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MMDVM Digital Voice Module The STM32-DVM-MTR2K is an integrated MMDVM modem and host on an easy-to-use plug-in-card for the MTR2000. This document describes how to set up your MTR2000 for use with this module. This document expects you to have some familiarity with Motorola RSS software MMDVM instruction step-by-step. This is a short manual for setting up MMDVM hotspot or repeater using Kavkaz SD card image created by Igor UA6HJQ. STEP 1. HARDWARE. You need to purchase next components: - Shield for Arduino DUE, for example designed and assembled by ES1BIS. All components availible on Ebay.com. STEP 2 This document is intended for the following people. Those persons concerned with BrandMeister MMDVM DMR Repeaters, that is to say owners, sysops and users committees. Other repeaters such as Motorola, Hytera and others are not excluded. MMDVM is an open system and as such can be configured to individual needs. When connected to a serve


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Zumspot & MMDVM Hotspot page. 2021-02-27 The Pi-Star Hotspot software continues to evolve with a number of minor tweaks and upgrades. The current version is: Pi-Star:4.1.4 / Dashboard: 20210224 I highly recommend upgrading to v4.14. A very good source for info is the Amateur Radio Notes website by Toshen, KE0FHS After my article about MMDVM and all the installation steps of the MMDVM firmware on the Arduino Due card, here is the article that allows you to answer the questions how to install MMDVMHost on Install MMDVMHost on Raspberry Pi and tuning MMDVM for DMR digital mode - Installer MMDVMHost - F5UII - French Hamradio Statio The PNWDigital MMDVM project is a package of programs made up by many smart people who have developed the necessary moving parts. Vance, W6SS created ipscbuild , which enabled most anyone to be able to deploy the Python programs without major experience with Linux and Python This page is about homebrewing an (almost) easy to build MMDVM HotSpot module for Raspberry Pi - type B. After successfully finishing three boards of those wonderfull miniature HS hats for Rasbberry Pi-zeroW, designed by Mathis, DB9MAT and Florian, DF2ET , I decided to draw a simmilar, however bigger HS hat board, that would fit a normal sized (type B) Raspberry Pi mini computer

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  1. Home. Pi-Star is a software image built initially for the Raspberry Pi (produced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation). The design concept is simple, provide the complex services and configuration for Digial Voice on Amateur radio in a way that makes it easily accessable to anyone just starting out, but make it configurable enough to be interesting for those of us who cant help but tinker
  2. LS MMDVM USB STICK | N5BOC Store. Home / Menu. This is a USB version of the standard MMDVM simplex board . With this you can plug it directly into your Laptop and operate using only your handheld radio and BlueDV running on the laptop. It can also be plugged into a raspberry PI and used just like a standard Simplex MMDVM hat
  3. Use MMDVMCal and either set the deviation of the DMR test tone as described with the MMDVM documentation, or use a spectrum analyzer (25kHz sweep works pretty well) to set modulation as close to Bessel zero as possible. You will not achieve a perfect null using the Bessel zero technique as the soft pot's steps are too coarse to do this
  4. The MMDVM UVIYN hotspot is a completely assembled MMDVM Hotspot with self-contained rechargeable batteries. Supports DMR, YSF and P25. Charging requires a 2 Ampere DC input using the micro USB cable. A few steps are needed to get you online and on the air with the hotspot. WiFi Configuration Note: the MMDVM Hotspot only operates on 2.4GHz Wifi 1
  5. Documentation: N5BOC MMDVM Documentation; Contact: There's a contact form on the N5BOC website; A night at the movies. For fun, I mounted the LoneStar MMDVM Simplex on an RPi 4B and in a C4Labs Bel Aire AC case, with a Noctua fan up top to keep things nice and cool. Of course, when you have a classic like a Bel Aire, what more fun than to take.

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SETUP OF KB5RAB PI IMAGE • Image Contents • Image file itself .img • IRCDDBGateway DSTAR setup • MMDVM.ini settings • Readme First document • Overall setup instructions for DMR • Using VNC remote control • Burn Image Using preferred method • 16GB high speed microSD recommended • Start program browse to select image file • Verify the drive letter of your SD car Out-of-band (since DMR does not transit call signs) station ID is a legal concern in the US, perhaps only theoretical for a 10 mw hotspot but would be a matter to consider for a repeater or base station with significant ERP. I have found MMDVM documentation on an CW ID option, just curious what the standard practice was in the US since so far I. Open source firmware (MMDVM) and board design The ZUMspot RPi Nextion 3.5 Kit Package Includes: ZUMspot RPi UHF Board Raspberry Pi Zero WH Custom case 2.4A power supply 3.5 Nextion Enhanced display UHF Antenna Pre-Imaged 16 GB MicroSD Card with Pi-Star Softwar

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Some more documentation particularly around advantages of a duplex board for DMR, recommended accessories (Pi-Zero WH, power supply requirements, OLED screen and case) with screen shots of pi-star setup would help buyers choose this over the many cheaper MMDVM hotspots available. 73, Venkat, K7VK UPDATES. 12-21-17: We are now able to use a single VM to deploy multiple MMDVM Servers thanks to KI7SBI's Dockerfile implementation. We will soon publish neophyte level installation instructions and documentation which will enable using a new Digital Ocean droplet as the starting point all the way to setting up 2 MMDVM servers Be alerted for a future new grouped order. Posted on 31 January 2017. 12 April 2017 by f5uii. If you are interested to participate in a possible future new grouped order, leave your email below to be reported

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So because of your document, I was able to implement the DMR to YSF interconnect. The explanation helped me very much. I did, however, had to mkdir another completely separate directory and copy the contents of MMDVM_Bridge into it, because I figured the instance already running ASL<-->Echolink<---->DMR might get affected, as the DVSwitch ini needs modification to reflect the fact that I am. MMDVM hotspot User manual details for FCC ID 2AY6M-MMDVM made by Shenzhen Fengzhiya Culture Media Co., Ltd.. Document Includes User Manual User Manual The host program for the MMDVM. Contribute to g4klx/MMDVMHost development by creating an account on GitHub Documentation on this subject is spread throughout the Internet, with several good sources, but very few end-to-end sources. What do we want to do? We would like to set up an Internet-based multi-mode reflector that allows a ham radio operator with a DStar, Fusion, or DMR radio to enter a reflector, room, or talkgroup, and b

Setup #1 - The first step connected to the wired network, modify the call sign. Setup #2 - The second step to set up wireless Wi-Fi, wireless use. Setup #3 - The third step is to set up handsets, access to hot spots. Setup #4 - The fourth step test, start QSO. Precautions. MMDVM Nano Hotspot - Auxiliary tools. GPIO definition LoneStar -MMDVM_HS_HAT for Pi (GPIO) Using a FULL SIZE PI. Instead of a PiZero. Yes! This will work. No issues at all. Even works on a Pi4. Case: I worked closely with C4Labs to help them produce one of their excellent cases. C4LABS cases for SIMPLEX board. Returns. If you have an issue please contact me and I will do my best to resolve your. The MMDVM firmware site link you gave, looks to be the source code to compile the firmware and a whole order of magnitude more complexity again if we had to compile it then only to find it isn't compatible with the MMDVM boards we have and that assumes we find out how to install the updated firmware onto the MMDVM board The RB_STM32_DVM is yet another Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem that gives new life to analog repeaters by allowing them to become digital capable. The STM32 has an on-board microcomputer, so there is no need for a separate Arduino or other processor board. This board, plus a platform running MMDVMHost is all that is required

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  1. Back In Stock !4/11/21This is a Duplex Multiple Mode Digital Voice Modem in a Raspberry Pi Zero HAT form factor. While there are other versions of this type of Duplex board on the market this is the ONLY one which keeps the Pi Zero form factor that has become so popular. This will enable you to keep the portability of the MMDVM_HS_HAT while at the same time allows you to enjoy the benefits of.
  2. program (Im in the process of building a digital multi-mode voice repeater, based on MMDVM, MMDVMHost and Pi-Star), I discovered too that the documentation for this device is poor. So Ive decided to start the Nextion support Facebook group and wrote some How-To [s for this device
  3. BM to XLX via MMDVM_Bridge - Doc version 2.0. Revision 2.0 is a rewrite of the original document I created. This revision is for showing how to use DMRGateway's TGRewrite function to allow the use of the standard XLX Talkgroup 6 and send that data to a BM Talkgroup of your choice, and vice versa. Two DMRGateways are needed, since the.
  4. If you would be interested to participate in a possible future new grouped order, leave your email below to be reported
  5. ZUMspot USB Quick Start Guide The ZUMspot USB has all of the capabilities of the regular ZUMspot all packaged up in a nice clear USB dongle case
  6. This is a detailed guide for building the firmware of MMDVM_HS from the source code. This: software runs on STM32F103 microcontroller. You can build this code using Arduino IDE with: STM32duino package, or using make with ARM GCC tools. Also, Arduino with 3.3 V I/O (Arduino: Due and Zero) and Teensy (3.1, 3.2, 3.5 or 3.6) are supported

UVIYN Hotspot. The UVIYN Hotspot is a MMDVM Openwrt Hotspot with a mmdvmhost-, iotboard (l107) and rechargeable batterie (s). Two versions are avaliable, with or without a TJC screen. It supports the following modes: DMR, YSF and P25. Also known as DXIYN UV Wifi Repeater Function Digital Hotsopt MMDVM UVIYN + LCD display support DMR P25 YSF QSO. The PNW DMR MMDVM project is a package of programs made up by many smart people who have developed the necessary moving parts. Vance, W6SS created ipscbuild , which enabled most anyone to be able to deploy the Python programs without major experience with Linux and Python. The goal has since been to stack up multiple Bridgets (MMDVM-IPSC. analog-bridge binfmt-support dvswitch-base md380-emu mmdvm-bridge qemu-user-static The following NEW packages will be installed: analog-bridge binfmt-support dvswitch dvswitch-base md380-emu mmdvm-bridge qemu-user-static 0 upgraded, 7 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Need to get 12.6 MB of archives

I was an early adopter to this product and could not find English documentation to read. So the story goes 6 months ago when the developer was just starting out, and he needed to sell one hotspot at a time, he was OVERLY friendly. buddy-this and buddy-that MMDVM Nano Hotspot - Users Group (groups.io) https://groups.io/g/nanopi. After my article about MMDVM and all the installation steps of the MMDVM firmware on the Arduino Due card, D'après ce que j'ai trouvé dans la documentation, ton analyseur mesure jusqu'à +20dBm (100mW) et sera endommagé à partir de +25dBm (316mW) Edit MMDVM.ini to suit nano MMDVM.ini. Remove the getty process from /dev/ttyAMA0 (Caution: the process is different for Raspbian Wheezy and Raspbian Jessie!) In Raspbian Wheezy nano /etc/inittab. Look for the line that spawns a getty on /dev/ttyAMA0 and comment it out (# at the start of the line). In Raspbian Jessi

Finally got around to it this weekend and the TK-981 works great for a 900MHz DMR repeater. No modification, just use a 1uF capacitor between the output of the MMDVM board and the radio to get rid of. By Skyler Fennell · 2/23/20. STM32-DVM with FM rig as high powered hotspot 25 Step 1 - Obtain your BrandMeister API Key: Login to the BrandMeister dashboard at: https://brandmeister.network [1] Click your callsign at the top right. Click the Profile Settings option. On the new page, click the API Keys. Now on the API Keys page, click the Add button on the right hand side. You will be prompted to give this key a. MMDVM VHF & UHF Hotspot using a Raspberry Pi-3 with .91 OLED display and Pi-Star Asking $125. Jumbo Spot UHF Hotspot using a Raspberry Pi-0 with .93 OLED display and Pi-Star Asking $95. Nano-Spot Hotspot by Micro-Node International . The NANO-SPOT is a completely self-contained digital hotspot supporting DMR, D-Star, P-25 and System Fusion This Website is ONLY about Nextion Displays, those when connected to and driven by the MMDVMHost, MMDVM Modem combination. It also contains useful information when using the added Display Driver. Any information outside of this basic scope is best either found somewhere else or by contacting Us directly though the provided Email address link below

MMDVM - On completion of entering your personal data, to connect to BrandMeister UK, go to the configuration page from the menu to display this paragraph. Documentation. New functions, modifications and improvements of BrandMeister appear sometimes at such speed it is difficult to keep up I ended up with a dual hat module that plugs onto a raspberry pi - and after 2 months of being frustrated and thinking it was broken, i found my issue - it's not an HS_Dual_hat at all it's an STM32-DVM / MMDVM_HS - Raspberry Pi Hat (GPIO). The documentation on this fact is pretty sparse, or I've just missed it a LOT Having read the supporting 'readme.md' on Andys page at GitHub for the MMDVM v1.5.2 firmware I chose not to complete the HAT flash proceedure. Running the procedures described above do not show any warnings. Secondly as David pointed out the MMDVM board I have is most likely as he described it a 'Chinaspot' as it was from Ebay

1- Click on Connectors Tab 2- Switch active connector to Homebrew/MMDVM 3- Protocol select MMDVM 4- Server select IPSC2-CAN-TRBO ( 5- Ensure your callsign, ID, location are entered correctly and that you are using a frequency that will not interfere with other amateur radio operations.. 6 -Near the bottom of the connectors page you will see MMDVM Options for DMRPlus, select the. Step5: Radio / Mode Type: Select STM32-DVM / MMDVM_SH - Raspberry PI Hat(GPIO) Step6: Apply Changes . Technical support www.MMDVMHost.sdr.kim . HOTSPOT is DMR,YSF,P25,D-STAR Multi Mode IP Gateway QSO anywhere . also your DMR radio must input the Talk Group and Freq ,then you can talk now P25 Net Thursday Night 8pm Central on P25 TG 31171. From: James Riley. July 4 at 10:43 AM. Joins us each Thursday night at 8 pm central for the Illinois digital net on Illinois Link Wires-X room 21565, Brandmeister DMR 31171, P25 31171 NXDN 31171 and YSF Reflector Us Illinois Link This document was originally created by KD8YNY (pictures and basic text) and adapted for the Pi-Star image by Rob (PD0DIB) The Nextion screen is out there in different sizes, the 3.2 is a nice size, or you could go to the 2.4 screen. Once you get your screen, this is how you wire up the connector. Red = 5v+ PIN 2 Black = Ground PIN 6 Yellow.

MMDVM_Bridge (i.e.,DMR, NXDN, P25 & Dstar). This document is intended as a getting started guide. DVSwitch Mobile will certainly contribute to your leaning and exploration of digital voice modes used in amateur radio. 73 de Joe W8RIK Table of Content This lack of documentation, no test points on the mmdvm boards, nor oscilloscope trace examples of proper operation makes troubleshooting a blind endeavor. This is NOT the way to work for the easily frustrated or weak of heart !!! The parrot function on YSF and DMR still both work lousy. There is always a lot of garble on my return audio. 11/16/16: Updated image with latest versions of all included software. Upgraded the image to new Pi Pixel desktop Added Ham Radio menu to Pi application menu with all the shortcuts there. Updated DSTAR host files with latest format and fixed issue with XRF host update. Minor updates do readme and documentation

MMDVM HS Hat hotspot. Products and Pricing. Supports : DMR, P-25, D-Star and System Fusion. MMDVM_HS_Hat PCB can be ordered from Flo or Mathis : MMDVM_HS_Hat with SMA connector antenna or you can order the PCB with ceramic antenna embedded. - MMDVM_HS_Hat PCB with a SMA antenna on PCB is female. - MMDVM_HS_Hat PCB with ceramic antenna embedded Developer guide This page has links to all the pages of OpenWrt development documentation. Use the Search facility to find more information. Quick overview of OpenWrt's internals * Overview Assembling firmware images with the ImageBuilder * Build Images Quickstart * Using the ImageBuilder The document above uses Rasbian/Debian type of linux distribution, where it utilized apt-get (Repository) to install all the dependencies, if you are someone that uses Archlinux like me, you can install the dependencies by using Pacman -S xxx command instead, and then download the individual binary version of Analog_Bridge, MMDVM_Bridge here at.

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Problem with MMDVM_Bridge DMR/NXDN ID lookup thread. Bj DV8AWC. 6/25/20 #6820. Hello, i have noticed that the MMDVM_Bridge DMR/NXDN ID lookup thread is returning an incorrect content for DMRIds.dat and NXDN.csv. Lookup thread is working as usual. Maybe some changes on the DMR/NXDN ID's db server path While a complete appliance, it came with minimal instructions needed to make it operational (but in all fairness, your are pointed to the necessary documentation on the web.) Given that this is using a standard Raspberry pi - zero board with the MMDVM expansion option leveraging the Open Pi-Star software - it is a rather generic package Now follow the DVSwitch Android instruction at the bottom of this doc. Orignal instructions (somewhat outdated): Installation & Initial Setup with DMR and YSF being the enabled modes used. This should work on any Debian based Linux install. Note that you will need to download the application based on your processor Timeslot Number Name Notes 1: 91: Worldwide English: English Language 1: 92: Europe: European Region 1: 3100: North America: United States and Canada 1: 95: Pacific Ri By N9UMJ · #56 · 2/12/20. Re: STM32-DVM with FM rig as high powered hotspot. The modem board is from Repeater Builders. Its the version 3, HAT version that plugs right into the 3B+ board. Ken Please note: message attached From: N9UMJ <n9umj2@...> To: The modem board is from Repeater Builders

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  1. Update 2/10/21: Official group: https://dvswitch.groups.io NOTE: Make sure to match the TX and RX frequencies in the MMDVM_Bridge.ini it needs to function as a simplex node not a repeater for this to work as of 02/10/21. A lot has changed since my original article and there are new ways to install the tools:Start with Debia
  2. The Nano Hotspot is supplied assembled and tested before sending, it allows to have a digital access point MMDVM like: D-Star, DMR, C4FM, P25, NXDN & POCSAG for UHF 430-440Mhz amateur radio band. Works with the Pi-Star software for Linux. This hotspot mmdvm is mounted ready to operate, it will remain to do the settings of the hotspot and software configuration
  3. We have here in Mikkeli, Finland, an MMDVM based repeater. My GD77 w/ OpenGD77 firmware works with it fluently, not any problems so far. I'm using Vertex VX-2200 radios. I have adjusted everything within the proper specifications to make it work by using an SDR receiver
  4. Next, clone the nostar MMDVM_CM fork to your local computer. Even though we will only be working on one section of the MMDVM_CM code, we need to clone the whole shebang. git clone https: // github.com / nostar / MMDVM_CM.git. Change directories to the USRP2M17 code which we will be compiling. cd MMDVM_CM / USRP2M1
  5. PNW DMR MMDVM Talkgroup Matrix. for Managers, TG Appearances & Timers. The PNW MM's are an adjunct to and for the use of our c-Bridge repeater network. The MM were not designed to be used for hotSpot to hotSpot users only. While is is technically viable, we are not encouraging such use at this time. Be sure not to put your hotSpot on any.
  6. Re: MMDVM Hat won't RX in Duplex Mode Post by m7guy » Sun Jul 11, 2021 12:02 pm ok ignore the last it was due to my firewall blocking.. still not updating though
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DUDE-Star software is an open source application for amateur radio operators that allows RX and TX of D-Star, DMR, YSF, NXDN, and P25. It supports all known USB AMBE vocoder devices, and also supports experimental RX and TX of all modes using software vocoder algorithms To start, click Configuration in the main title bar at the top. Then click Expert. Then click System Cron. You'll get a window open that looks like this. You need to add one or two lines of text to this window (depending on whether you're using D-Star or YSF) so click into it and make sure the cursor is at the bottom Building a MMDVM multi-digital mode repeater- DRAFT 24/2/2017 Introduction Very draft. Will write more as I go. Everything has arrived and I am starting to put it together Picking apart the MMDVM DMR Gateway .INI file Ken Cechura 2021-02-09 2021-02-10 0 So, I've been having a LOT of trouble getting my MMDVM to cooperate and pass Brandmeister trafficI could connect to the TGIF network, and got green lights on the Pi-star dashboard, but it was really difficult to figure out what was going on The instructions and diagram in this document will take you through the steps of not only creating an interface for the STM32_DVM DMR modem/controller board, but will STM32_DVM running on Raspberry Pi2 with optional case installed, connected to my custom interfacing cable for the Yaesu Fusion DR-1 and DR-1X repeater

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This document is intended for the following people. Those persons concerned with BrandMeister MMDVM DMR Repeaters, that is to say owners, sysops and users committees. Other repeaters such as Motorola, Hytera and others are not excluded. MMDVM is an open system and as such can be configured to individual needs SainSmart documentation & resource center. Find quick start guide, assembly instructions, troubleshooting guide, project ideas and many more Pinout! The Raspberry Pi GPIO pinout guide. This GPIO Pinout is an interactive reference to the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins, and a guide to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO interfaces Setting up the Raspberry Pi and MMDVM Host software. This series of posts covers the building of a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) repeater for amateur radio use on the 70cm band (UHF). The first post introduced DMR basics and a modem platform based around an STM32F446 NUCLEO board plus an interface shield 2. Make sure your Active Connector is Homebrew/MMDVM. (If not, select it from the Edit connector dropdown, and click Switch to selected 3. Scroll down to the DMR/Homebrew/MMDVM section. The current Server Password is the generic one for the master you are currently connected to

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Documentation. Repeater Reader (DO1JG) Repeater Reader is a small JAVA program which creates visibility and management options for the selected repeater or hotspot. It will also get support for controlling the repeater through APIs. The BrandMeister team wishes to thank all application developers for making all of this happen openSPOT3 user manual. This user manual is for the stable firmware version v55 . It's updated with new information when a new stable firmware is released. The PDF version is available here, however we recommend using the online manual, as it gets updated when a new stable firmware is released. Company names and products in this manual are. This is a Duplex M ultiple M ode D igital V oice M odem in a Raspberry Pi Zero HAT form factor. While there are other versions of this type of Duplex board on the market this is the ONLY one which keeps the Pi Zero form factor that has become so popular. This will enable you to keep the portability of the MMDVM_HS_HAT while at the same time. hkcnma.com (hosted on alibaba-inc.com) details, including IP, backlinks, redirect information, and reverse IP shared hosting dat

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New to the Nextion Editor is the ability to Zoom the design canvas both in and out. Users can zoom from 20% to 600% using the slider, or increment steps using the + and - buttons on the ends of the slider. The value of the zoom is shown in percentage to the right of the Canvas Zoom This document covers the Jumbospot MMDVM Hotspot which uses the following components. 1. Raspberry Pi Zero W (Single Board Computer that runs Linux) 2. Jumbospot MMDVM board (Multi Mode Digital Voice Modem - UHF Radio Board) 3. OLED Display (Usually supplied with the MMDVM board) 4. Metal Case 5. UHF Antenna 6.. -Scott Zimmerman STM32 MMDVM Repeater Builder board (V3) I really need to give credit to Roar Dehli LA4AMA and Tom Brown N4TAB for the success of our project. I spent nearly a year learning about how to modify the Tait equipment with countless hours of limited success. The end result, the modification documentation from Roar was exactly correct MMDVM_BRIDGE sudo vi /etc/MMDVM_Bridge.ini The MMDVM Bridge connects to the BrandMeister master server, and is essential a 'virtual' hotspot. What you configure here will appear in your BM Dashboard at brandmeister.network. A note about DMR-IDs: You do NOT need to register for a new DMR-ID for this hotspot I have been making a repeater with mmdvm and initially used this same board. I had a lot of problems with the sound quality (tremolo & pixelations) I was receiving from the network. Since I was working with a repeater that had no documentation on how to connect the mmdvm, I decided to change the board to one I already knew, to rule out issues.

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MMDVM HotSpot for RPi - type B The main goal of this project was to design a HS board, that could easily be assembled using just normal tools as found in an average equipped amateur electronic workshop. All resistors, capacitors, coils and LEDs used in this project are of the size SMD 0805 or bigger. This should make the assembly of the board much more frendly to a homebuilder who only has. Good quality MMDVM hot spot kit. This is a good quality hot spot hat that is compatible with Raspberry Pi modules, especially the Pi 0W which fits inside the included metal shell. The kit requires some soldering to attach header pins to your separately purchased Pi 0W

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Often, saved parameters in the MMDVM are loose, so if you set the port. when you reboot the modem, it change itself. As you say, to work at 115200, you need install NextionDriver, written from ON7LDS. There is a document on how to set the parmeters. Be careful, the actual rel should be 1.02 (shoul be) Cia This section contains documentation with technical information about the Raspberry Pi hardware, including official add-ons and the Pi itself

The Nano Hotspot included:t 1 caud Nano mmdvm_ PCBhs_hat 433Mhz with welded ceuamic antenna, one 3D puinani casini, one fan, one NanoPi NEO 512M with 1 WIFI donile, one USB cable, one OLED 2,4cm and a mini-SD caud 12GB with edited imaie MMDVM_Bridge forwards and retrieves audio packets to the NXDNGateway which controls the actual connection to the NXDN network. We provide the NXDN Gateway Host/Port details for the rare occasions when you might want to configure use of an NXDNGateway that is not on your ClearNode. (See the Timed Events documentation for more. MMDVM Hotspot. Setup; Hardware; Arduino Shields; Aredn Broadband Hamnet. AREDN Info; Amatuer TV; Virtual QSL cards; What do amatuer modes sound like; North Carolina Packet; New Packet Radio; Contacts; Home QTH Information; GMRS Live feeds; SHTF Radio Info; Off Grid Communication Devices; Peanut APP; LoRa (LoRaHam/LoRaAPS) Projects; More. ZUMspot Raspberry Pi Info and Setup Here's some info on what it took for me to get my ZUMspot up and running, updated with new things I've learned recently. This doc is a bit wordy but I'm hoping this will let you know what you need to successfully get your ZUMspot Rpi working using a Windows PC. Don't think the below is a lot of work - it's really not. I'm pretty impressed with this product.