Beach, CA. Directions: Victoria Dr. and Sunset Terrace, public stairs access down to beach, then head right/north and.
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The Question: Where can you find this mysterious pirate tower? Wilmington, North Carolina. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Laguna Beach, California. Key West, Florida. Answer: The correct answer is Laguna Beach, California Then, we went to Victoria Beach, home of the world famous Pirate Tower, where we learned that the Pirate Gods had been angered by all the celebratin'. When we started out the tour of Laguna Beach, the sky was totally cloudless, and pretty boring. As the afternoon wore on, I noticed a gorgeous sunset brewing, but figured it would either.

Epic Travel → North America → The West Coast → Southern California → Los Angeles Area → Victoria Beach Pirate Tower. Location: Laguna Beach, South of Los Angeles Time Required: 1 hour Red Tape/Notes: Use the public stairway access to Victoria Beach (located on Victoria Drive); the tower is located just north of the stairway. Tower is accessible around low tide only; it may be easiest. A bluff-front Laguna Beach home with access to the shore and famed Pirate Tower via a cement stairway is on the market. It's selling for $14 million

Laguna's Famed Pirate's Tower, Norman House Of Victoria Beach - Laguna Beach, CA - This cottage on Victoria Drive in Laguna Beach was the home of a California State Senator; known as the Norman. There's a hidden Pirate Tower in Laguna Beach! The tower was built in 1926, a private staircase for W.E. Brown's family to have access the beach below their home. It was sold in 1940 to H. Kendrick who hide coins around the tower for neighbor children to find which is how the tower got its name Pirate Tower The tower was built as part of his European style home by state senator, William Edward Brown, as a summer home in the resort city of Laguna Beach. The house itself, located up the cliffs from the tower, is known as the Norman House and the tower as La Tour (French for the Tower) Victoria Beach is one of several secluded public beaches in Laguna Beach, guarded on both ends by rocky points, cliffs, and intertidal zones. A perfect stretch of sand, great tide pools, and a mysterious cliffside tower make Victoria Beach a great explorers beach day escape from Los Angeles Victoria Beach's Pirate Tower at Laguna Beach: The 3 Things You NEED to Know . History of the Victoria Beach Pirate Tower at Laguna Beach. Even though Pirate Tower may strike you as being extremely mysterious and historical, it is actually not as old as it appears. It was only built in 1926

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La Tour (French for the tower) is what locals love to call the mysterious tower jutting next to the cliffs at Victoria Beach. This quaint and browning tower, with rugged stones at its base, seems almost as though it has grown naturally out of the cliffs. For decades locals have wondered about the tower's origin; was it perhaps a lighthouse to guide sailors or really a pirate's haunt The Mystery of The Pirate Tower. Victoria Beach a white sandy beach located in Laguna Beach, CA. On he north side of this secluded beach stands a tower. The old structure as it turns out was built as a spiral staircase access to the beach from the residence above in 1926. The castle like tower is a must see for the adventurer and photographer. Pirate Tower, Laguna Beach. Find hotel near Pirate Tower. Contribute/Review Ask a Question. Standing vigorously against the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, the Pirate Tower on the edge of the rocky Victoria Beach looks much like an out-of-a-storybook picture. The tower is said to be the property of some rich eccentric who had a frenzy of. Nestled at the foot of a beachside cliff in beautiful Laguna Beach, CA, there sits a 60-foot castle-like tower that has come to be known as La Tour (or sometimes Pirate Tower among the locals). Originally built in 1926 as part of The Norman House on the cliff directly above it, La Tour is made of poured concrete with an ocean stone foundation Today you can visit the Pirate Tower during low tide and imagine it as Rapunzel's famous tower or that it is a part of a castle that once stood. Location : 2713 Victoria Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Climb Through the Caves at 1,000 Steps Beach

Mar 23, 2016 - Tips and guide on how to get to the Pirate Tower in Laguna Beach, a Victorian Castle tower located on the sand in Victoria Beach. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Find Victoria Beach Pirate Tower, Laguna Beach, California, United States, ratings, photos, prices, expert advice, traveler reviews and tips, and more information from Condé Nast Traveler

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  1. Victoria Pirate Tower. 2713 Victoria Dr. Laguna Beach CA 92651. 36 Reviews. Menu & Reservations. Make Reservations. Order Online Tickets. Tickets. See Availability
  2. OnlyInYourState.com - On Victoria Beach, the Pirate Tower built into a rocky cliff stands tall. Dreamy blue waves splash against the cluster of beach rocks bordering its Sneak Away To Laguna Beach Pirate Tower In Southern California With Your Loved One - Flipboar
  3. d images of modern mansions and sunny, sandy shores...which is why this crumbling Victoria Beach Tower seems so out-of-place. Known to some locals as the pirate tower, this mysterious, enchanting structure looks more like something from a storybook than anything you'd find in the OC. So what exactly is the origin story behind the Victorian.
  4. Permit applications will be accepted by mail and by email. Mail should be addressed to 515 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 or email recreation@lagunabeachcity.net . To obtain availability of specific beaches, parks, and dates for a wedding, please call or (949) 497-0716

Victoria Beach Castle Turret - Pirate Tower - Laguna Beach, CA. I think I found Rapunzel's tower. This castle turret is in Laguna Beach, CA north of Victoria Beach. You have to walk along the rocky coastline a bit to get here, and it can be hard to reach depending on the tide and surf conditions. This is an aerial shot from my DJI Phantom 3. Victoria Beach Pirate Tower La Tour is the 60-foot concrete pirate tower that lies on Victoria Beach in South Laguna Beach, Ca. The tower, along with a house at the top of the bluff, were built in 1926. The staircase encased by the tower structure was access from the house to the beach Op · 8m. Pirate Tower at Victoria in Laguna Beach California | You Have to See This | My Journey to the Fountain of Youth. This video shows you our experience hiking to the #PirateTower in #Laguna Beach, #California! It was an awesome hike! Check it out Laguna Beach, California. Sunset at the historical landmark Pirate Tower built as beach access in 1926. The tower can be accessed from Victoria Drive, south of the main beach Laguna Beach tide chart key: The tide chart above shows the height and times of high tide and low tide for Laguna Beach. The grey shading corresponds to nighttime hours between sunset and sunrise at Laguna Beach. Tide Times are PDT (UTC -7.0hrs). Last Spring High Tide at Laguna Beach was on Thu 24 Jun (height: 2.56m 8.4ft)

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Victoria Beach is famous for the Pirate Tower, which is a sort of mystical-looking castle right on the beach! The tower is private property so you cannot go inside of it, but it is still super cool to check out. This beach is also famous for the man-made concrete pool which is nearby the Pirate Tower Ranking of the top 14 things to do in Laguna Beach. Travelers favorites include #1 Crystal Cove State Park, #2 Heisler Park and more Congratulations on your choice of visiting Laguna Beach. We are Laguna Locals and we are here to show you our town and all the fun things there are to do here. Below we have a few things listed, but you can always ask for more or less of anything, including private or corporate tours In Laguna Beach, her favorite spots start with, of course, the Pirate Tower of Victoria Beach. Though it isn't a real pirate tower, it is an impressive backdrop for social media posts

4000x2545 Victoria Beach's Pirate Tower in Laguna Beach, California Wallpaper Background Image. View, download, comment, and rate - Wallpaper Abys 505 Forest Avenue Laguna Beach, California 92651 (949) 497-3311 (949) 497-0771 (fax

smiller2045 - Happy - Victoria Beach's Pirate Tower in Laguna Beach, California ChrisWGault. Op · 6m. Pirate Tower at Victoria in Laguna Beach California | You Have to See This | My Journey to the Fountain of Youth. This video shows you our experience hiking to the #PirateTower in #Laguna Beach, #California! It was an awesome hike! Check it out Next high tide in Laguna Beach is at 5:20 PM, which is in 11 hr 42 min 34 s from now. Next low tide in Laguna Beach is at 10:20 AM, which is in 4 hr 42 min 34 s from now. The local time in Laguna Beach is 5:37:26 AM. See the detailed Laguna Beach tide chart below. Laguna Beach, Tide Times. Times are PDT (UTC-07:00) any to view the height and time Laguna Beach's Pirate Tower. We had a beautiful sunset tonight in Laguna Beach. If you want to find this Pirate Tower yourself (or know more about its haunted origins), check out my new blog post, which includes directions to find the beach, and history:. With works by noted Californian artists in the reception area and guest rooms and a classic wood-and-stone Arts and Crafts design, the ultra-luxurious oceanfront Montage Laguna Beach celebrates the Orange County town's long tradition as an arts colony. Pacific breezes wash through a sun-splashed lobby, where a balcony takes in views of bluff-top gardens, secluded coves, and Santa Catalina.

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zinnia1953 > Bridges / Landscapes > Pirate Tower - Laguna Beach, California Laguna Beach Pirate Tower. 4.5. 23 reviews on. Address: Victoria Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651; Hours may change under current circumstances. Is this your business? Verify your listing. Find Nearby: ATMs, Hotels, Night Clubs, Parkings, Movie Theaters; Reviews. 34regisk 03/13/21. A hidden gem in Laguna Beach. Before stumbling upon this place on. Time your visit to beaches around the tides Many of Laguna Beach's most unique beach features, including tide pools, natural beach pools, the pirate tower and more, are only accessible during. Feb 21, 2021 - Explore Kathy Dinh's board Victoria beach, laguna on Pinterest. See more ideas about victoria beach, laguna, beach

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The Mysterious Pirate Tower at Laguna Beach, CA November 14, 2016 / Candy & Crystal Southern California just doesn't want to cool down (it's November and 90 degrees), so I decided to check out the Pirate Tower one afternoon at Victoria Beach The Pirate Tower in Laguna Beach. Share. On the side of a cliff on Victoria Beach, rests a 60-foot tower, known to many locals as the Pirate Tower. It was built in 1926 at the same time as the house at the top of the bluff, it was used as a way to get from the house down to Victoria Beach below. In the early 1940s, the home was sold to a. Photos. Explore Laguna Beach's Pirate Tower Back. Like. Lik

Where can you find this mysterious pirate tower? Wilmington, North Carolina Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Laguna Beach, California Key West, Florida. Answer: The correct answer is Laguna Beach, California. Categories Railway Riddles. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published The Pirate Tower of Victoria Beach, in Laguna Beach, California I was shown this landmark structure by my best friend Kevin one night in 1970 and the place has held personal significance for me ever since. On March 21, 1984 with Kevin as witness, I released the Ring of Improvidence into the sea from craggy rocks in the shadow of this iconic. Wrapped in floor-to-ceiling glass, a revamped 6,500-square-foot house in Laguna's Victoria Beach has a nearly century-old neighbor: A 'pirate tower' built in 1926 Sneak Away To Laguna Beach Pirate Tower In Southern California With Your Loved One. Attractions. The Hidden Beach In Southern California, Pirates Cove Beach, That's Like Having Your Own Private Island. Attractions. The 1.5-Mile Stroll Along Billionaire's Beach In Southern California Will Make Your Jaw Drop 2. Pirate Tower. Location: 2713 Victoria Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. Pirate Tower is located right on Victoria Beach. The tower shoots up to 60 feet high and was built in 1926. It is more than a spectacle for visitors to Victoria Beach. The tower serves as a enclosed staircase to a private cliff-top home

Pirate Tower Photo by James Lee. Location: 2713 Victoria Drive, Laguna Beach, California 92651. Pirate Tower is located on Victoria Beach. The tower is 60 feet high and was built in 1926. This tower is a great spectacle for visitors and a great landmark to photograph and is one of the best places to take pictures in Orange County 1. Laguna Woman: The Oldest Woman in the West. In 1933, a 17-year-old amateur archaeologist in Laguna Beach chipped a skull out of the ground on St. Ann's Drive. This female skull was considered to be over 17,000 years old. For decades, Laguna Woman was known as the First Woman in the Western Hemisphere The Laguna Beach Pirate Tower . Documentary | Episode aired 6 February 2016 Season 1 | Episode 1. Previous . All Episodes (24) Next Add a Plot » Writer: Bethany Guerrero. Stars: Bethany Guerrero, C. Drew Unser. Added to Watchlist. Add to Watchlist. View production, box office, & company inf Photo about Aerial view of The Pirates Tower At Victoria Beach In Laguna Beach, South California, USA, July 8th, 2020. Image of romantic, coastal, castle - 19334355

The Pirate Tower, Victoria Beach. ARCH & WOOD COVES. Arch & Woods Coves Three Pocket Beaches: At west end of Diamond St, Moss St, and Victoria Dr at Sunset Terrace, Laguna Beach, CA Map w/Directions. Treasure Island, North of Aliso Beach. ALISO BEACH. Aliso County Beach Park - County Park lin 1920x1080 Victoria Beach's Pirate Tower in Laguna Beach, California Wallpaper Background Image. View, download, comment, and rate - Wallpaper Abys Laguna Beach (/ l ə ˈ ɡ uː n ə /) is a seaside resort city located in southern Orange County, California, in the United States.It is known for a mild year-round climate, scenic coves, environmental preservation, and an artist community. The population in the 2010 census was 22,723. Per the population estimate in July 2019, the total population of Laguna Beach city was 22,827 139 Moss St, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States. 4. Victoria Beach, Laguna. You'll probably recognize the famous Victorian Pirate Tower on the North end of the beach that goes into full fairytale mode at sunset. While it's a popular beach, it's often quiet thanks to the hidden entrances, and it's about the closest you'll get to a. Laguna Beach. One of many hidden beaches in Laguna Beach, this one is unique with a mysterious pirate tower, lots of websites mention this abandoned medieval or pirate tower which is actually not exactly true. This tower is actually a stairwell which is still used to this day by the owners of the house above it. This tower was originally.

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The Pirates Tower At Victoria Beach In Laguna Beach, South California, USA, August 22nd, 2020. Aerial View of Es Vedra Rock, Ibiza Island [Spain]. View from the Pirates Tower. Panoramic View, Ibiza Island (Cala D'Hort). Awesome view from Pirates Tower near Es Vedra in Ibiza Island, Spain Orange County's only lighthouse is tucked away in a Laguna Beach cove Also known as Pirate Tower to locals, the enigmatic 60ft-tall structure has been the basis of many an urban. The castle-like structure - known to the locals as the Pirate Tower - was built in the 1920s for William E. Brown, a state senator. Inside the tower there is a spiral staircase that leads to the top of the cliff. Recommended Hotel in Laguna Beach: Inn at Laguna Beach. Pirates Cove Beach. Address: Ocean Blvd. & Goldenrod Ave., Corona del. We will explore the Beautiful Laguna Beach Coves from The Pirate Tower @ Victoria Beach with a stop at the Montage Resort, then on south to 1000 Steps Beach with the Sea Cave. FREE Parking can be found on streets near Victoria Beach. This should be an approx. 4.5 mile one way hike/walkabout. Depending on tides we will hike from one cove to another

The Pirate Tower stands about 60-feet tall and is perched against the rocky sea cliff. A while back it served as a private staircase so the owners can access the beach. Now it's locked but makes for one of the best photos spots in Laguna Beach. Pirate Tower at Victoria Beach Victoria Beach's storied Pirate Tower once served as the home of a retired naval captain. One of Laguna's best-known stretches of sand, Victoria Beach is a scenic spot for an adventure. Here, visitors can join a beach volleyball game, wade in tide pools, or explore a few caves. At the north end of the beach, they'll also find the famous. Laguna Beach Pirate Tower Courtesy of SouthOCBeaches.com. The Laguna Beach Housing and Human Services Committee meets Wednesday May 5 2021. Laguna Beach Housing and Human Services Wednesday May 5 2021 Meeting Agenda Is Online. Proposed Discussion Items Include: Status on Housing Element Update. Status on ADU Ordinance. SCAG Grant - ADU Toolki Without further ado, here are the 7 Best Laguna Beach engagement photo locations: #1. Crescent Bay Beach. Crescent Bay is the most iconic and picturesque Laguna Beach location. What makes it top this list is also having a nice combination of easy access and much less people traffic

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For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser The Pirate Tower can only be accessed at low tide. Where to find it: 2713 Victoria Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. Laguna South Coast Cinemas. This movie house was opened in 1923 as the Lynn Theater and was the only movie house in town. It became non-operational in 2015, but it is still the perfect spot to capture the vintage vibe. Where to find it. Life in Laguna Beach Victoria Beach. Life in Laguna Beach Victoria Beach Victoria Beach is home to the 60 foot tower known as the Pirate Tower which was originally built in 1926. At that time, it led up to a private home. There are always tons of people here taking pictures Laguna Beach, California, USA. 16th Jan, 2018. On Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, an old abandoned pirate tower sits beachside nestled into the side of the cliff. A girl wearing a hat walks barefoot on the sand towards the Pacific Ocean with her camera. The sky at dusk is purple and pink Best Photo Spots in Laguna Beach Victoria Beach. Victoria Beach is a stunning beach with unique features. You'll have to walk down many steps just to get to it but it's well worth the trek. There's a whimsical Pirate Tower that looks straight out of a fairytale, a circular manmade pool, and romantic sunset views

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Also, the Lifeguard Tower in the middle of beach was built in the 1920s, and is a Laguna Beach landmark. Beware of the riptides in the summer. Victoria Beach Pirate Tower. Beach. Manhattan. Oddity Odysseys The Laguna Beach Pirate Tower (TV Episode 2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more The beaches in Laguna also got rave reviews for the stunning water, low cliffs, arches, and the Pirate Tower of Victoria Beach. Why do you think Laguna Beach is one of the nation's most charming. Laguna Beach. home to some of the most beautiful Southern California beaches you can see, and Victoria Beach is one of them. nestled between cliffs and upscale beach homes, Victoria Beach is one of the hidden gems of Orange County. many refer to this beach as having a Rapunzel's Castle or a Pirate Tower. and as you can see, it kinda does. last week, the boys and i decided to have sunset picnic. Jump off near Victoria Drive and descend the steps to the beach, before turning right and walking along the beach until you find the most charming little pirate tower complete with a flag

Victoria Beach is a long white sandy beach south of Victoria Drive in Laguna Beach. The majority of this southwest-facing beach lies in front of the private gated Lagunita housing development with many of the uber mansions built right to beach level. The public beach access isn't easy to see, but it's right next to address 2713 Victoria Drive Casa Laguna Hotel & Spa Laguna Beach, located about 2.1 km from Aliso Beach, features entertainment activities, a fireplace and a library. The venue is situated 3 km from Laguna Beach city centre and 30 km from John Wayne airport. The inn is conveniently located in vicinity of Pirate Tower Beach. Just a 10-minute drive from 1 000 Steps Beach

Looking for Laguna Beach Hotel? 2-star hotels from $26, 3 stars from $123 and 4 stars+ from $468. Stay at Villa Darte from $427/night, Best Inn from $110/night, Laguna Beach Inn from $26/night and more. Compare prices of 224 hotels in Laguna Beach on KAYAK now Laguna Beach is the perfect beach town. Victoria Beach / Pirate Tower . Another unique beach because of the tide pools and Sand Castle Esque Tower that sits along the beach cliff. This is another quiet beach due to the lack of public parking (parking available on PCH) Shaws Cove In the lower right corner here you can vaguely see the Pirate Tower, and on the left corner is Newport Beach in the distance. These photos were all taken by me with my Nikon D810 and Nikon D750 , Rokinon 12mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens , Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 Lens, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens , and Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR Lens Places to visit along the Laguna Beach coastline include the Heisler Park; a picturesque Pirate Tower; and a scenic, sandy spot called Thousand Steps Beach. Alongside the beautiful people and bustling community of Laguna Beach, the city also features an abundance of natural spaces to explore

Abandoned & Urbex Archives - Urban GhostsPirate Tower, Laguna Beach!!! (DJI Inspire Drone FootageMysteries of Laguna: The Pirate Tower of Victoria BeachPirate Tower Drone Flyover - Ultimate Swim Spot! - YouTube