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Aluminum Hunting Arrows. Aluminum arrows have the highest precision-to-price ratio of any arrow construction. The XX75 is the best selling hunting arrow shaft of all time, but when bow manufacturers started making faster bows, hunters wanted a lighter arrow. An aluminum arrow with the same spine as an all-carbon arrow will always be heavier Aluminum and carbon arrows are constructed by using the different materials to perform in the excellent behavior and used by most of the hunters. Also Read: Mechanical Vs. Fixed Broadheads. This is the most common question from all the archers, which type of arrows will be best for shooting targets 6pcs 32 Carbon+Aluminum Hybrid Set Arrows Archery Spine550 Hunt Sports. $56.53. Free shipping. or Best Offer. 11 Easton Superlite A/C/C Series 3-00/1150 w/points and nocks Blazer Veins. $65.00. $17.20 shipping. or Best Offer. 10 Easton Superlite A/C/C Series 3-00/1150 w/points and nocks Blazer Veins. $85.00 Aluminum arrows are far more consistent than carbon arrows. There is no variation in the weight and spine of Aluminum from year to year. Carbon tolerances will never match as sensitive as aluminum. Even the same carbon arrow brand and model can vary grains and spine. Carbon arrows are more durable without a question Aluminum Arrow with Carbon Content. Aluminum arrows with carbon content offer the archer all advantages of both materials. This improves not only the durability but also the flight characteristics of the arrows. However, aluminum-carbon arrows are of course more expensive to manufacture and therefore also to purchase

A popular choice for generations, aluminum arrow shafts are durable, and offer a consistent shot and feel. When compared to more expensive carbon arrows, many archers prefer aluminum shafts. In this line you'll find Easton® aluminum arrows, as well as designs by other top brands. Load your quill with aluminum arrows for sale from this. Decreased Visibility: Whereas aluminum arrows reflect sunlight, carbon shafts have virtually no glare. Do not spook that trophy buck with a flash of bright light. Stay concealed and make the kill with these fine arrows. Countless Design Options: Carbon shafts allow for more detailed graphic design. Choose a look that matches your style and tell. The great thing about aluminum arrows is that you can get shafts to exactly match ones you had 20 years ago and 20 years into the future. It's generally not so with carbon fiber arrows, which have a significant stiffness variation in production compared to aluminum

Carbon de-laminating from the arrow's aluminium core and hitting target off-centre. Again very likely due to arrow-to-arrow collision during a previous end (judging by skid marks on said arrow). Exploding recurve limbs (spontaneous de-lamination) - yes. Flying release aids from compound archers - yes Choose from the world's largest selection of Arrow Shafts at Lancaster Archery Supply. Find savings on Carbon, Aluminum/Carbon, Aluminum or Wood Arrow Shafts for Bowhunting, Competition, 3D or Target Archery, for Recurve and Compound Bows Aluminum Arrows are stronger than wood and heavier than carbon. Aluminum arrows are the most consistent in straightness & weight of any arrow material Aluminum arrows have a bigger diameter than carbon arrows. This and the higher weight makes them slower than carbon arrows. Some will argue that they don't penetrate a target as well as a carbon arrow, but others will claim the opposite Carbon Express - D-Stroyer MX Hunter Fletched Arrows- 350 Spine - 6 pk Features: Dual Spine Weight Forward - Patented 2 Spine arrow shaft that reduces oscillation by 50% vs single spine and... $90.94 $77.9

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  1. um due to their durability, strength, and weight. Alu
  2. um composite shafts, are the final arrow type. These are mainly used for long-distance shooting or for 3D archery. The long-distance arrows are usually very skinny in order to slip through the air without being affected by the wind, whereas 3D carbon arrows can have a bigger diameter because those.
  3. um Arrow Shaft Pack of 12. $189.99 $ 189. 99. FREE Shipping. Easton Axis Pro 5mm Arrows Blazers 300 6 pk. Black. 4.7 out of 5 stars 13.
  4. um arrows tend to have a stiffer spine than a carbon arrow. With the speeds that most crossbows shoot at nowadays, a stiffer spine is better than a weak one. Since alu
  5. ium Crossbow Bolts Arrows 6.3 Steel Tips Hunting Arrows for 50-80lbs Mini Crossbow Archery Pistol - Fishing Hunting Target Practice. 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,450. $15.99$15.99. Get it as soon as Mon, May 17. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  6. um Shafts are lighter than wooden arrows, they are heavier and slower than Carbon Arrows. Alu

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  1. Note: For fractional arrow lengths, round up or down to the closest column. Examples, if arrow length is 28.25 round down to the 28 column. If arrow length is 28.5 round up to the 29 column. SIZES BY MODEL ALUMINUM 300 340 400 500 1816 1916 2013 2016 2018 2114 2117 2213 2215 2216 2219 2314 2315 2317 2413 GAMEGETTER™ • • •
  2. um shafts are made of super strong 96,000 psi 7075-T9 alloy with hard-anodized black finish. The Gamegetter's Super UNI Bushing allows for indexable, high-precision nock alignment and protection from nock end impacts. Note: The uni bushing is of plastic material and will not work with Lumenok® lighted nocks
  3. In this video I describe what arrow spine is and why it's important for selecting the right arrows. I demonstrate how to check spine on a wood, carbon and al..

If your bow was tuned using aluminum arrows and you were to change over to Carbon arrows, would the rest have to be completely re-tuned to the carbon arrows or just the sight moved. For example currently shooting Easton 2315 30, with a switch over to Carbon Express Blue Streaks 350. What would.. Carbon arrows get more speed on the arrow, whereas aluminum arrows are more of a problem because they are thick and bulky. Carbon fiber arrows have a drawback that they may shatter in cold climates, and do not stay true. Archers who have used both carbon and aluminum arrows say that carbon arrows last better than 3 to 1 over the aluminum ones Carbon and Aluminum Hunting Arrows. The bowhunting season finds enthusiastic archers scouring hunting areas for game, each carrying equipment of his individual preference. Arrows form one of the most important pieces of bowhunting equipment. Today's bow hunter has an immeasurable array of highly sophisticated arrows to choose from The Arrow's Carbon Core Wears an Aluminum Jacket. Both carbon and aluminum have their virtues for archers and one of the latest innovations marries the two. Easton Archery combines the qualities of carbon and aluminum with its Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) arrow. A carbon core provides strength without adding too much weight Carbon Express® Arrows. The choice of the world's top bowhunters and target archers, Carbon Express is committed to consistently delivering state-of-the-art products to help archers Shoot Better™. Through extensive product lineups of power-packed arrows, crossbolts and accessories, Carbon Express leads the industry with groundbreaking.

Carbon shafts tend to be very popular since they last very long when compared to aluminum, fiberglass, and even traditional wood shafts. The new Carbon Legacy Shafts come pre-fletched with 4″ left-wing helical feathers including a traditional barred index feather with combinations of solid red, white, and bright yellow hen feathers Carbon Fiber Arrows Our selection of hunting, target and crossbow arrows are all made with the highest quality of carbon fiber, ensuring less wind draft and more precise weight and spine specs. All of our arrows possess the tightest tolerances and precise consistencies that allow you to be on top of your game for your next hunting trip or in.

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Tapped for Weights. .2445 Carbon Express 5/16. 14. Carbon Express shafts like the Heritage® (150-350 spines), PileDriver™ Hunter, and Maxima Blue Streak™. Carbon Express. Yes. .246 Easton/Gold Tip 5/16. 15. Traditional Only® (500-300 spines), all Beman ICS® Bowhunter shafts, and all Gold Tip shafts Buy carbon arrows - The comparison test . Product recommendation follows . Please note the following when buying a carbon arrow. Buying carbon arrows is relatively simple, as they fit any type of bow. You should only pay attention to the correct spine value as well as the correct arrow length although this applies to every type of arrow SILVERTIP CARBON ARROWS - MADE OF A REVOLUTIONARY CARBON MATERIAL THAT IS THE TOUGHEST WE HAVE EVER SEEN. These arrows super straight and a little higher quality for 3D shooters. Rated for 45-90 lbs and have HEAVY DUTY nocks and are fitted with inserts.They are comparable to arrows selling for over $110 a dozen.They have a shiny black finish and carry a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. 129. Long story short I dug out the old Easton aluminum arrows I've had in the garage after listening to someone talk about how the old heavy setups had better penetration than the new carbons. that said I've got some Easton mayhem hunter ds 350's with 125 grain heads for a total weight of 460 grain that I was planning to hunt elk with

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  1. Hunting Arrows - Worlds Best Carbon and FMJ Hunting Arrows Since 1922. It could have been just another black carbon arrow in any average hunter's quiver—but it's not—the FMJ Hunting Arrows diamond plate pattern stands out in your success photo as a badge of honor. A Team FMJ bow hunter isn't average—he and she are the kind of.
  2. um arrows. However, the best arrows to hunt big game are carbon arrows
  3. um and wooden arrows. Laura: What do you do here at th

Carbon and Aluminum Arrows Approximately 30 Carbon and Aluminum arrows. Variety of sizes and lengths, may be some vanes and nocks missing. $2 each, or take the whole works for $40 Carbon arrows have only been around since about the early 80′s and is a fairly new and evolving technology. Due to this carbon arrows are more expensive than aluminum arrows and there are not as many sizes available. Carbon arrows if damaged and shot have been known although rare to explode or shatter On the other hand, carbon crossbow hunting bolts, like our 400-grain TenPoint Pro Elite 400 Arrow, generally weigh less overall than aluminum bolts but still maintain a stiffer spine due to the increased strength of the carbon fiber weave. Because carbon fiber is less dense than aircraft strength aluminum alloy, the shaft weight is lighter, and this translates into faster crossbow shooting. arrow carbon/aluminium & accesorios. aluminium arrows; arrow lube & wax; arrow pins; arrow points; arrow wraps; arrows carbon & points; fiber arrows; fletch tape & glue's; indoor arrows; instert nocks; over nock; pin nocks; spin vanes; x 10 : instert & outer nocks; compound bow and accessories. arrow case (pipe) arrow pullers; arrow rest. Freedom 76 carbon arrow shafts! Easton Archery has opened their vaults to offer their classic Field & Stream Freedom 76 carbon arrow shafts. These quality, patriotic carbon shafts are part of Easton's popular low profile H diameter series. You'll enjoy 10% more kinetic energy density than arrows with conventional diameters

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AJA Decals and Tuning Cards: https://averagejackarchery.square.site/Get OnX Hunt: https://webmap.onxmaps.com/create-account.html?fpr=ajaonx All Amazon links. arrows, aluminum arrows still pack a punch. 3. Aluminum Arrows. Much older than carbon arrows, aluminum arrows have packed arrow quivers for years and years. While aluminum arrows are much heavier than today's carbon arrows, they are still highly regarded among many archers. Aluminum arrows are very straight, strong and relatively inexpensive

Carbon vs aluminum arrows.. we'll tell you which one is the better choice! It is definitely dependent on what type of bow you are shooting and what you are w.. An aluminum arrow is the preferred choice for indoor shooters. They're typically shinier and lighter than their carbon alternative. Photo Credit: World Archery. Aluminum is an affordable material that doesn't compromise cost for consistency. Aluminum arrows are as straight and consistent as carbon arrows, but cost less

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Points Aluminium/Carbon Arrows. When it comes to arrows everything has to be right! Both in its construction and in selecting each component, we have utilized the extensive experience and knowledge of our producers. All of our arrow tools, ready-made arrows and each of our components are carefully selected and developed The aerospace alloy aluminum jacket provides more consistent spine, straightness, and higher stored energy than all-carbon arrows. The end result is an arrow with outstanding accuracy, durability and bone-crushing penetration Carbon arrows are also somewhat pricey in relation to alternative arrow shaft materials, such as aluminum. Aluminum - Aluminum arrow shafts were quite popular for several years, though their popularity began to wane with the popularization of carbon arrows. Aluminum arrow shafts offer the same notable accuracy and consistency as carbon arrows.

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For traditional shooters, should you choose wooden or carbon arrows? For practice or for competition?===Follow me on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/nusens.. Aluminum Arrows. Aluminum makes a great arrow for archers investing in a first bow and striving to be relatively accurate at competition distances of 18 meters and beyond. These arrows feature uniform straightness and durability, with nearly endless options for diameter, length and spine (flexibility). Carbon arrows fly straight out of.

Skylon Preminens Arrows. The top of the range all carbon arrow by Skylon Archery.A first-class 40-ton all-carbon shaft with a straightness tolerance of ±.001. Streamlined w.. £185.00 Ex Tax: £154.1 10 Older Tru Flite 2219 Flu Flu Aluminum Hunting Arrows 31 1/4 Inch. $24.99. $16.20 shipping. 0 bids ·. Ending Saturday at 4:53PM PST. 6d 7h. Easton Aluminum Arrows XX78 3212 SUPER SLAM.. CARBON EXPRESS CLX HUNTER 250. 27. $15.00 Carbon arrows are labeled to indicate their spine deflection. These spine sizes range from 260 to 500. A value of 260 indicates the stiffest spine and a value of 500 indicates the lightest and most flexible spine. Note: Any spine over 400 is recommended for crossbows. Carbon-aluminum arrows are also measured by spine deflection Check out our FAQ's first.. If that doesn't answer your questions then: Call Us: 801.539.1400. Toll Free: 888-327-8664. 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. MST. 5040 Harold Gatty Dr, Salt Lake City, UTAH, US Features: Aluminum 2216 arrows made from 7001-T6 alloy. Polycarbonate Carbon Express TCX nocks. Tensile strength 88,000 PSI. Length: 31. Available in 3-pack of fletched arrows with inserts installed. The 7001-T6 alloy aluminum arrow is fully assembled with an insert and 4 vanes, while also featuring Carbon Express TCX nocks for greater accuracy

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  1. um combine to make the Full Metal Jacket one of the most bone crunching arrows on the market today. Add in the N-Fused Carbon Nanotube core and you have one of the most durable arrows available to today's bowhunter
  2. um Arrow Shafts 12/Shafts. $139.98. Free shipping. 9 watching. Easton Archery 400 Spine Storm Arrows- 6 Pack. $39.99. Free shipping. Easton Vector Arrows 1400 2 In. Feathers 4 Pack. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Easton Vector Arrows 1400 2 In. Feathers 4 Pac
  3. ium. 9 x XX75 Platinum Plus Easton 1816. 11 x Apollo Easton 610 8.1 gpi. These arrows I mainly usedas they were custom made for my draw length and bow
  4. um/carbon arrow mixes the best qualities of both materials to produce a smaller diameter arrow with a solid spine and decent weight. Target archers love the spine of the arrows that feature an alu
  5. um arrows tend to have a stiffer spine which crossbows generally like and tend to weigh more because the aircraft strength alu
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Carbon / Aluminium Arrow Shafts. The aluminium / carbon composite (or alloy-carbon) is the most popular type of shaft for outdoor target archery. These shafts are made of an aluminium core, with an outer wrapping of carbon fibre. Easton's top alloy shafts own every single outdoors recurve world record Arrows, Bolts & Nocks . Shop Sportsman's Guide for a huge selection of top-quality Bolts, Nocks and Hunting Arrows for sale. A variety of the latest Archery Arrows, Aluminum Shaft Arrows, Carbon Shaft Arrows, Crossbow Bolts, and more!Discover top brands in the industry with leading designs Carbon Express Arrows Wolverine 5060 spine 29.79 New Cond. 1 Dozen Compound Bow. $37.00. 0 bids. $9.99 shipping. Ending Jan 10 at 9:57PM PST. 3d

Archery DIY Pure Carbon Arrow Shafts 12pcs Spine 340 F Bow Practice Hunting. $43.69. Was: $45.99. Free shipping. or Best Offer. Watch Easton - FMJ Pro Arrows - Blazer vanes - 500 Spine - 6pk 5MM FULL METAL JACKET PRO MATCH GRADE • Pre-installed X Nocks• X HIT 8-32 inserts included• High-strength carbon core with 7075 metal... $176.54 $130.4

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the best precision carbon arrows Black Eagle was started by avid outdoorsmen with the knowledge that we could provide a better product. We developed the best carbon shafts on the market and figured out a way to sell a premium product, at a lower cost, with no sacrifice in quality This may be true with aluminum arrows and aluminum and carbon mixed. But when it comes to all carbon arrows it is not as factual. In the late 1980's AFC and I ran tests to determine how straight does the arrow need to be in order to carry a 3 inch group at 50 meters or 55 yards. We used a recurve, fingers with a speed of near 200 feet per second

Carbon Express® D-Stroyer PileDRIVER. NEW FOR 2021 Carbon Express D-Stroyer PileDRIVER Features: Dual Spine Weight Forward - Patented 2 Spine arrow shaft that reduces oscillation by 50% vs single spine and has TWICE THE ACCURACY PileDriver - Standard Diameter .244 ID,.. Supplies for the Traditional Archery, Custom Wood, Carbon and Aluminum Arrows. Custom bow strings for Recurve bows and Long Bows

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Arrows. Make Lancaster Archery Supply your Arrow Building headquarters and find savings on Arrow Shafts, Arrow Components and Arrow Making Tools and Supplies. To narrow your search results, shop by Archery Style and select shafts and components matched to Olympic Recurve Bows, Compound Target Bows, 3D Archery Bows, Recreational Bows, Bowhunting. The 5mm smaller diameter coupled with the carbon core wrapped in aircraft grade aluminum combine to make the Full Metal Jacket one of the most bone crunching arrows on the market today. Add in the N-Fused Carbon Nanotube core and you have one of the most durable arrows available to today's bowhunter Carbon arrow shafts come in two distinct flavours - 'all-carbon', made up of carbon and resin tubes, and shafts with carbon wrapped around the outside of a thin aluminium tube, usually called A/C shafts. Whilst there are now many companies that produce 'all-carbon' shafts, there is only one that produces A/C shafts: Easton Archery Aluminium arrows are heavier, but they are more durable and can survive hitting a hard surface. Carbon arrows are lighter, and therefore have higher velocity and range, but are more fragile. Performance-wise, carbon arrows are generally better, but at the beginner level it's not as noticeable

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Note: These arrows require the use of Deep Six field points and broadheads (sold separately) and are not compatible with standard thread broadheads or field points. Technical Information. Arrow Material: Aluminum Alloy core w/ Carbon Outer Wrap . Straightness: +/- .002 Weight Tolerance: +/- 0.5 grains per dozen. Outside Diameter:.236 Shaft. Archery and Hunting Arrows. Preparing for your bowhunt begins with having reliable arrows and arrow shafts. At Sportman's Warehouse we offer a variety of high performance arrows ideal for both target shooting and hunting. Our selection includes aluminum, carbon and fiberglass arrows produced by top manufactures, including Gold Tip, Easton and.

The smaller shaft diameter of carbon arrows also leads to increased penetration on targets and game animals because there is less friction of the arrows against muscle, hide and hair. The second most popular carbon arrow option is the carbon/aluminum composite shafts Aluminum Shafts. Aluminum Shafts are another popular type of arrow shaft. Many archers prefer Aluminum Arrow Shafts over other types of shafts for different reasons, but no matter what your target is, Aluminum Shafts for Arrows are an excellent choice. Compare. Easton - XX78 SSLAM Digital Camo Bare Shafts 2117 - 12pk Contact. FeraDyne Oudoors 1230 Poplar Avenue Superior, WI 54880. Covert Scouting Cameras, LLC. 1451 Bowling Green Rd. Russellville, KY 42276. Normal Business Hour Some arrows are hybrid between carbon and aluminum and these are low budget arrows that widespread of hunters can afford. But if you want the best bolt then you will need to look for an arrow made from carbon with as low as possible straightness

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Carbon arrows share the appearance of any regular arrow, but they're made out of high-quality carbon (as their name suggests). Almost every hunter favors the material because it's one of the most durable and consistent materials out there Carbon / Aluminium Composite Arrow Shafts. Filter by Type. Composite; Easton ACC Shafts x1. Quick View Size. Qty. Add to cart. Easton ACC Shafts x1 £11.33. Easton ACG Shafts x1. Quick View. Size. Qty. Add to cart. Easton ACG Shafts x1 £15.58. Easton ACE Shafts x12. Quick View. Size. 1 item left. A carbon arrow can be flexed a lot, but it cannot be permanently bent. This is not the case with aluminum and aluminum/carbon composite arrows. That's why initial straightness is so important, said Jim Velasquez, an industry veteran of more than 30 years Arrows. Aluminium, carbon, aluminium, carbon and wood cut to desired length for optimum performance.. Accessories. Archery Accessories. Cartel - Full Range inc - Stabilisers, Scopes, Bow stands, Arrow Rests, Fletching jigs, B.. About Us. Learn how we can help you! Contact. Find our Contact Detail Well stabilizers are a unique device. You can approximate one by taking 3-5 arrows, cutting them the same length. Using standard aluminum inserts, gluing them inside the arrows. Machinging an aluminum round with 3-5 holes, and a central stud threaded to the bow, and for adding weight

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Aluminum - Carbon Hybrid Arrows Generally Have High Kinetic Energy Transference. While not nearly as common as either aluminum or carbon alone, aluminum/carbon hybrids offer a unique arrow shaft design and have become extremely popular among archers in recent years. For their stiffness, they are very lightweight Choose from the world's largest selection of Target Arrow Shafts at Lancaster Archery Supply. Build your arrows for Indoor or Outdoor Target or 3D Archery with Arrow Shafts perfectly matched for competition or recreational shooting with compound and recurve bows This next step is crucial, whether you're fletching carbon or aluminum arrows is to abrade/scuff the surface you're going to glue to, so the glue has something to hold on to, specially with aluminum arrows which are slick indeed. I use 3M's 7447 Scotch Brite Pad, some folks use steel wool or very, very fine (600 grit) sandpaper Carbon Arrows are lighter and have narrower shafts than aluminium or other arrows. Lightness is an advantage for faster arrow speed and shooting longer distances. Narrow shafts are less subject to wind drift. Carbon arrows are perhaps a little more demanding to tune to the bow than aluminium but are very popular never the less for the advantages of speed and accuracy By encapsulating layers of 304 stainless steel within high modulus carbon fiber, our design engineers created a revolutionary arrow. Instead of using other alloys like aluminum, (which is more malleable and susceptible to bending) our materials science experts chose 304 stainless steel for its high yield strength, durability, and high modulus.

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Buy. Crossbow Arrow Field Practice Points. $4. 99. 4.6 (12) Buy. Filter Results. From the shaft and insert materials to the fletching and nocks, TenPoint constructs its crossbow bolts using the finest materials and components available on the market today. High-performance hunting crossbows demand high-performance arrows, and our engineers work. Choosing your Arrow. Three types of arrow are available Alluminum, Carbon and a Alluminum/Carbon. Alluminum shafts tend to bend so while once the dominate arrow today the allumuinum shaft accounts for less than 10% of sales.Carbon Shafts are by far the most popular shaft on the market- They are good value for money and are extremely robust. If you are hunting, field shooting or recreational. An arrow that has bent too much can not be used anymore. While you can straighten aluminum and carbon arrows to a certain level, it is so much better when an arrow just doesn't bend right from the start. While carbon arrows are thinner than aluminum arrows, they are much harder and don't bend easily Aluminum and carbon-fiber combination arrows are measured by spine deflection. A smaller number means that the arrow has a stiffer spine. For example, 3-60/340 means three wraps of carbon-fiber with an aluminum core tube diameter of 60 and a spine stiffness rating of 340. Carbon arrows also are labeled to indicate their spine deflection

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Any arrow, aluminum or carbon, small diameter or large diameter, camo finish or black finish, light or heavy, cheap or expensive, popular or obscure, WILL BREAK IF THE ARROW SHAFT INTEGRITY IS COMPROMISED PRIOR TO THE SHOT. If you ignore flex-test safety procedures, your damaged arrow shaft can buckle and snap when you shoot it again.. 1,468 aluminum arrow shafts products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which bow & arrow accounts for 30%, shafts accounts for 2%, and carbon accounts for 1%. A wide variety of aluminum arrow shafts options are available to you, such as hunting, shooting. You can also choose from 0 aluminum arrow shafts, as well as from duck.

Easton 4mm FMJ Arrows. Item # 2070909. $129.99. Pack Qty: 6. Choose Options. Add to Wish List Compare. Easton 4mm Axis Long Range Fletched Arrows. Item # 2070907. $94.99 Carbon Express Gameslayer 31 Aluminum Arrow, 3pk: Alloy aluminum arrow is fully assembled with an insert and 4 vanes. Tunable polycarbonate TCX nocks for greater accuracy. 7001-T6 alloy construction with a tensile strength of 88,000-PSI. 3-pack of black arrows The BlackOut® X3 Hunter is a superb integration of pro-level performance and wallet-friendly pricing. With an improved straightness tolerance of ±.003, they deliver an extra edge of precision that can make the critical difference between a clean kill and an empty freezer. 100% carbon for durability and smooth penetration Carbon Arrows. At number three of Best arrows for recurve target shooting, we had no any other option apart from including the Carbon Arrows. For decades have a product which is manufacture with carbon is a great step that will always allow you to enjoy working with either during target shooting or practice to even bow hunting Carbon arrows are a lightweight alternative to aluminum, but they may not always come in the correct length you need. While you can always take the arrows into a hunting store to have them cut by a professional, you can also cut arrows at home with a rotary cutter or an arrow saw. Before you cut the arrows, be sure to measure your draw length to know how long the shafts need to be Deliver top accuracy every time! The TenPoint® Pro Elite 400 Carbon Crossbow Arrows deliver top accuracy with every shot thanks to their 100% carbon construction, 3.5″ Bohning X Vanes TM and TenPoint's white Alpha-Nocks. Pro Elite 400 shafts are inspected for straightness to within .003 and hand-sorted for weight tolerance