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Sokka catches Zuko and Katara in a compromising position. Avatar: Last Airbender, T, English, Humor & Romance, words: 1k+, favs: 681, follows: 86, Jul 31, 2011, Katara, Zuko. 6 Destiny by Amber Annabeth Blue Darling, my destiny wasn't to fall in love. It was to save the world. And that is exactly what I did Zuko hugged his uncle, trying to shield him from further injury. He could feel them behind them still. The avatar, the waterbender, her Idiot brother and a stranger in earth kingdom clothing. Zuko - Leave us alone! GET OUT OF HERE! He's hurt! The little girl then screamed. You have to let Katara help! His heart rate is out of balance. He. All pairings and ratings welcome. AU/crossovers also welcome. In fact, every fic is welcome as long as Zuko gets hurt PHYSICALLY in the fic. For oneshots, the Zuko-in-pain part should be 300 words or more. For multi-chapter fics the Hurt Zuko chapters/part should be 700 words or more

290 Green Eyes & Fiendfyre » by Nefarious Matchbox Harry finds himself in another world and as an attendant to a short-tempered prince. Damn you, Potter luck. (Zuko! and Harry! centric; follows the show with minor changes; minor past AU for Harry Potter world.) Rated T for swearing and violence Zuko comforts Katara after the death of her grandmother. When She Gets Wet by justkeepshippingg. Zuko wakes up in the middle of the night to a full moon and a rainstorm to find Katara missing. When he finally locates her she is practicing her bending outside, her pale gold nightgown soaked straight through. Older Zutara. Rated M. Like, for real. Cartoons » Avatar: Last Airbender Rated: K+, English, Adventure, Aang, Zuko, Katara, Azula, Words: 25k+, Favs: 17, Follows: 26, Published: 11/3/2020 Updated: 2/8} 4 Chapter 7 When the sun had risen, Aang and his friends had packed up and left Ember Island and traveled towards Roku's Island, a forgotten isle

Katara X Zuko SMUT Fanfiction. After Katara saves Zuko's sad ass, she gets injured. Zuko helps clean her up, and things get spicy in the bathroom☺️ lots of smut #anotherrandomtag #katara #kataraxzuko #lol #zuko #zutara. Part Hurt/Comfort; Hurt Zuko (Avatar) OCs you will hate; SO MUCH BANTER; Summary. Katara finds a familiar face after wandering into a tea shop in the Lower Ring. Unfortunate circumstances force Katara and Zuko to form a shaky alliance as they both work to escape from the authorities of Ba Sing Se without revealing their true identities. Language. Sick Zuko (Avatar) Summary. Zuko, still new to the gang, has a bit of trouble adjusting, and this especially shows with his trust in telling them when he's not feeling his best. Riddled with fever, the ex prince has no choice but to allow the others to help him, though some are less eager than others

Zhao escapes, taking Sokka and a few other Water Tribe men as prisoners. Knowing Sokka is traveling with the Avatar he gets sent to Zhao's special prison camp that is hidden near the Earth Kingdom colonies. Sokka gets a taste of the real war, not the war that he thinks he knows from traveling with the Avatar Status: Ongoing. Summary: Zuko, driven out of the Fire Nation, has made a home for himself and his people in the wilderness outside Omashu. A windswept stranger and her band of warriors arrive after a summer hurricane, starving, weary, alien. Like iron filings to a lodestone, Zuko is drawn to Katara, whose suffering mirrors his Katara X Zuko SMUT. 14 parts. Ongoing. After Katara saves Zuko's sad ass, she gets injured. Zuko helps clean her up, and things get spicy... The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 3 > A:TLA. 36 parts. Ongoing. ( third book in The Ruka Wild series ) Heartbroken and alone, Ruka is sent to the Boiling Rock wher.. Katara X Zuko SMUT Fanfiction. After Katara saves Zuko's sad ass, she gets injured. Zuko helps clean her up, and things get spicy in the bathroom☺️ lots of smut #anotherrandomtag #katara #kataraxzuko #lol #zuko #zutar

The 100 war doesn't happen as Sozin planned, and Aang doesn't runaway. Sokka is thrown into a world where he has to marry his enemy, for the sake of maintaining peace. Katara looses her brother. This is the story of Sokka, the Boy From The Water Tribe. sokka!centric, sokka x zuko. mlm, wlw The standard Apple pencil, because I heard the alternatives may be a bit laggy! This article is about the character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Katara Zuko Also die Ff spielt in der Folge am Lufttempel wo Zuko normalerweise gegen den Auftrags Killer kämpft den er auf Aang gesetzt hat, Zuko hat sich aber entschieden Aang nicht mehr zu jagen und von der Feuernation sich fern zu halten. The Honor of Love (ATLA Fanfic) 5 days ago NinaNenya. Action Anime/Manga Avatar Nickelodeon Katara Sokka Zuko The Last Airbender. *ZUKO LS* Istari was born and raised in the Fire Nation. After her parents were murdered for betrayal, she flees to the Southern Water tribe, looking for her mother's family Katara knows this better then anyone. A what if Kya was Zuko's? one-shot. Canon compliant up until S02E04 of Legend of Korra. This is a perfect tie-in fic for AtLA and LoK that includes a realistic Zutarian twist. We Hold Our Hearts In Silence (K): by psychedelic aya. Seventy years later, Korra tries to figure out Zuko and Katara Agni Kai (Avatar) Abusive Parents. Emotional Hurt. Physical hurt. Summary. Upon accidentally discovering that Zuko and Ozai were plotting an arranged marriage for her, Azula stands up to her father for the first time in her life and pays a severe price. Series. Part 86 of Tyzula Things

A Candle to a Dragon by @achievement-bender (WIP) (Gen) Non-bender Zuko AU. Wow, what a ride with a bookish, sweet, heartbroken Zuko, training with Piandao as he's trying to figure out who he is without bending in a family of prodigies. Heartlines by @kuchee (WIP) Zuko loves Katara. Katara loves Zuko FanFiction was created to keep Zuko and Katara trapped in an endless streamline of stories created by all the wonderful Zutara fans out there! Types: > Fanfiction > Poetry > Lyrics His head naturally leaned to her hand reveling in the softness of her touch finding comfort, his body slumping slightly as the temptation of sleep called to him.

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Zuko and Katara fanfic. Katara turned over. She couldn't keep her eyes closed for a second. Furrowing her brow she began to play with a grass blade beside her sleeping bag. It's all that Prince Zuko's fault. How can anyone trust him. How can Aang be okay having his arch rival right under his- Katara sat up suddenly Katara paints her face (painted lady/kyoshi warrior-esque) and Zuko wears a mask (we've basically got some painted-blue action going here) so that they can assist the team without being recognized. - Katara helps teach her past self waterbending so that she can master it faster. - Zuko poses as a non-bender but is able to give Aang pointers.

#zutara #zutara fanfiction #zuko x katara #atla #zuko #katara #QUEUED stellar-lilies asked: hi! please suggest a zutara fic with azula on the side. an example would be one where azula terrorizes zuko over his feelings for katara, or where azula and katara have a girls night out much to zuko's chagrin, or where azula becomes an aunt to zuko and. Katara and Zuko have been married for almost a year, but between Zuko's duties as Fire Lord and Katara's as a master waterbending teacher, they've hardly gotten to spend any time together. Now they are finally able to come together, but unfortunately for the pair, so is the rest of the Gaang Zuko + Katara. Zuko + Katara. . °• ︎•°. Tui & La: The eternal dance; a zutara zine. A non-profit Fanzine dedicated to the relationship between Zuko & Katara, how it evolved and they formed a family. [ZINE STATUS: CREATION PERIOD Katara: *Shifts in her sleep, lays her head on Aang's chest*. Aang: *Smiles to himself while stroking her hair*. 15 MINUTES LATER. Katara: *Eyes flutter waking up, eyes open, looks down at where she's sleeping, knows who it is, smiles to herself, looks up, resting her chin on his chest* Hey. Aang: Morning Avatar Fanfiction Fanfiction link. AMGRForever fanfiction.net profile page; Tuesday, January 4, 2011. The Flower. Characters involved: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki and Zuko. Aang: I lost my ipod! Katara: How? Aang: What's so funny? No words of comfort for me? Sokka: You played in the toilet! Everyone but Aang: *laughs* Aang: No! I.

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  1. Katara's breath caught in her chest as Zuko shed a single tear. She couldn't understand the ravage she wrought on his motherless soul. Zuko knew he was a man in pieces, and didn't know how to love a woman. These emotions were pitted in the deepest recesses of the young benders' hearts, and they did not understand them
  2. Katara is woman without a country, trapped in Japan during the peak of the Pacific War, and ends up finding comfort in the arms of the enemy. AU/Zutara/Sexual Situations. Rhythm of the Rain - by DamageCtrl Completed 9-24-06 Rated T, Slightly OOC, Slightly AU After the war, Zuko and Katara start a friendship over Turtleducks
  3. There is a really popular Zutara gifset that someone animated of the Agni Kai 'Thank you' scene, but Katara kisses Zuko after she hugs him. This is the fanfiction equivalent of that gif set. Sunrise by lewilder. The days go on and on, and even if she feels more comfort from the moon, Katara learns to cherish the promise of each new sunrise
  4. Title: A Universe of Beaches Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender Author: Mira_Jade Genre: General (lil' bit of everything) Rating: PG Time Frame: Canon though post-Canon AU Characters: Zuko/Katara, Ensemble Cast Summary: Theirs was a tale as old as time, that of the sun and moon; fire and water; yin and yang; push and pull.In a world that was rediscovering its balance after a hundred years of.
  5. Katara X Zuko SMUT Fanfiction. After Katara saves Zuko's sad ass, she gets injured. Zuko helps clean her up, and things get spicy in the bathroom☺️ lots of smut #anotherrandomtag #katara #kataraxzuko #lol #zuko #zutara. Part 1 51.8K 284 657. by TheCactusJack. by TheCactusJack Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story Send. Send to Friend.
  6. Join us at Zuko-Katara! From February 21, 2005 - July 19, 2008; Avatar has touched our lives in many ways: through friendship, adventure, trust and love. The chase was on for the Waterbending scroll and finding the Avatar - Aang but Zuko wouldn't give up. Katara, who was bested by Aang with something as simple as the water-whip, decided to.

*ZUKO LS* Istari was born and raised in the Fire Nation. After her parents were murdered for betrayal, she flees to the Southern Water tribe, looking for her mother's family. After three years living with Sokka and Katara, the Avatar ascends and together they go on a journey to defeat the Fire L.. zutara . meta . katara . zuko . aang . ember island players . perfectlypanda: Ember Island Players, but the version where the show decided it was actually important to address that kissing people without consent is not okay, even if you think that person is your forever girl Zutara Fanfic Recs. Hello! Due to several requests, I've posted some fics that I personally found to be well worth a read under a tab on my tumblr page called Recommended Fics. Check it out! 18th Aug 2015 61 notes. Tumblr Katara and Zuko are imprisoned by the Fire Nation Army during the Day of Black Sun, and when they escape, they find themselves adrift in the Fire Nation with no one to rely on but each other. With only six weeks before Sozin's Comet arrives and four nations to cross, the pair must track down Katara's allies, save the world—and learn to.

[ID: three digital painting. The first, Zuko removes his robe to give to Katara. It is nighttime and the gaang is all sitting by a fire which leads to the second piece where Katara is watching in stunned silence. Aang and Toph are sitting by the fire with the waves behind them witnessing Katara and Zuko's interactions The Folder Guide. by RainbowPlatypus , Oct 15, 2010, 11:00:30 PM. Journals / Personal. Ladies and Gentlemen of katara-and-zuko-fans! I am one of the new (temporary) co-founders of this group and I have come by to help out. All folders are open for submission. Below is a guide to help everyone out Accusation Fic: The fic calls out Aang for sparing Ozai after sinking countless Fire Nation naval ships and causing a disastrous political situation for Zuko.; Adaptation Expansion: The fanfic expands on what happens between episodes, in part to allow for more interaction between Zuko and Katara.Certain canon scenes are expanded on, as during the leadup to the Agni Kai between Zuko and Azula. Enslaved is an Alternate Universe Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic by Sharkflip. Sharkflip takes the somewhat common trope within the fandom of Katara being kidnapped and enslaved in the Fire Nation and inverts it, with Zuko being captured and enslaved to Katara. A poignant character drama, the fic eschews much of the fanon characterization of.

Zuko To Katara TF Fokk3rs 358 9 WotE B4 Ch2 Part 5 wcqaguxa 6 0 WotE B4 Ch2 Part 4 wcqaguxa 12 2 WotE B4 Ch2 Part 3 wcqaguxa 12 11 WotE B4 Ch2 The Forrest of Magnacs part 2 wcqaguxa 8 3 WotE B4 Ch2 The Forrest of Magnacs part 1 wcqaguxa 15 1 - FanFiction. Literature. Beauty in the Beast (Zutara) Chapter Twelve Title: A Universe of Beaches Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender Author: Mira_Jade Genre: General (lil' bit of everything) Rating: PG Time Frame: Canon though post-Canon AU Characters: Zuko/Katara, Ensemble Cast Summary: Theirs was a tale as old as time, that of the sun and moon; fire and water; yin and yang; push and pull.In a world that's rediscovering its balance after a hundred years of. Characters: Zuko (Avatar), Katara (Avatar), Jin (Avatar), Iroh (Avatar) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Book 2 au, Enemies to Lovers, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt Zuko (Avatar), OCs you will hate, SO MUCH BANTER. Summary: Katara finds a familiar face after wandering into a tea shop in the Lower Ring Additional Tags: oh yes time for zuko and katara's children are dramatic as hell, Crushes, First Crush, Zuko (Avatar) is a Good Parent, Katara is a good Parent, Parenthood, Falling In Love, being a teenager is so hard, Southern Water Tribe, Fire Nation Royal Family, Boys In Love, lu ten is truly his father's son in so many ways, Zuko is an. Relationships: Katara/Zuko (Avatar), Katara & Zuko (Avatar) Characters: Zuko (Avatar), Katara (Avatar), Izumi (Avatar) Additional Tags: Family, Family Feels, Romance, Humor, Fluff Summary: Katara is summoned to the Fire Nation Capital after being caught illegally residing in the Fire Nation, word of her healing powers reaching the palace

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oh i am always down to rec fics! let's see. idk how commonly known this one is, but i have to start with right on the target, wide of the mark by @zukosadragon-ace bc it's literally one of my top zukka fics ever (complete, ~106k words) also by ellen is never shall we die which is a pirates of the caribbean au but you don't need to have watched the movies to understand (i haven't. The alternating sections - present action and flashback - are a bold step. You haven't pulled it off 100% well (i.e the revealing of Zuko's statue transitioning to his talk with Katara felt quite confusing) but I think with a bit more practice it'll work. Just be consistent. When Zuko meets Arma, their first few words confuse me The Phoenix is a Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic by PearLynn.. After losing his memory at sea, Prince Zuko finds himself becoming close with the Avatar and his Water Tribe companions. As they travel the world, they soon become privy to a prophecy involving Zuko that could determine the fate of the world

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Fanfiction After Katara saves Zuko's sad ass, she gets injured. R/R please Zuko, when finally deciding to follow his heart and help the avatar, realizes to prove himself to the Avatar he must save Katara and return her to them. After all, their dysfunctional sibling relationship is the consequence of Ozai's abuse AU where Katara does heal Zuko in the caves under Ba Sing Se! Need I say more The Last Waterbender. AU where the raiders did find Katara in the South Pole and took her away to be imprisoned. She crosses paths with Zuko in the Fire Nation. Endlessly, She Said. 8 months after his coronation, news hits that Zuko is dead Jun 30, 2020 - Explore Samantha Diaz's board zuko and katara, followed by 1096 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about zuko and katara, zuko, zutara Breviary. The Fire Lord, The Avatar, and the Last Southern Waterbender are objects of mystery, of contemplation, of adoration, even of worship - for no one more than for each other. A book of hours for Zuko, Katara, and Aang. 8 drabbles or drabble-based ficlets to match the historic canonical hours as well as the 2020 Zutaraang Week prompts Una infusión caliente o algo de leche le vendría muy bien. No obstante, lo que se encontró en el camino a las alacenas fue un hombre semidesnudo, con un físico esculpido a punta de supervivencia. ZUTARA Fanfiction basado en Avatar: La Leyenda de Aang. Ambientado desde el capítulo 12 del Libro Fuego, cuando Zuko se le

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But, Katara's self-righteousness would easily have allowed her to grant Zuko forgiveness for his treatment of her-and that would have led to (as she grew up and confronted her emotions, and learned more about other people) real forgiveness and understanding of why Zuko did what he did. In turn, receiving loving forgiveness from. Zuko is still recovering, and his best hope of doing that is with Katara's aid but before she can help him, she has some demons of her own to face. Not Your Enemy by FireLordFrowny: After a battle gone wrong, Prince Zuko finds himself stranded, hideously and helplessly injured, and the only person around or willing to help him is the Avatar Paring: Zuko/Katara. Length: 103,341 words. Rating: T. Summary: Katara is waging war on Zuko. She hates him so much, she's willing to kill him. But Zuko keeps coming to her again and again, with acts of kindness. Join Katara and Zuko as they fight amongst themselvesand for love. Afterglow by Burning Ice Zuko was not moving and could be dead. That was a heavy weight to carry. (Katara witnesses Zuko's fall to Azula's lightning) Pulse by isnt_it_pretty. Summary: Everybody is faced with decisions that can change their life. For Zuko, it was a crumpled suicide note, a bottle of pills, and a call to 911

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I fucking love you. Just call me ssreeder or sreedy, doesn't matter both names are made-up. Fuck it, you can make up a name for me and I'll answer to it. I just like ya that much. There was a MOMENT. where I thought you convinced me to open up chapter 20 of IWOK and start typing & then I posted tree-comfort chapter and I just was RIGHT BACK INTO LIAB. Zuko and Azula travel with Aang, Katara, and Sokka to Hira'a. On the journey, Zuko tries to be more compassionate towards Azula, who suffers from erratic behavior and hallucinations following her mental breakdown. Zuko discovers the letter from Ursa stating that Zuko is Ikem's son, and begins to doubt if he is the rightful Fire Lord.. Katara is a character in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The character, created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, was voiced by Mae Whitman and was portrayed by Nicola Peltz in the live-action film adaptation. Katara is a waterbender from the South Pole's Water Tribe, a race of people who can control and manipulate water. Katara earns the title of Master Waterbender from Master Paku.

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Oh, absolutely. Katara is the quintessential idealist, the bleeding heart. I've written about this a lot especially in conjunction with her relationship with Jet and Zuko. Katara was deeply hurt by Jet and that's why she is reluctant to trust him again in Ba Sing Se, and immediately accuses him of trying to trick her in some way #Zutara #Zuko #Katara #Avatar the Last Airbender delicateflowers-of-the-past : Close-ups of Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia , from a group portrait taken in 1916 Neva Borne. [ID: A colored pencil drawing of Zuko and Katara dancing in an Earth Kingdom ballroom. Zuko is wearing his formal Fire Nation armor and has the prince's crown in his topknot. He is looking at Katara and does not have a scar. Katara is looking away from Zuko and looks upset. Her hair is loose. She is dressed in a red kimono-style.

Fanfic: Zuko's Cold Dream, Avatar: Last Airbender FanFiction. M.fanfiction.net DA: 16 PA: 30 MOZ Rank: 49. It is set at Ember Island on the night Zuko and Katara stopped to rest on their way back from finding her mother's murderer; This is his lovely dream that Katara awoke t image ID: a digital, one-page comic of zuko, song, and katara from atla. set at nighttime on a dark blue background, zuko and katara are pictured from the chest up, speaking to one another but separated by three floating panels in the center of the page. in the top panel, zuko tells her, i kept it, to return to you. center left: a memory of song looking at zuko with a pained expression. Only as a friend, the thing that Zuko and Katara are in love is total fanfiction, Zuko loves Mai and Katara loves Aang. What episode did zuko and katara met each other? episode 2 book water (season 1 Zuko does not like Katara in that way, they may be friends but their not together. Zuko will forever be with Mai and Katara with Aang. - Zuko likes (read: AS A FRIEND) Katara because he respects.

Zuko: I'm banished, idiot. By going into fire nation waters I've committed treason and greatly disrespected my father! He'll be furious with me!! Katara: ur his son I'm sure it won't be that bad . Zuko: the last time I disrespected him he burned half my face off. Katara and Sokka: *horrified silence* Sokka: oh my fucking spirits that. Katara shook her head. No. Zuko blinked at her. What do you mean? I mean, no. You're not going to die. But- I wouldn't argue with her, Zuko, Sokka said. Katara can be pretty stubborn about these things. Zuko looked at her furious glacial eyes and believed Sokka. Something like hope ignited in his chest zuko best boi, best of avatar, zukka that makes me go uwu, A:tla, fantastic_fics, To Be Read ffs (by TamarinLS), Koi's atla fic recs, Finished111, Cay's Completed Fics Stats: Published: 2020-12-21 Completed: 2021-07-03 Words: 67553 Chapters: 14/14 Comments: 2040 Kudos: 3253 Bookmarks: 772 Hits: 4123 It's Katara's first day as temporary ambassador, which means Zuko has taken the day off to spend with her. But Katara isn't a firebender, so the rising sun doesn't call to her blood. She will likely sleep for a few more hours yet, hours that Zuko can use productively, since he doesn't have to sit through any nonsense meetings today Read Chapter Nineteen - Pardon vs Payback from the story where the past can't reach us // zuko x reader by mediocre_dunce (owo) with 259 reads. aang, atla, iro..

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