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Current Performance Wiring Stand Alone Harness instruction Sheets Individual wire instructions for CPW stand-alone harnesses. Oil Pressure Information regarding the proper oil pressure needed for different engines and wiring Oxygen Sensors Information regarding the proper oxygen sensors needed for different engines and wiring combinations Custom LSx Wiring harnesses. Stand-alone, direct-fit, made to order, and in stock. Contact us today for all your custom LSx Wiring Needs Stand-Alone LSx Harness instructions. Individual wire directions. Stand Alone Harness - Purple - Brake Switch (Optional) Stand Alone Harness - Yellow/Black - Cranking signal (Optional) Stand Alone Harness - Pink/Black - 12V Switched Wiring harness instructions. BRAKE SWITCH. 1. PURPLE WIRE. This wire is for Torque Converter lockup operation and in certain applications cruise control disengagement. AC Delco part number D850A is a common universal brake switch that has both normally open (For brake lights) and normally closed (For TCC) All 6 relays will be wired properly in the new harness from Current Performance and simply go right back on to the firewall, the original 4 relays themselves actually stay on the firewall, just simply unplug the connector. The new harness will come with connectors that plug back in to the relays left behind

98-Up S10, Sonoma, Jimmy, Blazer, Hombre, S/T Truck LS Swap Direct-Fit wiring (24x) $ 850.00 - $ 900.0 I'm not there yet; just collecting inventory, but my current performance wiring kit for the LS swap (SA-1000) was delivered today. There install instructions is very well documented; like a paint by numbers approach to wiring. I think the hardest part is figuring where you want to mount the.. Current Performance Wiring is committed to providing the very best quality products and customer service. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions that you have regarding your past or future purchases. We are available to contact via the following methods during normal business hours 9am-5pm (EST) Mon-Fri. Physical/Mailing Address 6330 Pine [ WIRING: Wire Length: All of the wires of the ignition may be shortened as long as quality connectors are used or soldered in place. To lengthen the wires, use one size bigger gauge wire (10 gauge for the power leads and 16 gauge for the other wires) with the proper connections. Grounds: A poor ground connection can cause many frustrating problems

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  1. Wiring Instructions and Installation WARNING: Batteries contain a large amount of potential electrical energy. Extreme care must be used when working with batteries. An improper connection to a battery can release enough energy to cause severe injury or fire. PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL ELECTRICAL INSTRUCTIONS PRIOR TO INSTALLATION AND WIRING
  2. A fuse/Relay module that contains relays and wiring Fuel Pump. 5 ignition power circuits and 2 battery power circuits All labeled with instructions. Base is 3.5″x 2″ and stands 3.5″ tall with the cover on
  3. Wire Harness Installation Instructions For Installing: Part #60102 - GM 86-89 TPI Mass Air Flow (MAF) Standard Harness Part #60103 - GM 90-92 TPI w/Speed Density (MAP) Standard Harnes
  4. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Thanks for purchasing Stainless Works Muscleflow Headers for your 94 - 03 Chevrolet S10 Pickup Truck LS Engine Swap. These headers are designed to be used in conjunction with Current Performance Wiring LS1 V8 S10 Mount Kit. We have gone to great pains to make sure that our exhaust systems fit and perform well

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Supermatic 6L80 Transmission Kit Installation Instructions 2400k Stall Converter - 19366637 3000k Stall Converter - 19417102 THIS TRANSMISSION IS FOR A CHEVROLET PERFORMANCE LS STYLE CRATE ENGINE USING A CHEVROLET PERFORMANCE ENGINE CONTROL SYSTEM. THIS INCLUDES LS3, LS376-480, LS376-525, LS7, AND LSA Holley Performance Products has written this manual for the installation of the Sniper EFI TBI fuel injection system. This basic manual contains the information necessary for the installation of the throttle body, wiring, and sensors. Please read all the WARNINGS and NOTES, as they contain valuable information that can save you time and money with the black ground wire attached) at the isolator solenoid. The brown wire connects to the opposite side of the isolator solenoid as in Step #4. Install a fuse between the isolator solenoid and the brown wire using a large 5/16 inch eye terminal and butt connector for this. Note: Water-resistant kits include heat shrink sealing terminal eyes

MyMMDT Account Access Account Documents MMDT Newsletter Wiring Instructions Go Green with MMDT MMDT Quick Reference Guide. Daily Performance. MMDT Cash Portfolio AS OF 07-14-2021 July 14 2021. Daily Pool Performance; Current performance may be lower or higher than what is stated The contents of these instructions are divided into major Sections, as follows: 1.0 Introduction 2.0 About These Instructions 3.0 Tools Needed 4.0 Pre-Installation and Harness Routing Guidelines 5.0 General Installation Instructions 6.0 60210 GM '92-95 Vortec System Wire Harness Installation 7.0 Trouble-Shooting Instructions

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2 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS operation of your ignition system. A good quality, helically wound wire and proper routing are required to get the best performance from your ignition, such as the MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor. Note: PN 8830, will also protect the MSD and accessories from voltage and current spikes wire. The connectors must be UL approved (marked Al/Cu with the UL symbol) for the application and wire size. The wire size selected must have a current capacity not less than that of the copper wire specified, and must not create a voltage drop between service panel and unit in excess of 2 of unit rated voltage. T The answer is actually very simple. The brown wire will share the same termination as black or the emergency heating terminal. Emergency heat and auxiliary heating are the same thing and depending on the wiring and control share the same relay or sequencer to make it work. It is important to make sure you read the instructions whenever replacing the old thermostat with a new thermostat Endless Pool Performance Current Supplemental Guide Page 6 of 9 Endless Pools Inc. D40050-0811 10. Install the vertical faces of the return channels and side supports as shown. Install the lower screws only. Make sure to pull the bond wire attached to the rear base up through the supports to the right side support

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• Ensure the wiring harness is secured as required, and that the routing avoids locations which can potentially damage the wiring (e.g.: sharp edges, pinch points, rotating components, exhaust components, etc.). Make sure any unused connectors or wiring are properly secured and protected (sealed or taped as required to avoid short circuiting) FORD PERFORMANCE RACING PARTS. Please visit www.fordperformanceracingparts.com for the most current instruction information ! ! ! PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY PRIOR TO INSTALLATION. AT ANY TIME YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE INSTRUCTIONS, PLEASE CALL THE FORD RACING TECHLINE AT 1-800-367-3788 ! ! Painless Performance also has fuel injection wiring harnesses to swap a late model fuel injected engine into your vehicle. Available for GM TBI, TPI, LT1, and Vortec engines, plus Ford 5.0Ls, the harnesses have color-coded circuits and relays for fuel injectors, distributor, electric fuel pump, ECU, starter, and all necessary sensors

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The gauge (or thickness) of wire to use for power cabling depends specifically on how much electrical current the component to be powered will consume under operating (and overload) conditions. Wiring sizes measure from smallest to largest on a numerical scale, with zero for the largest size of wire and larger numbers as the wire size decreases 13. Unplug the factory shifter wiring harness. It is a black 2-pin plug. (3) 14. Using a T30 torx bit; remove the factory shift lever by removing bolt (3). 15. Install the new TapShifter Lever. 16. Route the TapShifter wiring in the same manner as the factory shift lever harness. 17. Plug the 2-pin connector of the TapShifte

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  1. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS STREET FIRE • www.STREET-FIRE.com • (915) 857-5200 • FAX (915) 857-3344 Ballast Resistor: If your vehicle has a ballast resistor in line with the coil wiring, it is recommended to bypass it. ROUTING WIRES The Street Fire wires should be routed away from direct hea
  2. At Speedwire Systems, our goal and vision is to refine and simplify vehicle chassis electrical control and installations, helping our customers to build consistent and reliable race-winning vehicles. We don't just build electrical control systems, we race them with proven records. Whether you are building a new vehicle or want to upgrade your.
  3. g (including E38, E67, E40, E92), LS / LT engine wiring harness reworks and conversion, adapters, and program
  4. These diagrams are current at the time of publication, check the wiring diagram supplied with the motor. *NOTE: Refer to the motor manufacturer's data on the motor for wiring diagrams on standard frame Ex e, Ex d etc. motors. Inst Maint & Wiring.qxd 5/03/2008 10:02 AM Page
  5. is to restrict current flow through the ignition coil. Failure to use resistance wire will eventually destroy the Ignition Module. EXCEPTION: If your vehicle is equipped with a HYFIRE® Electronic Ignition Control or similar aftermarket ignition control, use the wiring procedures stated in the instructions included with your ignition control
  6. These instructions are intended as a general guide and do not supersede local codes in any way. Consult authorities having jurisdiction before installation. WARNING Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause personal injury, loss of life, or damage to property. Installation and service must be performed by a.

Current BUPERS 1610.10D Chapter 1 para 1-3 requires the use of grade/rate in BLK 2 for enlisted personnel. Until Further guidance is issued regarding the NAVY ENLISTED RATING MODERNIZATION and NAVFIT 98A is updated, we are still required to prepare performance reports IAW current directive. PHYSICAL READINESS PROGRAM (Policy Changes) NAVADMIN. Allstar Performance 8300 Lane Dr., Watervliet, MI 49098 Phone: (269) 463-8000 Fax: (800) 772-2618 www.allstarperformance.com Form 1153 Page 1 of 4 Rev. 041216 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Carefully read instructions before installing kit. If you are not qualified or experienced in this type of installation, it is highly rec 1 Wire Harness Installation Instructions For Installing Harness Numbers: 60211: 1996-2000 GM Vortec 7.4L Big Block V8 Harness Manual P/N 90541 Painless Performance Products recommends you, the installer, read thi

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The fuel and oil pressure use a smaller, 5v waterproof sender which is very stout (opposed to a resistance type sender) The Supreme, JDM and Premium EVO include waterproof boost senders. Performance, Digital and EVO series are considered Performance gauges and they use one. Results 1 - 19 of 19 Here you will find all of our wiring harnesses Today, the wiring diagram necessary to support a given repair procedure is included within that article or a link is provided to the appropriate SYSTEM WIRING DIAGRAM article. For example, the wiring diagram for a Ford EEC-IV system may be included in ENGINE PERFORMANCE and WIRING DIAGRAMS articles for Ford Motor Co Looking for an Affordable, In Stock, Plug and Play wiring harness for your LS Swap? PSI sells Standalone Wiring Harnesses for GM Gen II, III, IV, & V LS/LT based engines and transmissions. These harnesses include the Gen II LT1/LT4, Gen III (24x) LS1/LS6 and Vortec Truck Engines as well as Gen IV (58x) LS2, LS3, LS7, & Vortec and GEN V LT.

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H - Tie to red 14 gauge fused wire and connect to switched power that can properly supply 20 Amps, preferably a relay. Pinout (for Ford Engines or other V8 engines with 1-2-3-4 and 5-6-7-8 cylinder banks) DIS Connector Even A - Cylinder Head Ground. This wire should be as short as possible and be solidly attached to th But this is not a simple bolt-on conversion. The 10- and 12-SI units use a different two-wire connector plug on the rear of the alternator. The Number 1 wire on the 10- or 12-SI is connected to the charge warning light on the dash. The Number 2 wire is what is called the voltage sensing wire The Black Box Programmable Timing Control Module connects directly to your distributor and existing coil offering a fully programmable 21x21 spark table, good up to 10,000 rpm. The Black Box incorporates a 5 Bar MAP Sensor, allowing boosted timing control over 40 psi. The Black Box also has an internal low and high end rev limiter. Housed in an attractive billet aluminum housing, the Black Box. Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; GM COLOR CODED - 21 Circuit Wiring Harness are all coded by GM color for easier installation INCLUDED CIRCUITS: The circuits included: horn, fan, dome light, hazard, radio, cigarette lighter, door locks, brake, headlights, trunk light, gauges, back up and cruise, wipers, choke, coil, a/c, electric fuel pump, power windows and turn signal provided installation instructions. exchanges for optimal performance. A minimum of 2 - 8x14 louvered registers fully opened should be used placing one at the top of the door and one at bottom. Clearances Rear Top 2 8 Min. A—Diameter of water heater plus 2 min.

If wiring is not included, wiring / thermostat control kits are available from Flex-A-Lite and Maradyne, among others. This chart is a guide to tube outer diameters, hose inner diameters, and thread sizes for each AN size. Those who have the electrical experience and know-how can complete the installation using a standard automotive relay, fuse. The solenoid wiring and installation in the doors seems very straightforward, but I am having trouble with just having a schematic and no step-by-step instructions (I'm not great with electrical wiring).SPAL USA - The Industry Leader in High-Performance Automotive Parts and AccessoriesWiring a Protocol shaved door system - Hot Rod Forum. The installation of this stands this agreement and accepts its terms and conditions. Performance products by their nature are designed to increase horsepower and performance not engineered in the original vehicle and the increased stress could result in damage to related systems. This is a high performance product - use at your own risk Installation of a fuel pump like the 340 Stealth into today's returnless systems, when you consider that it flows 2-3 times as much volume, draws 2-3 times as much current and is not necessarily the exact size and configuration of the pump it replaces, will very probably throw the OEM fuel system substantially out of balance, and if run.

2017-Current Ford Raptor Race Series™ R Chase Rack Installation Instructions Addictive Desert Designs® | Page 5 Addictive Desert Designs® ® 9. Send the two red wires with blue butt connectors (for the 50 and the cube lights), the green wire (for ever instructions: • A ground terminal is provided inside the junction box. To reduce the risk of electric shock, connect this terminal to the grounding terminal of your electrical service or supply panel with a continuous green, insulated copper wire. The wire must be equivalent in size to the circuit conductors supplying the equipment. In.

4. Check for Voltage between the Neutral (White) wire and Ground wire of the supply circuit. 5. Reading should be zero Volts. (if line voltage is read, polarity is reversed) 6. A zero Volt reading indicates there is no voltage po-tential on Neutral wire. 7. Double check by checking for voltage between the Hot (Black) wire and Ground wire of the. JS Alternators began building high output alternators in South Carolina in 2013. Contact us so we can provide you the high performance alternator you need

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SPAL AUTOMOTIVE is a world leader in the design and manu-. facture of high quality electric fans and blowers for all types. of vehicles and equipment. Founded in Correggio, Italy in 1959, SPAL specializes in airflow cooling systems designs. We design, manufacture and market high performance axial. fans and centrifugal blowers for cars, buses. Figure 4 - Current transformer in MV switchgear. CT secondary circuit must be grounded, and grounded at one point only.If the secondary of CT is left unloaded a risk of explosion exists.. You may also read: Transformers Fire Protection System - Causes, Types & Requirements Special precautions must be taken when connecting CT primary (connection points are usually identified by P1 and P2. Easy step by step guide on how to use an automotive test light, information pertains to all 12 volt vehicles. Difficulty Scale: 2 of 10. Step 1 - A test light is needed to perform electrical power and ground testing to facilitate automotive repairs, this tool is easy to use and is reasonable priced Fuel Injection technical support. Holley EFI V6 Software Build 110 - This is the Software Only. Handheld contents for Holley EFI V6 Firmware. Holley EFI V6 Build 110 Complete File Set - Includes Software/Firmware and all Digital Dash Firmware. Contains a list of updates to V6 software and firmware Lower housing casting designed for enhanced fuel flow. Maximum pressure is 7 psi. Motor draws 2 amps current. Relay kit P/N 12-753 & 7 1/2 amp fuse recommended. Constant fuel flow with no pulsation. Improved design for street/strip applications. Not designed to be used on aircraft of any type. Distinctive Red logo. Flows 97 GPH (free flow


Rheem Manufacturing ranks as the global leader in the manufacture of high-quality, sustainable, and innovative water heaters, tankless water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, pool heaters, and HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications, and is a full member of AHRI, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute. * All pros listed are independent dealer-owned. It delivers reliable performance and a high volume of fuel flow for a very competitive price. The AEM 340LPH High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump (PN 50-1000) flows 340 lph (84 gph) at 40 PSI and is capable of supporting over 1,000 HP at 43 PSI.*. Please see the flow curves and current draw vs. fuel pressure graphs on the specs tab for more information performance, manufacturer-specific installation instructions, structural loading issues, special fire codes or other local requirements established by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). This checklist is intended for use by qualified persons having a thorough understanding of the building codes and PV system 2019-Current Chevy 1500 Stealth Fighter™ Front Bumper Installation Instructions Addictive Desert Designs® | Page 8 ADDICTIE DESERT DESIGNS® ® Installation: 14. Install the parking sensor mounting rings into your new bumper. Be sure to install them in the same posi-tion/orientation as they came off the OEM bumper

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The 2017 Ford Raptor Pro-Lift-Kit raises the front suspension 2.5 inches for a level stance, increased bump travel and off-road performance capable of handling any terrain in its path. 2.5 Front Lift Springs for 2017 Ford Raptors. Manufactured using race winning off-road race spring technology. Developed specifically for the Raptor to provide. 1967-1968 firebird 1 reqd . 0-0 ** replaces incandescent bulbs with reliable leds in oem . 0-0 or aftermarket housings without compromising original seal . 0-0 of the tail light housings, plug-n-play installation, . 0-0 uses pushbutton to change sequential pattern, . 0-0 manufacturer lifetime warranty * The increased installation capacity of grid-connected household photovoltaic (PV) systems has been witnessed worldwide, and the power grid is facing the challenges of overvoltage during peak power generation and limited frequency regulation performance. With the dual purpose of enhancing the power grid safety and improving the PV utilization rate, the maximum feed-in active power can be.

CurrentKeeper with wire cutters. 3. Using wire cutters, trim the blue and black wires to 3. For Steps 4-6, follow the instructions for the specific decoder model. For the TSU-1000 4. Strip and tin the ends of the wires on the CurrentKeeper, as well as the Tsunami's black wire from the capacitor removed in Step 1 an Disconnect the wiring, located behind the base grille on the freezer door side. See Graphic 3. Remove the P-clamp using a ¹⁄₄ hex-head socket wrench. Remove the small wiring bundle from the P-clamp. Remove the wiring clip using a ¹⁄₄ hex-head socket wrench. Pull the electrical housing out from under the refrigerator INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS SHORT SWEEP ELECTRIC FUEL LEVEL GAUGE 2650-1858-77 Wiring: Sending Unit Wiring: Gauge Mounting: Gauge to Sender Compatibility: Looking at the rear of the gauge, you will have 3 terminals labeled S, I, & GND. You may use 18g or 20g stranded wire for all fuel level gauge wiring. S = This connects to the sending unit in. Fit the solenoid trigger wire to the 6.5mm male lucar post located in the black housing. If there is an additional wire that was attached to an even smaller terminal on your existing starter motor solenoid then this is most likely to be what is know as a 'cold start' terminal or ballast feed for the ignition system

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for XR700 and XR3000 coil current. The XR3000 is a high performance version with a comput-er chip that controls coil current and dwell.When installing an XR3000, all OE ballast resistance must be bypassed. New XR700 and XR3000 modules have a diagnostic LED. Al 8 and 10 led commercial downlight high performance installation instructions important read instructions carefully before installing. keep these instructions for future reference. proled luminaires must be wired in accordance with the national electrical code and all applicable local codes. proper grounding is required for safety Illustration C: Temporary Installation Notes . . . 1. Termination kits to fabricate a heat tracing circuit are not addressed in detail in these installation procedures. Refer to installation instructions included with cable termination kits or contact Thermon for specific instructions to fabricate heating cable current‐to‐pneumatic instruments. In addition to the traditional function of converting an input current signal to a pneumatic output pressure, the DVC6200 digital valve controller, using the HART communications protocol, gives easy access to information critical to process operation. You can gain information from the principal component of th Find a checklist for your installation and answers to your questions about your installation here. Xfinity For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript


Read all instructions carefully before attempting installation. Installation instructions for 2000 Ford Focus with 2.0L Zetec Engines. NOTE: Installation of these headers requires an adequate work space, general mechanic's tools, general mechanical know-how and a reasonable degree of experience WHI-05-28-03 I ELECTRIC FAN WIRING HARNESS nstruction Sheet Be Cool Incorporated 310Woodside Avenue Essexville, Michigan 48732 800-691-2667 Local: (989)895-9699 Fax: (989)892-9213 Canada: 866-223-2665 www.becool.com Design: This wiring harness kit is designed to enable simple installation of high performance electric fans. It is compatible with all vehicles Configure graphics acceleration in the AVD Manager. To configure graphics acceleration for an AVD, follow these steps: Open the AVD Manager. Create a new AVD or edit an existing AVD. On the Verify Configuration page, find the Emulated Performance section. Select a value for the Graphics: option To ensure peak performance, solenoid valves must be selected and applied correctly; however, proper installation procedures are equally important. The following instructions list the essential points for correct installation. An exploded view of a typical solenoid valve is illustrated on page 4 in Figures 5 and 5A MSD was the first company to develop and offer the multiple sparking, capacitive discharge ignition for engines. The line of MSD 6-Series Ignitions are the most popular aftermarket ignitions in the world due to our race-proven performance on the track and our reliability on the street

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and Wire Routing In the U.S.A., wiring must conform with current local codes and the current National Electric Code (NEC). In Canada, wiring must conform with current local codes and the current Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). Refer to the furnace or air handler installation instructions for additional wiring application diagrams and refer to uni Technical Documentation & Support Overview. Here you can find an extensive library of technical resource materials. Search through performance specifications, installation instructions, wiring diagrams, videos, brochures, and much more. To find a specific technical document, use the drop-down menus below Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions Save time, money, and paper! Download a digital copy of your owner's manual, use and care manual, installation information, and energy guides. Printing tip! If printing is required, note that some manuals include multiple languages. You can save paper and ink by printing only the pages for the. FORD RACING PERFORMANCE PARTS. Techline 1-800-367-3788 Page 1 of 3 IS-1850-0278 Factory Ford shop manuals are available from Helm Publications, 1-800-782-4356 Please visit www.fordracingparts.com for the most current instruction information ! ! ! PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY PRIOR TO INSTALLATION

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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 31-00432M-01 CS/CSP/MCS Series Current Switches current exceeds 70% FLA, and open if current is below 60% FLA to indicate load loss (broken belt, coupling For improved performance on small and lightly loaded motors, consider the following options: 1. Use lower current models CSP-NO-A-100A or MCS These installation instructions assume that you have completed the installation of the new Selector Shaft and Trans Arm Kit before you begin the Shifter installation. NOTE: Thetrans arm on the AODE and 4R70W is equivalent to the trans gear lever in these instructions Purchased in November 2006, FordMuscle's 1978 F250 Custom 4x4 came equipped with a DURASPARK ignition. While operational, we knew it could be improved. The advantages of a multiple spark ignition (capacitive discharge) can be found in 6-series CDI boxes like this one from Mallory How to Wire a Run Capacitor to a Motor | Blowers & Condensers - Sometimes, when a blower or condenser fan motor goes bad, a technician or even a DIYer has issues wiring the new motor and capacitor.Most motors come with clear instructions or a wiring diagram on the side. However, some people still struggle with the wiring part of the motor to the capacitor Secondary resistance: 4.5K OHMs. Inductance: 8 mH. Maximum voltage: 45,000 Volts (Tested with 6AL Ignition) Peak current: 140 mA. Spark duration: 350 uS. MSD Blaster Coils are designed to improve spark output and are made for use with stock coil, Blaster Ignition, MSD 5, 6 or 7 Ignition Control performance upgrades

We explained all of the modifications and they offered some great suggestions and handled the rest. Some of the changes were: forward-facing oxygen sensors, passenger-side coolant temperature sensor, EV-1 (SD 80) injector plugs, and a 5-foot lead for the primary fuse block. This harness cost around $450 shipped, and was seamless to install Address. PSC 817 Box 1 FPO AE Naples, Italy 09622 +39-081-568-554 AEROMOTIVE, INC. 11414 W 79th St, Lenexa, KS 66214 913-647-7300 fax 913-647-7207 www.aeromotiveinc.com 8. Make sure you use stranded, insulated copper wire, in the sizes shown, with matching crimp-type connectors for al

This Holley kit is intended primarily for those applications running an electric pump. The long wire runs in these kinds of installations can sometimes result in a voltage drop at the electric pump. Installation of this kit is good insurance that the fuel pump will be receiving full voltage from the battery. Holley P/N 12-753 can be used with any electric fuel pump, as long as the current load. Next I ran a piece of the 6/2 wire from the cut off box to the unit, then connected the wire from the panel to the cut off box. Back inside the house at the panel I removed the 30 Amp breaker from my old water heater. I connected the new wire to my 60 Amp breaker and installed it into the panel FORD RACING PERFORMANCE PARTS. Techline 1-800-367-3788 Page 1 of 5 IS-1850-0394 Factory Ford shop manuals are available from Helm Publications, 1-800-782-4356 Please visit www.fordracingparts.com for the most current instruction information ! ! ! PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY PRIOR TO INSTALLATION 2014 - Current Chevy/GMC 1500 Stealth Rear Bumper Installation Instructions PREPARATION 1. Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Park the vehicle on level ground and set the emergency brake. 2. We recommend reading through the installation instructions in whole before performing the work. 3. Estimated Installation Time: 2 Hours 4 Spal relays and wiring harnesses are designed for maximum performance. A water resistant relay and connector is used to keep your setup running year after year. Basic harnesses include relay and harness and must have temperature switch or a toggle switch to activate them Parts that may improve the performance or installation of part number DXE-BTV-INST-INS DX Engineering DXE-RADP-3 - DX Engineering Radial Plates Radial Plate, Stainless Steel, 1/8 x 11 5/8 in. sq., Pre-drilled, 60 holes, Includes 20 sets SS Hdwr., Eac