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Both engines used the same 317 casting. You can also look at VIN number, 8th digit U = LQ4, N = LQ9. 2001 - 2002 6.0L's mated to 4L60E will all be drive by wire, using a throttle body with two electrical connectors, using red / blue colored PCM connectors 10199001 Small Block V8 1993-1995 350, 4-bolt, LT5, Corvette ZR1, 405hp. 10243878 Small Block V8 1996-1997 305, 2-bolt, Vortec truck, roller cam, 1-piece rear seal. 10243880 Small Block V8 1995-1999 350, 4 bolt, crate engines and ZZ4, roller cam, one piece rear seal. Chevrolet Block Identification number locations Chevy Casting Number identification including Block casting numbers, cylinder head casting numbers, Crankshaft and intake casting numbers. 4-bolt Mexico cast Crate engine. 10051182. 350. Car and Truck 2 & 4-bolt 1 Piece Seal Passenger stick. 10051184. GM Fast burn 62 CC 210 CC intake runner angle plug Vortec. 12480005. 346. 0 Jun 28 2015, 2:14am. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is located on the left side rear of the engine block (1) and is typically a nine digit number stamped or laser-etched onto the engine at the vehicle assembly plant. •The first digit identifies the division. •The second digit identifies the model year

identify 96-98 vortec. 305 or 350. No. of course not. mine says SGI or SG1 where the pictures I found were 305 or 350 would be raised letters. this is in my 1996 gmc. Could be an older smallblock with vortec top end..as I found a fuel pump boss cover. the vortec is not supposed to need that The vin code format is stamped onto most engines. The format consists of divisional identification number, model year, assembly plant designation and vehicle serial or sequence number. In 68-69 model cars, the serial (VIN) number of the car the engine was installed in is stamped next to, or under the engine code ID Check out these First Generation 1996-1998 GM Vortec fuel-injected 350 Engine Power Upgrades, including exhaust, throttle body, and more, at Sport Truck Magazine VIN code T also designates a 3.1 V6, the base engine in the 1990-92 Camaro/Firebird platform, and VIN code 8 is much better known as the L98 5.7 V8 TPI, standard in the 1985-91 Corvette and optional in the 1987-92 Camaro/Firebird platform. Missing Entry: 1985-1988 Pontiac Fieros have a 9 engine code for the 2.8L L44 V6 The 4.8/5.3L motors are easy to identify by their large 4.8/5.3 casting mark on the front of the block, but there is no simple, external way to differentiate the 4.8 from the 5.3. The best way is.

All early Vortec heads have part number 125508060. But these are made from two different castings 10239906 or 12558062. The difference between them is that the 906 uses hard seat inserts and the 062 uses induction hardening. Either makes a production L-31 truck head For example, a full engine serial number could be PJ12345U123456P. The engine serial number is the complete number shown. This is made up of the list number or build list, typically 2 to 4 letters followed by 4 or 5 numbers Essentially a six-cylinder version of the small-block V-8, it is identified by first decoding the engine position in the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, and then by locating the engine block casting number and comparing it to a listing of known 4.3L engine castings. Step The vin code format is stamped onto most engines. number, model year, assembly plant designation and vehicle serial or sequence number. In 68-69 model cars, the serial (VIN) number of the car the engine was installed in is stamped next to, or under the engine code ID Engine ID Stamp: V0801CML (This ID is completely made up) The first letter of the stamp tells us where the motor was assembled. In this case V stands for Flint, Michigan. The numbers that follow are the actual assembly date, in this case August 1rst

Chevy cylinder head Identification - Small block casting numbers, Big block cylinder head, camel back heads, double hump heads. Find cast numbers. GM Fast burn 62 CC 210 CC intake runner angle plug Vortec. 12480005. 346. 0. 2.125/1.625. Gen III LS1 GTZ aluminum 38cc angle plug. 12480011 Chevrolet's LS and LS-based Gen III and Gen IV small-block engines are generally known by their RPO code. You can determine the RPO code if you have the VIN from the original vehicle. Locate the 8th digit of the VIN. Consult the tables below to identify your engine CHEVY CASTING NUMBERS. I know that Chevy Casting Numbers are on several sites on the World Wide Web but I thought it would be a good idea to list them here too. I actually went through several lists and made some corrections before making this list. I hope it helps you identify the Chevrolet engine parts you are working on Chevrolet Engine Block Casting Numbers April 12, 2014 Roadkill Customs Technical Info All engines are stamped with an engine ID code, consisting of assembly plant code, production date, and suffix code

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  1. This is supported by a notation in a 1976 dated Chevrolet parts book, The engine plants are to stamp the serial pad of all current model service engines with the source, production date, and same type designation as stamped on a comparable production engine. V8 Engine Block Casting Numbers By Year (1964-1972
  2. In this case, the vehicle identification numbers (VIN) on a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro sport coupe V8 engine will be: 126379N100001. General GM engine identification numbers In recent years, GM has changed the VIN numbers to 17 digits. Here we decode the engine VIN numbers on most of the GM cars
  3. e the RPO code if you have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the original vehicle. Locate the 8th digit of the VIN. Consult the tables below to identify your engine

We have detailed instructions about Chevy casting number locations and extensive notes about Chevy mouse motor and rat motor V-8 engines. Mortec also has information on Chevrolet V-8 bore and stroke numbers, GM crate motors, Holley carb tuning tips, and crankshaft journal sizes Given the list of casting numbers on the preceding pages and a wire brush, you can identify any 4 or 6 cylinder Chev engine made before 1984. The numbers are different for the engines made in Canada but the physical characteristics are the same for the respective year. Australia and Europe used Canadian blocks. On the 37 block pictured above. Head Casting Numbers: The number you need is located on top of the head, in the center. So this means you will have to remove the valve cover if it is not already off. Small Block Chevy Head ID; Engine RPO Numbers: These are also located on the drivers side of the engine, at the back of the head on the transmission mounting flange Chevy Engine Identification Initial identification of a Chevrolet eight-cylinder engine is simple. The model car and year are initial indicators the engine is possibly a 350. After model year 1973, it is most likely a 350; Chevrolet used it in practically everything

Both engines used the same 317 casting. You can also look at VIN number, 8th digit U = LQ4, N = LQ9. 2001 - 2002 6.0L's mated to 4L60E will all be drive by wire, using a throttle body with two electrical connectors, using red / blue colored PCM connectors Engine codes for these motors look like this; LM7, LM4, L59, LQ9, and so on. LS engines can have an aluminum or an iron block. LS engines are ALL considered small blocks. Though some have a big-block displacement, like the LSX 454 crate engine (Exception being the 8.1 Vortec which is a big block). There are two very different generations of the.

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big block Chevy casting bock . Casting : Year: CID: Main Caps: Comments: 340220: 1972-76: 427: 4-bolt: tall truck: 345014: 1974-8 General Motors Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over 2.4L Engine Oil ConsumptionJune 8, 2021 Chevy Dealer Service Technicians Joyride In Customer's C8 Corvette: Video June 10, 202

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Knowing this, I started looking at marine engine rebuilder websites and lucked out by finding listings with block casting numbers as seen below: You will notice that my block casting number (2770087) matches the 2nd and 3rd listings in the above chart, both of which are 3.0 litre GM engines manufactured in the 1975-1989 range Casting number 12558062 is a Vortec head that is available from Chevrolet Performance. It is completely assembled with 1.94/1.50-inch valves, and 64 cc combustion chambers. It can be machined for 2.20/1.60-inch valves. 3947040: 1968 327ci, 64cc chambers, 1.94/1.50-inch valves. 3947041: 1969 and 1970 302ci or 350ci, 64cc chambers, 1.94/1.50-inch. Engine Casting Codes & Serial Numbers 1954-1963 Chevrolet 235/261 inline 6 cylinder (NOTE: these photos are from a 1960 261 engine; however, 1954-63 235 & 261 codes should be in the locations shown below That is the 880 roller block used for 96 up L31 Vortec 350.If original, it should have #906, or,062 Vortec heads.It will be a 4 bore & uses 5.7 rods in stock form.A few 95 TBI motors also got the 880 block.These will be identified by either a #193, or,#191 cylinder head.I doubt very seriously you will find #882 heads on this block, unless someone put them there for whatever stupid reason

LM7 5.3L Vortec 5300 Engine Specs: Performance, Bore & Stroke, Cylinder Heads, Cam Specs & More. The LM7 is a 5.3L, Gen. 3 small block engine used in GM trucks between 1999 and 2007. For marketing purposes, it was also known as the Vortec 5300. The information listed here is for the stock LM7 engine. Mechanically similar, General Motors' LS. GM 6.0 Liter V8 Vortec L96 Engine. The 6.0L V8 Vortec L96 is an engine produced by General Motors for use in its full-size heavy duty (HD) pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs. Displacing 6.0 liters in a. looking for decode of vortec engine. casting number 10243880, pistons 10172839, crank cast 14088526 not positive on the one at the beginning of that cast. was told it was a 383 stroker. any info much appreciate This is a cast iron cylinder head assembly used on 285 hp 350 engine (P/N 12353641). This complete cylinder head assembly includes 1.94 intake valves, 1.50 exhaust valves, valve springs (P/N 3901068) and valve spring caps (P/N 14003978). Technical Notes: This cylinder head has 64cc chambers. The cast number for this head is P/N 14101083 or. It's a 10168588 casting that had the numbers 4.3 cast on the side, too. It's real easy to spot if the heads are off because of the small 3.74 bore. however, depending on how you want to look at it. the 4.3L LT1 was also referred to as the L99 (not to be confused with the LS variant bearing the same name

YEARS : CASTING : CID: LOW POWER: HIGH POWER : MAIN CAPS: COMMENTS: 1980-85 : 140029 : 350--2: car: 1973-80 : 330817 : 400--2: car, truck: 1975 : 355909 : 262-- 2. Price: $4,100.00. This is a performance Chevy 5.7 Vortec 350 engine with name brand parts, designed to be a plug-in-and-play to work with factory ECU, injectors, and fuel pressure with no modifications! Fits 1996-2002 full size GM and Chevy trucks and SUV's with the R code engine. Price Includes. Long Block Engine

The 638 casting is the older incarnation of the 10105123 part number, and it was used until 96 when the 5.7 Vortec engines appeared. These old 638 castings had full roller provisions in the HD 4-bolt main versions, but the 2-bolt main blocks were not already set up for roller cams 1957. 1954. ENGINE NUMBER is located on the right side of the block to the rear of the distributor. Engine numbers start at 1001. The suffix letter after the engine code identifies the engine plant - F ~ Flint, T ~ Tonawanda. ZC identifies heavy duty clutch, ZH ~ aluminum cam gear, ZE ~ power steering A number of crate motors made by GM in Mexico, may have an M or ML prefix stamped into the front pad of the block followed by a series of numbers which is the serial number of that particular crate replacement motor. You may also see a raised casting on the block or heads of Hecho en Mexico which means Made in Mexico Decoding the ID numbers on Chevy Smallblock motors: (Info compiled Ray Buck [09/23/2000]) Since there are several numbers on the block, we need to identify the ones we're gonna use. The first one I usually use is the block casting number which is located at the back of the driver's side cylinder head and will look something like: 3970010

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This video is about LS Engines 6.0L, 5.7L, 4.8L General Motors GM 5.3 L LM7, Cadillac Escalade 6.0 L LQ9, Gen III Engine Casting Numbers & Date Code Location 5.3L V8 Vortec 5300. The Vortec 5300 is a small-block V8 GM engine that was produced from 1999 until 2013. While the 5.3L Vortec is based off of the LS engine platform, it itself is not technically an LS engine. The engine went through two different variations during its lifespan, Gen III and Gen IV Camshafts with more than 0.475 lift require machining valve guide bosses and checking valve seal to valve spring retainer clearance. Can be machined for 2.020/1.600 valves. Rocker arm studs can be pinned or drilled and tapped to 3/8. Valve spring seat diameter is 1.280. Casting number 10239906 or 12558062

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  1. STOVE BOLT CASTING NUMBERS. 235 Block Casting. 3629703 50-52 235. 3692703 50-52 235. 3692708 50-52 235. 3692713 50-52 235. 3835692 50-52 235. 3701946 53 235. 3835846 53 235
  2. F1115 could mean an engine produced in Flint, November 15. For 1957, the H suffix seems to indicate a 31-32-36-3800 235. The head casting number is correct for a 1956-62 235. That casting number was also used for replacement heads for 1953 and later 235s
  3. Any intake manifold (LS1, LS6, LS2) will work with these heads as well as Vortec intakes from cathedral port headed variants. 241 castings (the casting number is found near the corner of the head.

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A bare engine block could be hard to IDA very good source for SBC information is located at :https://www.enginelabs.com/news/reference-chevy-engine-block-cas.. The model of Mercruiser 3.0L 4 Cylinder Engine can be determined by looking at the last letters of the engine code which is stamped in all complete Marine Longblocks by General Motors at the time of assembly. If the serial number and/or model decals are missing the marine engine code will help to determine the engine model. Refer to the drawing for engine code location Casting numbers for the small-block Mopar and big-block Mopar engine blocks can be found on the left (driver's) side of the block, and will consist of seven numerals. These numbers are different than the stamped eight-digit number found on the right side of the engine. That number is the last eight digits of the Vehicle Identification Number

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  1. Access our free Engine Repair Guide for GM Full Size Vans 1987-1997 through AutoZone Rewards. These diagrams include: Fig. 1: Engine identification number location - 1987-92 4.3L engine. Fig. 2: Engine identification number location - 1993-97 4.3L engine. Fig. 3: Engine identification number location - 5.0L and 5.7L engines. Fig. 5.
  2. That is the casting number. It is the same number used for ever Olds 350 block cast from the 1968 to 1976 model years. Only the VIN derivative stamp on the driver's side of the block near the #1 spark plugs will tell you the year
  3. Knowing the Head casting number doesn't help ID the engine size as that head will go on both the 235 and the 261. Check the casting number on the engine found on the right (passenger) side down low towards the front. Then find the STAMPED number on the flat machined surface at the distributor

Above the code is the block unit number, and the common line of thought is that this number matches the last six digits of the VIN, as with other GM applications. However, when it comes to Pontiac, this is simply the engine sequential number, generally referred to in service bulletins for updates in production An engine code, and below it is the partial VIN. Note: CODE CE was used from 1968 to current year. It represents any CID and is used to indicate a Warranty Engine. VF292800 - is an example of a over the counter crate engine. 2800 is the last 4 digits of the GM part # for the crate engine assembly. The final digit could be a year code Help.. am trying to assist a friend in decoding other GM 6 cyl casting numbers. He has an engine out of a 1968 Pontiac Beaumont ( like Chevelle) which has the block casting number 3994257 . We have looked at a number of sites online but have not found anything. Can anyone confirm that 1) it is a Canadian engine. 2) what the displacement is The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Card Document provides quick access to VIN information and decoding details for GM models from. 1960 to present. GM VIN Cards 1960 -2020 Re: 5.3L engine ID. Aug 18 2011, 12:26am. My 2010 Sierra has the O motor, kind of wish it was the aluminum block but I think it makes no real difference. If aluminum heads on iron blocks where that big of a deal they would have stopped building them that way a long time ago and my crew cab full size truck will never be a 1/4 mile rock star so.

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Casting Numbers: 12567392, 12567393, 12551358. Material: Iron. Displacement: include the Gen II LT1/LT4, Gen III (24x) LS1/LS6 and Vortec Truck Engines as well as Gen IV (58x) LS2, LS3, LS7, & Vortec and GEN V LT / ECOTEC3 Engines. All PSI Harnesses are Made in the USA. In addition to wiring harnesses, PSI carries Holley Products, Vintage. To identify a GM LT1 engine, check towards the front of the passenger side of the engine block where there is a machined pad with an 8 digit ID number. In order, the engine code identifies assembly plant, month, day, and engine suffix code. 10125327 is the casting number of all 92-97 LT1 and LT4 engines. It is located on the upper right rear of. Engine Identification Numbers: L6 - The engine identification codes are located on a machined pad on the right (passenger) side of the block behind the distributor. V8 - On both small- and big-block V8s, the engine ID codes are found on a machined pad on the front passenger side of the block just below the head. This pad is actually an.

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4.8L, 5.3L & 6.0L Engines Repair Guide The vehicle identification number (VIN) is located on the left side rear of the engine block (1) and is typically a 9 digit number stamped or laser-etched onto the engine at the vehicle assembly plant Since the head casting numbers are easily read from under the hood, they may be the quickest way to identify the model year of an engine -- assuming the heads are original for the engine. In the above photo of an what might appear to be a stock engine (to some) in a 1956 Pontiac, the head casting number and exhaust manifold casting number. Keith Hardy (The Old Car Manual Project) kindly hosts GM engine serial number prefixes and suffixes. 1929-1932 car identification from the Filling Station. Much of the First-Generation information was obtained from Mike Boteler. GM Canada casting codes and serial numbers 1916-1984 from the 1937 Chevrolet pag Mopar Engine Casting Numbers. Here is a list of Mopar Engine Casting Numbers. They cover a wide range of engines including the popular 318, 340, 383, 400, 413, 426, and 440 engines. You can find your casting number on the left hand side of your engine. Don't get this confused with the partial VIN number that is also stamped in your engine. Re: GM- L6 Enginne Block Casting Numbers. by DanTheVanMan Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:19 pm. Matt, Keep in mind that The Chevy 292 was an inline, six-cylinder engine with a bore and stroke of 3.875 inches by 4.125 inches and a compression ratio of 8.0-to-1. It achieved a maximum 165 gross-horsepower at 3,800 rpm and netted 147 horsepower at 3,600 rpm

Especially with Straight eights! If I have done it right, the first picture is a 1951 248. the second is a 1950 263. the third is a 1941 248. If one goes to Reference, at the top of this page, then Engine Identification, then, then identification til 1952, the chart will be there. Be aware, 1942 and earlier, the first digit is the series number Gm sbc block casting numbers. casting.sizeyearmain cap bos.notes 140029..35080 842 330817..40072 802. 1956 engine block serial number. see identification. 5 engine identification number location 6.2l and 6.5l diesel engines. 1 engine serial number identification v8 engine 216 cu. in. year: numbers: block casting numbers: 37: 1 to 1187821: 838101 838710: 38: 1187822 to 1915446 & B1 to B10502: 838710: 39: 1915447 to 2697267 & B10503 to.

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  1. The next four digits, 0011, identify the assembly plant sequence number as 0011. Engine Serial Number - 6.0L The vehicle identification number (VIN) is located on the left side rear of the engine block (1) and is typically a 9 digit number stamped or laser-etched onto the engine at the vehicle assembly plant. The first digit identifies the.
  2. Casting numbers are incredibly important for a car owner to understand when buying and installing new parts in their engine. These raised numbers, often visible on the vehicle's engine block, provide the series number, displacement range, and date and location of its manufacture. This code allows the owner of the vehicle to purchase parts.
  3. These last 3 numbers of the 8 digit head casting number are found on the exhaust manifold side of the head, on a boss to the extreme right of each head, just below the valve cover mating surface. A 243 indicates an LS6 HEAD, but doesn't necessarily guarantee and LS6 block, UNLESS it came from the Factory or GM Goodwrench
  4. 1969 396 casting date C 14 9 for March 14, 1969 - note this casting date is on the rear of the engine block next to the bellhousing. 1970 396 casting date B 6 70 for February 6, 1970. Note 1970 has a 2-digit year code. 1970 454 casting date of C 10 70 for March 10, 1970

L31 Vortec Cylinder Heads (Casting Numbers 10239906 and 12558062) The L31 Vortec cylinder heads represented a major design change in Gen I SBC heads. They could be used on any SBC block from 1955 through the end of the Vortec engine production because the mounting holes lined up properly and the water passages were the same as the cylinder. Re: I have a G M small block Casting # GM 3789935 and. Stamp= f 0412dbuilt in flint (mi)plant 0n april 12 an the casting number 3789935 from a chevy ll built in 1960-1961 its a 283 low horse power 170 high horsepower 220 and its a 2 bolt main have fun with it. Posted on Oct 28, 2009 All the previous 6.2s nd 6.5s had four-bolt mains with 12 mm bolts. The outer bolts were part of the block cracking problem according to GM. So, with the 1997 12555506 blocks, they made the outer bolts smaller at 10 mm instead of 12 mm to leave more metal in the block. Block numbers: 1982-1991 14022660 6.2 engine Catalog of Chevy V-8 Engine Casting Numbers 1955-1993 (Matching Numbers Series) [Cars & Parts] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Catalog of Chevy V-8 Engine Casting Numbers 1955-1993 (Matching Numbers Series Step 1: Locate the number on the engine block. The serial number of your GM forklift engine will be in a location specific to your model of engine. Below are diagrams showing locations for 2.5/3.0L L-4, 4.3L V-6, small block V-8, and big block V-8 engines, respectively

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The casting number is the raised, cast in number on the passenger side. Note that the '68-'69 (and a few rare '70 472s) use a block that looks identical at first glance, but bears different casting numbers (ending in 6238), has smaller oil passages and does not have clearance for a 500 crank (rod bolt notches in bottom of cylinder bores) Casting # Years made Valve Size HP levels used for Chamber Size / Notes; 3782461: 61-70: 1.94/1.50 & 2.02/1.6: 250-375: 64 CC Chambers No bolt holes These are the double humps Crate Engine Upgrades. If you are looking to beef up your vehicle you can use our crate engine quick reference guide for small block, big block, RPO GM V-6, RPO GM Ecotec four cylinder, RPO and Cadillac Northstar V-8 comparability guides Mopar Engine Block Casting Numbers — The list covers a wide range of engines including the popular 318, 340, 383, 400, 413, 426, and 440 engines. Mopar Engine Block Casting Number Location. Casting numbers for both small-block Mopar and big-block Mopar engines can be found on the left (driver's) side of the block, and will consist of seven. The Chevy Vortec head is an excellent choice for a variety of performance and race applications. Since its introduction in the late 1990's there have been a few versions of the factory Vortec head. We use the new, new Chevrolet produced casting for applications that require the factory Vortec head. The Chevrolet part number is 12691728

Engine Block Specifications. Casting Numbers: 12551364, 12573581, 12577184. Material: Iron. Displacement: 6.0L / 364 cid. Bore Dia. 4.000 in. Stroke: 3.622 in. Deck. Crankshaft Coalition Wiki -- hot rod tech article

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GM manual transmission parts at Classic Industries; Need More Info? Check Our GM VIN Decoders. The VIN, or vehicle identification number, can provide more useful information about your GM vehicle. This includes the model, series, engine type, engine displacement, and even the type of carburetor that were originally installed on your car or truck My 1968 Camaro Site. T = Tall deck, 10.2 deck height 1991 and later Gen.V, VI and VII production BBC motors have one-piece rear main crank seals The Chevrolet V6 has become a very important Jeep conversions engine, and is swapped into many Jeeps with great frequency now. By 1978, Chevrolet had 23 years of building its famous Small Block V8 under its belt. The energy and fuel crunch of the era dictated a lighter, leaner motor than the V8 and GM took on the engineering and production of an important new engine An easy way to gain 20-40 horsepower on any 1955-and-newer Small-Block Chevrolet V-8 (except later-style LT1/LT4 engines with reverse-flow cooling) is by installing a set of Vortec cylinder heads. These value-priced cast-iron cylinder heads use modified combustion chambers and high velocity port technology to provide improved performance

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  1. GM SBC Block casting numbers. CASTING#.....SIZE...YEAR...MAIN CAP BOLTS....NOTES 140029.....350...80-84...2 330817.....400...72-80...2 355909.....262.....75....2.
  2. Even GM's lineup of V-6 engines is impressive, ranging from the 60-degree V-6 that powered nearly every GM car from 1980 through 2010, up to the twin-turbocharged V-6 powering the Cadillac ATS-V
  3. e where the car was built, what year, which automotive features are included and more. Together, all the VIN numbers create a history about your GMC General Motors
  4. All GM 8.1 industrial engines will have a serial number stamped in on the ear protruding from the rear (i.e., the non-water pump) end of the engine. There are two style 8.1 engines. One has a serial number format that begins as 81L followed by 5 digits. The other, later style 8.1 GM Industrial serial number begins as 8P1L followed by five digits
  5. MarineEngine.com 184 Jones Drive Brandon, VT 05733 USA (800) 209-9624 (802) 247-4700 (802) 419-3055 Fa
  6. replaces casting numbers: 12560241, 10141279 / 246cc intake runner / 100cc combustion chamber / vortec chamber (.370 / .3716 valve id) / direct replacement for 1996 - 2000 / when installing on 1996 and earlier models, must use bolt down rocker arms and head gasket by felpro #1017 or equivalent: eq-ch454c: eq-ch454ca: 454: 7.4: 1996 - 200

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Joined: Apr 23, 2012. Messages: 23. I will appreciate some assistance in identifying the year of production of two Chevy 235 engines. I have checked the book Catalog of Chevy Truck ID numbers 1946 - 1972 but I haven't been able to identify the engines' years of production. One engine has the following numbers near the distributor: FI026J Identifying the TH350 the Easy Way. Certainly the easiest way to identify a GM automatic transmission is by the bolt pattern. The TH350 has a 13 bolt pan gasket. This is a fine way to whittle what you have in front of you. If you counted 13, you are either looking at the Turbo 350 Transmission or the Turbo 400 accueil engine code. Chevrolet. Chevrolet Big Block Cylinder Head Casting Numbers. RECTANGULAR PORT - Valve size 2.19 intake, 1.88 exhaus Requires available 3.6L engine and Trailering Package. Before you buy a vehicle or use it for trailering, carefully review the Trailering section of the Owner's Manual. The weight of passengers, cargo and options or accessories may reduce the amount you can tow. Requires available 3.6L engine and Trailering Package

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1970-75 CAMARO ENGINE CASTING IDENTIFICATION. by Alan Colvin on December 4, 2013. The 1970-75 Camaros used a variety of blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, and waterpumps. In this article we will cover the identification of all these major engine components for all Camaro engines from 1970 through 1975 6.0L, VIN N (8th digit) (LQ9) Escalades & SS Silverado. 4.8L, VIN V (8th digit) 5.3L, VIN T (8th digit, opt LM7) 5.3L, VIN Z (8th digit, opt L59) 5.3L, VIN B (8th digit, opt L33 05+ HO aluminum and iron block with 243/799 heads) Engine codes for light trucks

SBC First-Gen Heads vsChevy transmission code identification chart: 4l60e 4l65eBig block identification help needed - The 1947 - Present